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Chapter 1: The Dream

In some place, was a dream, who had dreamed it was forgotten over the course of time. It truly was just a tiny dream. One day the dream in it's slow and stretched out demise thought " I Don't want to vanish like this!" It was true after all these years it was starting to disappear, left behind by his master to rot.

He began to ponder "How do I get people to watch me? So that way I could live!" Then after all these years, he began to think up a way, because before he was contempt with being erased from existence, but being this close to the porch of the Grim Reaper made him think other wise.

The dream then started to cry black tears made of ink "What I need... is another Alice! One that won't abandon me!" Suddenly it came to the dream in a flash, he had finally came up with something. His face contorted into a wicked grin "I can get people to stray into me, by letting them shape their own world!" He began to laugh like a mad man while his black tears turned red.

After he ceased his laughing he started to plot who he would trap in him "Hmm it would have to be someone loyal, someone who won't just toss me aside... lets start looking!" The then walked over to one side off the black void that was once full of life... but along with him it was dying as well.

He then used what strength he had to make a looking hole into the real world, his eyes first laid on a girl with brown short hair, a red outfit, and the numbers 00 on her arm. "She won't do! She looks like someone who would betray me!" He pulled away from the looking hole to move to another spot. This time when he looked out he was faced with an odd sight of a red frog like creature with a belt going to his shoulder to his hip. This frog creature had a scowl on his face along with a scar that went over his right eye with a strange hat over his head with what looked like a skull insignia on it.

"This frog creature looks to gruff to be my Alice!" Before he could leave a teenage girl with pink hair tied in pigtails came out and sat next to the red frog on a cinderblock and the dream noticed a big difference in the frog's expression, it had softened and he showed a faint smile like as if he didn't want the girl to see it. The dream also noticed the creature sported a slight blush. It was obvious to the dream that the frog was in love with the human girl. Then when the girl had settled herself the creature offered her what looked like a sweet potato. " I wish I could hear them! But I don't have the strength to do it!"

Later after the girl left the frog the dream had decided on one thing, this frog would be his Alice, from what he saw the frog was very loyal, was caring despite his gruff exterior, and was very strong! He smiled at the thought of having an Alice again... he must retrieve this creature at once! The dream then took in a little air in his cheeks and blew in the real world making dream mist. " See you soon my Alice!"

(2nd Person) Giroro POV

For some odd reason Giroro felt he was being watched...and he silently thanked that Natsumi was back inside that way if something was there he could kill it without her being in danger. He looked toward the glass door to make sure Natsumi was inside only when he looked in that direction he was met with a pink mist. "Who's there, show yourself!" he yelled in to the pink mist only to be responded by soft giggling.

Giroro was about to pull out his gun to shoot into mist, but his arms felt heavy and his eyelids started to droop "what on Pekopon..." he said sleepily before collasped. Again he was only met with soft giggles, but this time the giggles actually replied. "See you soon Alice." Giroro tried to get up by for some reason the floor felt comfortable. "wait my named isn't Alice..." He thought groggily.

Giroro tried to get to the glass door so he could maybe warn his teammates... and more importantly Natsumi! He was finally succumbing to the mist but not before he could yell one name "Natsumi!" With that he collapsed into sleep with the soft haunting laugh following him.

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