The Magician Kingdom Chapter 9 (Final)

Axl was going through the last village of the kingdom and saw how people suffered, lamenting the death of the ram that had stolen the life or suffered from the Punic s the Mavericks did. He killed all the Mavericks who had invaded the kingdom and the villagers were safer for all citizens Axl asked where the prince was, he had only one answer "was to find a special person first."


Zero had arrived in the ancient fortress and Maverick was entering the room where the Sisters of Shadows had killed X, he came and saw the princess in the same place where he left her with a sigh and sa he entered her and knelt beside X. And le lightly stroked her hair darkened and without wasting more time broke the seal that held the shadows, he slowly opened the box and only the shadow of X went back to his body, and was eager Zero stared at her and she gradually was returning to normal, first the skin returned to normal tone and a little pink hair back to being brown eyes turned green and she closed them again after flashing slowly until vision completely back to normal, X and Zero looked looked be a bit confusing "Z-Zero?" she asked, apparently Zero gave the biggest smile of his life and quickly embraced X, she returned the hug and the two remained that way for a while, the two moved away a little and both were smiling, the Zero X proximou and kissed deeply, she was startled at first, but soon returned the kiss. When they rose Zero "Come back X?" He asked extending his hand offering to help her, she nodded and with the help of Zero and the two stood hand in hand back to Magician Kingdom.


Back to Magician Kingdom, Zero was central to the village where Axl had gathered all the villagers of the kingdom, those who were alive were killed alongside the Sisters of Shadows. Zero came alongside X "Villagers, I now govern in Magician Kingdom and never let the shadows reign over you will come back," he said seriously, X was holding a box shadows and went to Zero, he slowly opened and few shadows were slowly leaving and the innocent dead back to life, the villagers began to celebrate, as the true king of Magician Kingdom had returned. After everyone had returned to life, thanked Zero, he addressed Axl "Thanks for the help" thanked Zero, Axl smiled and raised his thumb positively "It was a Magician Kingdom" he said, Zero smiled back, said goodbye and was along the X direction the royal castle. When they were coming Zero looked around looking worried about something, he looked at X "Zero? What do you hear? "She asked innocently" There's two people I'm waiting, "he said, two people were Ekksaru and Storm Eagle who also had been killed by the Sisters of Shadows, he sighed and looked back to X" Let there let's get back my queen "he said, the last two words he said made X blushing slightly, but she smiled and held hands, the two continued their way. Arriving at the castle, the tower where the enemies were defeated, villagers volunteered to help took the bodies of several Mavericks who were both in the tower and in the castle entrance, Zero and X were the main tower where were the Sisters of Shadows and Atimsa. All were still alive and ordered the arrest Zero for all who committed acts (the Sisters of Shadows were sent to a maximum security prison where they could not leave, even with their shadows now in normal state. Atimsa was sent to a prison intended only for the most dangerous criminals in the world, was in prison Arctic, she was totally immobilized in the cell and she was breathing with the aid of antivirus that caused her to lose completely the forces, leaving an escape attempt impossible) Zero X and looked through the highest part of the castle that the whole kingdom was lit again, Zero saw Storm Eagle flying toward them carrying Ekksaru when they came where he was, "Congratulations, your majesty," said Storm Eagle bowing to Zero, Ekksaru put a hand on his shoulder and smiled Zero "Are you really worth become king of Kingdom Magician "said Ekksaru, Zero smiled, leaving the two left the new king and queen alone, Zero and X were close together smiling, now they just need to worry about reigning in the right way, because now Magician Kingdom will never be a kingdom of darkness again.