The Magician Kingdom

Zero and X (female), are now in the medieval era, as the future king and queen, but the Mavericks will do anything for his Maverick Leader takes the place of Zero.

The characters X, Zero, Storm Eagle and Mavericks are owned by Capcom Co., Ltd., Akira Kitamura and Keiji Inafune.

The wait is over and the news was already running on the kingdom, the king reploid ran toward the castle, not caring who was in the path, past the main hall and ran toward the room where the Queen Reploid was waiting. Upon entering there, saw the reploid dark armor blonde holding the newest member of the family, Prince Omega Zero. "The wait is over," said the King Ekksaru "Asmita, we'll have a lot of work for it to be worthy of the throne, do not you think?" Said the king, "I think ... But nothing is impossible "Ekksaru agrees with the opinion of Asmita and the two begin to admire the heir to the throne.

- Day-After-

Ekksaru receives the news that the neighboring kingdom had been born a princess called Light X and the kingdoms could form a powerful alliance if the prince Zero and princess X marry. The King of the Kingdom of X decided he Ekksaru and talked about it.

- After Hours - -

Ekksaru back to the castle and meets up with Zero and Asmita "How was the meeting?" Said Asmita worried "Asmita, you know it's very important alliance between realms, we have no choice." Said Ekksaru seriously, Asmita was sad to hear that his son born recently had an appointment so important in hands. "Ekksaru ... I think it is not just that we should be concerned. "Ekksaru raised an eyebrow" How so? "" Now all we have to worry about making it a great warrior so you can govern with wisdom. "Ekksaru agree with Asmita and they decide the each one will do.


6 am and Zero, now 12 already agreed to their first lessons. He and Ekksaru hike to the highest point of the kingdom, in the mountains "Look Zero ... Everything around us that this is our kingdom ... Zero One day, when you're ready, govern what you see now to the farthest limits of our kingdom. "Zero was fascinated with the view that the kingdom had and with all the commitments that awaited him "Father, but as I alone, will govern all this?" "Gradually you will learn, Asmita and I'll teach you everything you will need to rule this kingdom. Talking about her ... You will stay with her for a while as I have to solve some problems "Zero and Ekksaru led to Asmita near a village near the mountain." Mother! "Zero still shouted from afar where she was, but it was enough to hear Asmita she turned and waved to them, and when Ekksaru and Zero coming Zero where she gave her a hug that left her a little breathless "Zero ... Ready for his first lessons ...? "Zero released her and his smile reflected his will, Ekksaru said goodbye and made his way to the village. At that time arrives Storm Eagle, eagle messenger and best friend Zero. "Good morning, Your Majesty," "Morning Storm Eagle" said Asmita Zero and at the same time. "Now I bring you news of the day" "You can say" When Storm Eagle began telling his report, a small cricket started jumping near Zero calls your attention, then he picks up his sword (A normal sword, for he had not trained with a lightsaber) and unsuccessfully tries to attack him Asmita realized that Zero could not hit the cricket "What are you doing?" Zero jumped towards cricket, but he escaped "Hunting ..." Asmita approached him "Let me show you how it's done" Storm Eagle still made his speech and Asmita interrupted " Storm Eagle could turn around?" Storm Eagle who always follows her orders turned at the same time and continued to speak, Asmita held Zero's arm and left him in attack position "Take the sword back to focus and aim" Storm Eagle noticed something strange and turned "What are you doing majesty?" Asmita looked at it "lesson attack" He turned again repeating what Asmita avia spoken and then noticed that it would attack if frightened and pleaded "Attack? Please your majesty, do not do it "Asmita did not listen and motioned for him to turn again and again to help Zero" Do not make any noise ... "Storm Eagle was still scared and looked back slightly" What do you said majesty? "He did not see anyone" Asmita? ... Zero? ... "At that time Zero jumped on his back and knocking him Asmita laughed lightly" It was great to Zero! "Zero approached her" Now we hunt ... "Storm Eagle apparently scared interrupted" Lady! Mavericks! In Magician Kingdom! "Asmita already wielded her saber blade dark" Storm Eagle lightweight Zero back! "" Oh, mother can not go to ... "" No son, "said Asmita stopping and following the path to the village south disappointed and he was taken back by Storm Eagle "Do not worry when you grow will hunt all Mavericks dare enter the kingdom." said the Storm Eagle comforting.

- On- Day-Next-

Asmita stood by Zero "Zero, today you will meet someone" Zero made an expression of doubt "Who?" "The Princess Light X neighboring kingdom to ours, hope you do well." Asmita gave a friendly smile and was away. Zero princess waited in a room reserved for the two become. Chagou When she was received by Asmita "Hello, princess. Be welcome to the Magician Kingdom. "Princess bowed queen and the two will have met Zero" I'll leave you two suns " the Queen reploid said that went away soon after the little princess who appeared to be nervous passed through heavy doors leading Zero will. Upon entering there she sees Zero in the center of the hall and waiting vai approaching in slow steps. The prince was also nervous that approached her slowly and when the two are close to each other "Hello Princess Light X" said Zero "Zero Omega" said the princess extremely nervous "What?" Zero asked worried that took another step toward her and held her hand "does not have to be nervous. I'm not gonna do no evil. "From there she was losing a bit of nervousness and the two began to talk. Few hours later Asmita appears" Hello. Light X,your parents asked me to take you back. "'Mom, she can not stay just a little longer?" Asmita nods slightly denying "Do not worry, I'll talk a bit with the parents of X to see if she can yet again this week. "They seem to like the idea of parting X and Zero with a light kiss on his cheek and goes back to Asmita, Zero be surprised at the sacking of X, but is glad that he and X is became friends.


After X returned to his kingdom and Asmita Ekksaru were together until Storm Eagle flew where they were both desperately. "Lord ... Lady ... We have a problem! The Maverick Leader ... He made threats and said he would attack the kingdom! "Ekksaru Asmita and look up" But it never happened! "Said Ekksaru already moving his hand to a canyon buster" Not Ekksaru ... I take care of Maverick. "Said Asmita seriously" But it will be suicide, "said Ekksaru worried" Ekksaru just because I can be a match for he is good, because I'm sure it will only attack us to kill you and take your place as king of Magician Kingdom. "Ekksaru was very worried about Asmita" You just doing this by itself is not? "Asmita turns with a slight smile," Not Ekksaru is by Zero "she then walks away taking the path to meet Maverick Leader and Ekksaru falls to his knees and punches the ground in anger and sadness over the Maverick Asmita.


"Storm Eagle, Zero will tell what happened," said Ekksaru, and Storm Eagle made his way to the field where Zero was trained tioning. "Zero ..." said Storm Eagle somewhat dismayed "Hi Storm!" Welcomed Zero who left the training area to talk to your friend. "Zero, I don't have good news" After the Storm Eagle told everything that happened Zero was speechless and fell to the floor in surprise, Storm Eagle was sad to see her sad friend like that "Do not worry friend, your mother is going back only a matter of time, you will see, she is the best fighter in the whole kingdom surely end the threat "


Asmita was in the darkest place of the kingdom, a forest that was known as the Forest of Illusion, by which he deceived those who were there and mainly because there was the hiding of the Mavericks. "Asmita? You? Do not make me laugh ... "Asmita tried to locate the enemy, but it was too dark" Come coward! "Maverick grinned and went into the field of view of Asmita" I thought the king would come here to challenge me. "" I'm Here, Vile "Vile ... He was the Maverick Leader, the reploid who was exiled after numerous criminal activities. "Asmita ... The Queen of the Stars and the best warrior of the Kingdom ... "Vile pretended to yawn to demonstrate ignorance and came out fighting. He jumped and then fired his gun, Asmita got sidetracked by little and drew his lightsaber and ran toward him, then jumped to aim to hit him, but he managed to escape, Vile jumps and shoots from behind surprise Asmita . Asmita falls to the ground with several bullet holes in his armor that blood was flowing through them. "That's it? Shame, I expected more from you "Vile approaches Asmita sights and starts shooting non-stop, but after seeing his enemy was defeated," What? "Actually avia she made a clone of herself to escape Vile" Sougenmu? * This is impossible! "Asmita jumping out of the shadows in the back of Vile and begins to charge his buster shot, but that Vile would not surrender as easily use a secret weapon a lightsaber that he was going to have owned and trigger it hits very close to vital point of Asmita and throws away "I do not ... I'll give myself so easily! "Asmita took his shot was loaded and fired the Vile destroying. Asmita with difficulty arose, turned off his lightsaber, tried to stop the bleeding from the wound and made his way back to the kingdom.