Alright, here goes the last chapter of Crossed Paths Book 2! This one may be a little 'off' since I have very little experience writing fight scenes (aerial). When it comes to the ground, view discretion is advised. It is a slight bit brutal. You'll see why later. So please, bear with me on this. I really don't have much to say other than…

On with the story!

Chapter 10: The Last Hurrah

It had been a full day since I warned Earth of the impending invasion of Wolf's army. Not only will the innocent people be saved, but the armies will hopefully band together and hold back Wolf's forces if we, Star Fox, fail to do so. In order to minimize the chance of failure, the entire team rested the entire day.

I awoke in my room. It was dark and cold as usual. I looked around and located the clock on my bed side; it read 9:04 a.m. I decided to get up and get ready for the long day that was ahead of me.

I walked over to my closet and grabbed my armor. Even though it was dark, I was able to see the light reflect off of the blue plates. I slipped on the armor and grabbed the matching boots and gloves. The boots were a dark grey and the gloves were a blue with silver lines and a plate on top. After I finished suiting up I walked out of my room and towards the elevator.

"I'll check to see how long we have till we reach Lylat Maximus." I thought to myself.

I reached the elevator and told the computer to head to the bridge. Once I spoke the words, the elevator moved upwards. It eventually stopped and the doors slid open.

Krystal, who was already in the bridge, looked back at the elevator, "Why hello Kevin. What brings you here?"

I yawned, "Checking to see how long I have to really wake up."

Krystal got up from her chair and walked over to a computer holo display, "It looks like we'll arrive in an hour."

I was shocked, "Really? Good thing I woke up now otherwise I'd be exhausted during the attack."

Krystal giggled, "We wouldn't want that to happen, now would we?"

I shook my head, "Of course not."

I walked over to Peppy's station and checked the radar, scanners, and communication lines. I wanted to make sure that we weren't being spied on or being followed.

I performed a scan of the surrounding area around the ship. All the systems went to work when I entered the command.

"Scan complete. No abnormal behavior outside of ship." The computer said.

After my little check was finished, I got up and walked over to an empty station.

When I sat down Krystal spoke, "So, did you manage to warn your planet?"

I replied with a sigh of relief, "Yes. Unfortunately, we were only able to save those that are not military. That means the entire military force will be spread around countries ready to fight." I slouched back in my seat.

"But I thought your countries are at war?" Krystal asked.

"Yes, but after Fox and I made an appearance to the entire WORLD, I'm hoping that they would get some sense knocked into them. If they don't stop fighting, then Earth would fall in a matter of hours." I said.

Krystal nodded, "Yes, I'm sure that they will stop if their existence is threatened."

I lowered my head, "I really wish it was that easy, but the countries on my planet are so different. I fear that if we fail to stop Wolf's army, they won't be able to hold him off until we retaliate. I honestly think that they would be fighting each other and Wolf."

Krystal sighed, "Don't worry Kevin, we'll stop Wolf and save Earth. I promise."

I just looked down and sighed. I had little hope for winning against Wolf; he had already shot me down and nearly killed me, he has even captured me. With all of this negativity in my mind, I wasn't surprised that I had such little hope.

After a minute of silence, I felt Krystal reach into my mind; she was trying to feel what I felt about the situation. I didn't shut her out, rather I allowed her to enter; it wasn't intruding so I didn't mind it.

I looked at Krystal, who had closed her eyes. She seemed deep in meditation. I was wondering what she was doing exactly; I could feel her entering my mind, but I couldn't tell where she was in it. At this thought, Krystal giggled a little.

"Oh yeah" I said aloud.

A few seconds passed and Krystal opened her eyes. She looked at me, "I can feel your emotions. I understand exactly what you feel."

I looked up at her in confusion, "You do?"

Krystal sat back in her chair, "Yes, I actually went through a very similar situation."

I was still confused, "You mean your planet was threatened as well? Or are you referring to a situation as big as this?"

She frowned, "My planet was destroyed, and it was a much worse level than this."

I suddenly had some sense knocked into me, "Oh, you mean Cerinia."

She replied in a low tone, "yes"

I was shocked, "I only heard that your parents were killed; never did I learn of Cerinia being destroyed."

Krystal looked back up at me, "Yes my parents were killed, but it was only because of the destruction of Cerinia."

"Do you mind telling me what happened? How you were able to survive?" I asked.

"I suppose" She said, "A few years before Fox rescued me on Sauria; I lived on a planet known as Cerinia. It was a beautiful and peaceful planet. I lived there until I was 17. At that age, I left the planet for some research on another nearby planet named Diqiu. I was sent there to research life on the surface; we didn't want to colonize the planet, only allow it for the animal life there." She explained.

"While I was there, I received word that a man named Andross had made contact with Cerinia. They told me that he offered incredible technology that was far more advanced than what we had." She said, "I had no idea who he was at the time and I didn't like the fact that he offered us technology; it just didn't feel right to me."

"Andross found your planet?" I asked in shock. "What did he do?"

Krystal slowly nodded her head, "While I was on Diqiu, I was told that the leaders of the planet were going to give Andross access to our technology. This included power that was different from Corneria. We used pure energy and magic as weapons. Take my staff for an example, it runs on pure magical energy."

I looked over at her staff that was leaning against the wall, "So he used this magic and his own technology?"

"Yes, with it he was able to create an incredible array of weapons and technology. Before my leaders knew it, he turned the weapons against them and destroyed Cerinia." Krystal said as a tear came to her eye.

I started to feel incredibly guilty for making her talk about such a terrible subject. I had no idea that Cerinia was destroyed; I only knew about her parents.

I tried to comfort her, "I'm sorry, I had no idea what exactly happened to Cerinia."

She wiped the tear from her face, "It's okay, Kevin." She said, "After I left Diqiu, I found that Cerinia was deserted and completely barren; it was as if he used some device that sucked the life from a planet."

I wanted her to stop speaking of the subject and thought of the nicest way to end it, "Thank you for sharing this with me. I understand that this was a heavy loss for you to cope with. I'm sorry that I can't do anything to help."

Krystal composed herself, "It's fine; Andross is dead and that's all that matters. With him gone, he won't be able to do anything like that again."

I nodded, "That's very true."

After I uttered these words, the elevator door opened and revealed Fox and Slippy inside. The two walked out and Slippy greeted us.

"Hey guys" Slippy said with a smile.

"How's it going Slip." I said.

Fox walked over to his station without saying anything.

"Hey Fox, you should know that we will arrive at Lylat Maximus in an hour." I said.

Fox looked at me with a straight face and then turned his attention back at the front holo screen. What was bothering him so much?

I looked over at Krystal, "What's wrong with him?" I thought, hoping for Krystal to hear it.

She looked at me and thought back, "I sense severe stress in him. Maybe this whole plan is making him nervous."

"I don't blame him; we're taking on an entire army by ourselves. I'm even having some doubts about this." I thought back.

She sighed and turned her attention to her station. I did the same and walked over to Peppy's station.

I brought up the radar, communications line, weapons operations, and basic systems on the front screen, "Okay, looks like the communications are working. Radar isn't picking up anything unusual. The forward cannons are ready if needed. And all systems are normal."

Fox finally spoke, "Good; I have a feeling that we are going to need the cannons later."

I looked back at the several projections in front of me. I monitored them closely for any sudden changes.

"Slippy, are the Arwings prepped for launch?" Fox asked.

Slippy looked at his screen, "Yep, all systems are checking normal for the Arwings. They're ready when we are."

"Good" Fox replied, "Krystal, have we received any messages?"

Krystal replied quickly, "Nope, doesn't look like anyone needs to contact us."

Fox replied, "Good" He turned his attention back at the forward screens, "Kevin, are the engines working properly?"

I pulled up a display that showed the status of the engines, "They are running at medium power."

"Set up an emergency command that will throw them into max power. If something happens, I want Great Fox to retreat." Fox said with command in his voice.

A keyboard appeared in front of me, "I'm on it" I entered the settings and saved a command that would do what Fox had demanded.

"The command is ESCAPE." I looked over at ROB, "ROB, if any of us give the command ESCAPE. Enter it on the engines operations database and evacuate to a safe zone controlled by Corneria."

Fox gave another command, "I want the shields set to maximum. We'll be in close proximity in a short amount of time."

I looked back at the screens, "Consider it done."

Fox slouched down in his chair. At the same time he pressed a button to call Falco, "Falco, where are you? We're arriving at Lylat Maximus in twenty minutes."

Falco replied in his sarcastic tone as usual, "I'm on my way, don't get your tail in a knot."

A few minutes passed and the elevator doors slid open. Inside was Falco.

"How's it going everybody?" Falco asked as he walked to his station.

None of us paid any attention to him for we were all busy monitoring our stations. I was monitoring communications through the Arwings, the weapons status, and shields status. Krystal monitored the main communication line that was connected to the Great Fox. Slippy was in charge of checking the electrical status of the ship. And lastly, Falco was in charge of weapon control.

We stayed quiet for about five minutes until we received a transmission from an unknown source.

"Fox, we're getting a call from an unknown source." Krystal suddenly said.

Fox turned towards her, "Can you trace it?"

She looked back at the screen and typed several things. In the end she was unsuccessful.

"I can't. It's encoded." She replied.

"Bring it up on screen." Fox said as he turned towards the large forwards screen.

I looked back at the front as well and saw the large screen with the logo of Star Fox on it. Over the logo was text saying "Receiving Transmission".

After a few seconds, the logo and text disappeared. It was replaced with a picture of a grey wolf.

"Oh shit" I said quietly.

The wolf spoke, "What do we have here? You can't possibly be coming near us, can you?" he said in a sarcastic tone.

We stood quiet for a few seconds.

I looked back at Fox, "He knows we're coming."

Fox looked back at Wolf, "We are, and we aren't going to let you leave alive."

Wolf just chuckled, "You think you can stop me? I have an army with almost 100,000 troops. My armada has ships that are advanced in technology and in construction."

"That isn't going to stop us." Fox replied. "You're just cocky, and that's your weakness."

Wolf sneered, "The only cocky bastard here is you, Fox. You think you can win, but it's impossible."

I smiled, "See that? You're cocky; as usual. Keep doing that and we'll end up winning."

Wolf continue to sneer at us, "What do you have that could possibly come close to stopping me? Even if you had the entire Cornerian Army with you, you couldn't stop me."

Falco joined in on the conversation, "That's the thing; we don't have them, we have us."

Wolf just chuckled, "Whatever, you're already about to get a surprise in a few minutes."

We were all confused at what he said. A surprise; it made no sense whatsoever. I was trying to make out what he was saying, but at the same time stayed alert.

Fox growled, "What do you mean?"

At this, the radar started to bleep out of control. I noticed that it showed a large dot of red. Wolf sent a group of fighters to ambush us!

"Shit, he's stalling us." I yelled.

The entire team looked at me, "What?" Fox asked.

Wolf started to clap slowly, "Congratulations, you finally figured it out! Looks like you're a better thinker than you are a fighter."

I ignored Wolf's insult and continued to monitor the radar. I needed to determine how many ships were in the group that he sent.

Fox suddenly spoke, "Falco, activate the forward cannons now!"

Falco immediately went to activate the weapons, "I'll activate the automated turrets too."

I spoke up, "I'll scan to see how much he sent at us." I entered a scan command and set it to scan the group of fighters that we approaching us. It took a minute to finally get results.

"Fox, Wolf sent thirty fighters as us. Judging by their flight pattern, it seems as though the armada is only twenty miles away, on the other side of Lylat Maximus." I said.

Fox turned to ROB, "ROB, you're in charge of the ship. Everyone else, head to the Arwings."

I deactivated controls of the ship and sent it to ROB. After this I ran into the elevator, as did the rest of the team.

Once we reached the launch bay, we all ran to our Arwings. I was the only one that grabbed a D-40 pistol; I had a feeling that I was going to need it. After that I ran to my Arwing and started up the systems.

"ROB, what's the status on the communications?" Fox asked.

ROB replied in his monotone voice, "All lines are Green. Ready for launch when you are."

I replied, "I'm ready.

"Same here" Replied Falco.

"Me too" Krystal said.

"Ready to go" Slippy said cheerfully.

Fox looked at us all, "Alright then" he said, "ROB, launch all ships."

All five Arwings suddenly shot out of the launch bay. Once we all took control of the Arwings, we headed for the group of fighters that Wolf sent.

"Keep your eyes peeled and your senses sharp, we don't know how advanced these ships are." Fox said.

I was starting to get nervous; Wolf had access to the most advanced technology since Andross. His army could easily consist of hundreds of warships. But I thought nothing of it and focused on surviving.

My radar started to bleep, "Warning; Unknown fighters approaching." The computer said.

Krystal suddenly spoke up, "Is that them?" she asked.

I looked out to the distance and saw several ships; they all looked like standard Venomian fighters. At the sight I realized that the ships were only advanced in tech, not in appearance.

"Don't underestimate them, those are standard Venomian fighters." I said.

"So?" Falco said.

I sighed, "We're up against a man who teleported out of his ship before it exploded. I have my money set on these ships being decked out with some fancy tech."

As we neared the ships I noticed something odd; they weren't breaking formation. They were holding their course.

"Why aren't they breaking up?" I asked.

Krystal suddenly spoke, "Hold on" she said.

I looked over at her Arwing, "What's wrong?" I asked.

I had a feeling that we were up against some pretty experienced fighters. But that feeling was soon proved otherwise.

Fox asked Krystal the same question, "Is something wrong?"

Krystal stayed quiet until the ships finally broke formation and into attack positions. They were quick and efficient with their movements.

Once they broke, Krystal yelled, "These aren't natural beings! They're machines!"

Slippy croaked, "Oh no"

Falco mused in with his sarcastic tone, "They're machines. What could they do?"

At this, his Arwing was hit by laser fire. It was quite a few hits that were put on him. These hits caused him to get incredibly pissed.

"Okay, I see what they're doing. It's time to blow some shit up." Falco said as he sped towards a small group of the fighters.

I decided to help Falco with the group and followed after him, "I'll help Falco with these."

Falco and I were side-by-side speeding after a group of five fighters. They were incredibly packed together and didn't even show the slightest sign of going off course.

"Holy damn, these things are synchronized pretty well." I said.

Falco just chuckled, "Only gives me more practice for taking out Wolf's armada."

I activated the weapons on the Arwing and continued to trail after the group of fighters.

"Weapons hot" I said after I fired several beams of energy at the group.

I saw the beams race towards several ships, but to my surprise, they all dodged them with utter perfection. I was completely awestruck at the sight. Even after they dodged the shots they went right back to their tightly packed formation.

"Whoa, did you see that?" I asked.

"How the hell did they do that?" Falco asked.

I continued to focus on the group of fighters that Falco and I were chasing. I tried to line my sights up again, but had severe trouble doing so. I lined my sights with one ship when it suddenly banked right. I banked hard to the right in order to lead it. Once I saw a clear shot, I opened fire. Again, the ship dodged the bullets like nothing.

I was getting frustrated, "Damn it! These things are impossible to hit."

"No kidding, we're having some trouble with our group as well." Fox said.

"True, I've never seen machines that are so synchronized." Krystal responded.

"They must be using some sort of high level senor tech. We'll be lucky if we hit these guys." Slippy said.

I was furious with what Slippy said. If we couldn't touch these guys, then I was sure we wouldn't be able to even scratch Wolf's army. I immediately went to thinking on how we could beat this small group of fighters. It was hard for me because I was trailing the fighters and figuring out a solution at the same time. After a few seconds of thinking I decided to try something that could potentially work.

"I have an idea." I said.

Falco spoke up in a loud voice, "Please, enlighten us with your idea." He said in a sarcastic like tone.

I sighed, "Just watch what I'm going to try."

I saw the other Arwings stop in their tracks. Each pilot was looking directly at me; I was still trailing he group of 5 fighters.

I lined up the sights on one fighter and shot one beam at him; he dodged by performing a barrel roll towards the left. At this, I quickly followed with my sights and lined up as he was in the middle of the barrel roll. I fired several times and landed two hits on him.

"I got him!" I said, "I didn't think it would work."

"Great job Kevin. Everyone, get back to your group of fighters." Fox said as he saw what I did.

I continued after my group of fighters and continued doing what I came up with. I lined up my sights with the one I had already hit and forced him to barrel roll to the left. I followed and destroyed the fighter with ease.

I looked over at the last four and forced each one to barrel roll. Apparently they weren't able to adapt to changing situations; this was good news for the team. Our strategy would continue to work, maybe even for Wolf's army.

I destroyed the remaining three and followed the final fighter. Since he was alone, he didn't stay in his regular formation and tried to escape. I wasn't going to allow this at all. I followed after him and continued doing my strategy. I was surprised to see that it didn't work; it must have only been that way because they were close together.

"Whoa, it's not working anymore." I said.

"What?" Fox said.

"He's dodging everything I fire at him." I replied.

"I'm on my way to help." Falco said.

"I'll help too." Krystal said as well.

Soon the two Arwings joined up with me and we started to fire at the last fighter. We all disregarded the strategy and started to fire at the ship aimlessly. A barrage of plasma energy was continuously fired at the ship, but he kept dodging each shot. Even with three of us firing at him, he still was untouchable.

"This is impossible!" Krystal said.

Falco became annoyed with our failure, "That's it; I'm burning this thing with a smart bomb."

I looked over to my left and saw Falco's Arwing open up on the bottom. Then suddenly, a small light went rushing out of the small compartment that was opened. It traveled at incredible speeds and quickly reached its target.

"Better pull up" Falco said.

Krystal and I both pulled up and followed after Falco. I looked back and saw that the fighter dodged the bomb, but was engulfed by the explosion. Either way, it was gone for good.

"Regroup at Great Fox; we'll follow it into battle." Fox said.

I was not happy with what Fox said, "Damn, that group was enough. I'm starting to think we don't stand a chance against Wolf."

Krystal agreed, "Yes, it looks like he has stellar technology at his disposal. Those ships probably had a fraction of the tech he has."

Slippy agreed as well, "Yeah Fox, we probably won't even damage the armada."

Fox just sighed, "We don't have a choice." He said, "If we don't stop Wolf, then he'll warp to Earth and take for his own."

I lowered my head, "He's right; if Wolf takes Earth, then he'll have access to even more technology. Even though Earth has little tech, he can still use it advance his own."

"And we don't want him getting to a power that he can use to take Lylat." Fox finished.

Once Falco, Krystal, and I reached Slippy and Fox, we all positioned ourselves around Great Fox. Once we were ready, we all pushed thrusters to the max and headed for the other side of Lylat Maximus.

"ROB, prepare to use the code Kevin gave you. You may need to use it when we arrive." Fox said.

"Affirmative" ROB replied.

We were half way around Lylat Maximus when we saw part of the first warship.

"Holy shit" I said quietly, "That thing is huge."

Krystal gasped, "That's just one of them."

Soon, another large warship came into view. Then more and more came into view. Mixed in with the ships were hundreds of small and large fighters patrolling the area around Lylat Maximus.

Out of nowhere, I received a transmission from another unknown source. I assumed it was the same source as last time.

"I'm getting a transmission. Anyone else getting one?" I asked.

"I'm getting one" Fox said.

"Same here" Krystal said.

"Maybe it's Wolf again." Slippy said.

I accepted the transmission and a picture of a grey Wolf appeared.

"It's so nice of you to join us, Star Fox." Wolf said. "I'm glad you decided to attend your own funeral."

"Wolf, stop trying to be scary; the most you're doing is just annoying the hell out of us." Falco said.

"You know, bird, I didn't know that I said you could speak." Wolf replied.

I had a feeling that Falco did not like this at all.

"You son of a bitch; I'm going to massacre you if I find you." Falco said angrily.

Wolf just laughed at what Falco said, "You think you scare me? You can't even reach my flagship without being destroyed."

Krystal jumped in on the conversation, "But that doesn't keep us from trying." She said.

Wolf chuckled, "Go ahead and try. It won't end well for you."

Wolf then reached down to something; couldn't see what it was because the lower half of his body was not visible in the HUD. Since I didn't know what he was getting, I developed a bad feeling about it.

"All troops converge on the unknown ship entering the vicinity. Stand-by for attack." Wolf said. "It's been nice knowing you all."

Wolf then cut the transmission.

"Shit, looks like he has us cornered." Fox said.

I was getting incredibly nervous. All the ships that we saw were now heading straight for us.

"ROB, ESCAPE." Fox said.

"No wait! ROB fire directly at the large group of fighters. Specifically in the middle." I said.

If ROB could fire the main cannons at the middle, it would take out a large number of the small fighters.

"Taking aim" ROB replied. "Charging cannons"

The fighters were getting closer and closer to us by the second. ROB was taking a little too long charging the cannons.

"ROB, hurry up with the cannons." I said.

"Cannons at 80% charge." ROB replied.

Fox spoke up, "When ROB fires the cannons, take off and try to destroy the small cruisers."

After Fox finished, the cannons were ready to fire and destroy the fighters that were approaching us.

"Cannons ready" ROB said.

"FIRE" I yelled.

At the same time as the cannons fired the devastating beam of energy, I took off towards the group of fighters. The beam ripped through nearly half of them and damaged the surrounding fighters. I went straight through and passed the fighters. The rest of the team soon caught up. We all dispersed and went to destroy a cruiser.

"ROB, activate the automated turrets as well. Those should help with the fighters that are attacking Great Fox." Fox said.

"Affirmative" ROB replied, "I have done a scan on the enemy armada. It appears that Wolf and his team is held up on Dreadnaught V class Warship C-117. Its location has been marked on your radars."

"Great job ROB. We'll probably be able to stop this freak once and for all." Fox said.

I replied with seriousness in my voice, "I hope so."

I zoomed passed the cruiser that I was attacking. As I passed, several turrets extended from its hull and opened fire on me. I turned back and opened fire on several turrets. They were all destroyed with ease. I passed the ship again and prepared for another attack run on the hull of the ship. I circled around and fired my single smart bomb at the center of the hull. The last of the turrets were destroyed.

"That's right bitches! You can't touch me!" I yelled as I passed through the remnants of the turrets.

Though I was excited that I was unharmed from the turrets laser fire, I was surprised that I was actually unharmed. I thought for sure that they would be advanced beyond expectations; even with Andross' scientist.

As I passed through the debris of the turrets, I set the backup power to my hyper laser systems. Once I reached a subtle distance from the crippled cruiser, I circled around and opened fire on anything connected to the ship.

As the lasers raced through space and hit the hull of the ship, I was quickly hit by more lasers. At this, I broke off from the attack run and looked at the ship. I saw the same blue lasers bouncing off of the hull.

"Whoa, these things have shields!" I said.

The team's pictures then appeared on my HUD.

"We've noticed that as well." Krystal replied.

Slippy looked down at something, "It looks like they have omega class shielding. It isn't any more advanced than Corneria's shields, but it certainly has more perks to it."

"What do you mean?" Falco asked with a confused look.

"I mean that Corneria's shields only consist of one layer." Slippy replied as he looked back up.

"So you're saying that they have several layers of shields?" Fox asked.

Slippy nodded, "Yes, it makes them appear more powerful than what already exists."

I sighed, "Is there any way of getting past these?" I asked.

Slippy looked back down at whatever he was looking at. I assumed it was some computer. After a few seconds of silence, he spoke, "I'm not sure." he said.

"ROB, scan one of the small cruisers." I said.

"Affirmative; commencing scan." ROB replied.

Fox looked confused, "Kevin, what are you doing?"

"I have a feeling that this will help." I replied. "I know that a scan is what we need to win this crazy battle."

Falco raised his eyebrow at me, "How?"

I shook my head slowly, "Maybe there is a weakness to their shields. If ROB scans a ship, he may be able to find something out of the ordinary." I replied.

"Great thinking, Kevin!" Krystal said.

"Yeah, I would have never thought of that." Fox added.

Rob was quick with a response, "It appears that each cruiser has a small generator hidden in between the engines. It is unprotected by the current shield in place."

"Awesome, now we can finally win this." I said.

Rob continued what he was saying, "I also took the liberty of scanning the larger war ships. It seems that they do not have a weakness."

I was a bit brought down by this, but I still used the info that ROB provided us. "We aren't worrying about those yet." I said.

"You all heard ROB, hit the engines with all you got." Fox said.

At this, I turned back towards the cruiser and zoomed passed it. Once I reached a good distance, I flew towards the back of the cruiser. I banked towards the ship and opened fired towards the middle of the engines. There was a spectacular explosion followed by the shields of the ship flickering furiously. My plan worked!

I was so happy about the accomplishment, that I didn't notice the several hundred enemy ships fly out of the large warships. I was caught off-guard when Falco spoke.

"Whoa, what the hell is going on?" He asked.

"Wait what happened?" I asked with confusion.

Slippy gasped, "Oh no"

Fox had disbelief on his face, "What? That's not possible."

I looked around and saw numerous amounts of small dots fly out from the larger ships. Wolf had them hiding form us.

"Holy shit... how did…" I was cut off by Wolf. "Surprise" he mused.

I looked over at Great Fox; it had a lasers flying away from it towards the dots that were surrounding it. The turrets on the ship were doing a great job protecting it. That was until I saw an enormous chunk of the fighters fly towards Great Fox.

"Fox, I see a large number of the fighters heading towards Great Fox." Krystal said with despair in her voice.

Fox was quick with a response, "ROB, put your shields to maximum. Use the backup power for extra strength."

"Affirmative" ROB replied.

I turned back towards the small cruiser and opened fire on it. It was destroyed with ease. It only took a few shots to tear up the hull of the ship, causing it to break apart on its own.

"I'm going after Wolf's flagship." I said.

Fox quickly replied, "No Kevin, I want you to start attacking the warships."

I was hell bent on taking out Wolf, so I disobeyed and attempted to change Fox's mind, "Fox, there's tons of these warships. We'll never destroy them all!"

Fox started to yell now, "Kevin, if you go in there you'll end up getting yourself killed!"

I was getting frustrated with him. He was keeping me from stopping the entire invasion.

"Fox, if I don't do this, Wolf will just destroy Earth!" I yelled.

Fox tried to continue talking, but I cut the transmissions with the team. I was only focused on finding Wolf and ultimately killing him.

I neared the warship that labeled C-117. I looked for an opening. I soon found the landing depot and headed towards it. Once I entered the bay, I landed and quickly exited the Arwing.

Once I hit the ground, I activated my helmet and pulled out my pistol that I had brought. It was time to kill this bastard.

Fox's Point of View

"Fox, if I don't do this, Wolf will just destroy Earth." Kevin said.

I was starting to worry for him. He was incredibly determined to do this, yet he seemed blinded from the dangers of his choice.

"Kevin, do NOT do this! You don't know what you're getting yourself into!" I yelled.

He didn't respond.

"Kevin." I said again.

He still did not respond.

"Damn it, he cut the transmission." I said.

"Go after him Fox!" Krystal responded.

Falco agreed, "Yeah, he doesn't know what he's doing."

"Fox, Kevin is struggling to handle his emotions. Wolf being here is making him reckless." Krystal said.

I sighed, "I can't go after him. We need to finish off the rest of the armada and cover him. If this is what he wants, then let him do so and have him find out himself."

"But Fox, Kevin is going to get himself killed." Krystal said, trying to convince me to go after him.

"No, let him do it. He'll be out of there before he gets hurt." I said. "Now, we need to cover him by keeping any ships from landing in the flagship and finishing the rest of the warships."

I pushed the throttle forward and went for a warship. They were enormous; about three times the size of any Cornerian Cruiser. Since ROB had said that they did not have a weakness, I could only cripple them.

"Remember, don't waste your time trying to destroy the ships, just go for the turrets and move on." I said.

I neared the large warship and started to fire upon each turret. In no time, I destroyed several of the mounted turrets. I sustained a few hits, but I continued to attack.

After I finished the turrets on the first ship, I moved to the next and did the same thing. As I started to fire, I was hit several times from the rear. I looked back and saw several fighters following me.

"Damn, I've got enemies on my tail." I said.

"I do too; I can't shake them." Krystal said.

I tried to barrel roll to the left to break free from them, but they wouldn't give. To make things worse, ROB spoke up.

"Warning: shield level at forty percent." He said.

The enemy fighters were tearing up Great Fox at a fast rate.

"Warning, Warning: shield level at twenty percent." He said again.

"Oh shit" I yelled, "ROB, command ESCAPE"

"Acknowledged, warping to Corneria now." He replied.

After a second passed, Great Fox started to gain speed. It only took it a few more seconds to reach light speed. Once it disappeared, ROB gave a status report.

"Shield level at fifteen percent, warping to Corneria. Shall I have the shields and hull repaired?" He asked.

"Yes, have them enhance the shielding and hull." I replied.

I was finally able to break free of the fighter and destroy them. Krystal had the same luck as I did, thankfully.

"Hey, I just finished this warship of its turrets. What now?" Falco asked.

"Move to another warship, there's plenty to go around." I replied.

Wolf suddenly spoke, "What the hell? What are you idiots doing?"

I chuckled, "What does it look like? We're rendering your armada useless."

Wolf growled, "You good for nothing troops better step it up!"

I noticed that the warships that were in the distance started to move into a pattern. The ones that we were attacking stayed where they were.

"Hey, what are those ones doing?" Slippy asked.

"I'm not sure, but it looks like they are going away from us." Krystal added.

"Wait, are they about to jump?" Falco asked.

I gasped, "Oh no"

"What're we gonna do?" Krystal asked.

I quickly replied, "Hit the engines with anything. I'm sure they'll be damaged in some way."

Slippy suddenly spoke, "Hang on Fox; it looks like the shields are gone!"

"Wait, what?" I asked.

"Yeah, sensors aren't detecting anything protecting the hull of the ship." Slippy replied.

I smiled at this and looked over at Wolf's flagship. I knew that this had been the result of Kevin snooping around and finding some type of control center. I was actually glad that I let him go down there now.

"Well then, we have to finish this armada up." I said.

Kevin's Point of View

I activated my helmet and pulled out my pistol. The HUD quickly appeared along with the reticle for my aiming. Since no one was in the hangar, I decided to make sure it was synced to my gun. I raised the pistol and pointed it towards a wall. The reticle followed flawlessly. I lowered my gun out of sight; the reticle disappeared along with it. Satisfied with the small test I took, I headed towards a door that turned out to be an elevator.

I entered and noticed that there was a keypad next to the number list. Assuming that Wolf was on the top level, I hit the number 10, the highest floor on this ship. Unfortunately, it required the key code. I cursed under my breath and went over my very few options; give up and attempt to destroy the armada, or find a way to kill Wolf. Given the situation I was in, I decided to find a way to get to Wolf. I hit the number 4; I was hoping that someone on that level would be able to give me the code.

The elevator started to move quickly upwards. In no time at all, I reached the fourth level. As the elevator stopped, I looked down at my blaster and loaded it with a cell. I did a quick analysis of the HUD and braced for what was behind the door.

The doors slid open slowly. As soon as one of the guards was visible, the helmet scanned and told me that he was of great threat. When the doors slid all the way open, the helmet scanned the rest of the people in the hall. Each person was highlighted with the words 'High Level Threat" next to them. Suddenly a message reading 'Engage Immediately' flashed in front of me. Without hesitation, I lifted my pistol and took down the three guards closest to the elevator. They dropped to the floor with force, causing the other guards to turn around. They saw me and immediately raised their weapons.

"Freeze!" one yelled.

"What the hell is that?" another asked.

They must have been scared due to the mask armor concealing my true identity. Because they hesitated, I used it to my advantage. I looked at one intently and then I looked at the other. They both were shaking a little. I for one was not scared at all; I had a shield protecting me from their lasers. At the moment, I thought of my little secret weapon. A while back, Fox had given me a small device to attach to my armor. It was a black box that went on my waist. He told me that if I ever needed to get away from a situation, I should press the button. I figured that this was a good time to use it.

I looked down at my waist and located the small black box. It had a blue button on it.

"I have no idea what this thing does, but I guess it's worth a shot." I thought to myself.

I slowly moved my hand over the button. This caused the guards to raise their weapons more. Once my finger was on the button, I pressed it. After a second of nothing, I realized that my vision started to tunnel in. The hallway became much longer than I had previously seen it. The guards stretched out as well. One of them had fired a laser at me. As if I had the reflexes of a cat, I dodged the laser with incredible speed. I was amazed at how focused I became. I ran towards the guards at incredible speed and passed by them. I stopped and looked back; my vision had gotten used to the effect that the box had put on me so everything seemed normal again.

"What the hell!?" One guard yelled.

Both then opened fire on me. I quickly dodged every shot and ran towards the guard on the left. Once I reached him, I spun and swept his feet from the ground. He was in mid-air for a second, but the device that Fox had given me made it seem like five seconds. I used this to my advantage and used my elbow to hit his stomach area, causing him to fall faster and hit the ground harder. The second I hit the guard, I went over to the other and kicked his stomach, followed by a forceful uppercut to the chin. As he was falling back, I lifted my leg up and kicked him once more with a downward kick.

I deactivated the device. My movement went back to normal. I looked down at the two guards and finished them with bolts to the head.

"That thing is awesome." I said to myself.

I continued through the hall ways. Each door had names written on them. I was looking for a particular name that would catch my attention. Before I turned the first corner, my helmet warned me about potential danger.

"Warning, bioscan shows hostile troops nearby." The text said.

"I swear, this thing is freaking sweet." I thought to myself.

I slowly looked around the corner and found that five guards were looking in my direction with their guns ready. I quickly jerked my head back when one fired at me. I pointed my blaster around the corner and blind fired towards the soldiers. Once they yelled, I ran out into the open and fired at the guards. There was a barrage of laser fire around me. I was hit once. I ran towards the wall while firing at the guards. I jumped and planted my feet on the wall then pushed off with all my strength performing a back flip. While in mid-flip, I fired at the guards who continued to miss me. The small firefight lasted for a few seconds longer after the flip. I had hit all five guards, but killed only four; the last was shot in the hand and leg. I approached the guard.

"What the hell do you want from me?" He asked.

I grabbed the guard and raised him up, "Where can I find the key code for the bridge?" I said with command in my voice.

The ape quickly responded, "At the end of the hall ways are the science quarters. Most of the labs are down there to the left. The scientists there know the code."

I appreciated his cooperation and let the ape live. I grabbed his neck and caused him to blackout. Once he was sent into an unconscious state, I continued to where the ape had directed me. A scientist was bound to know the code.

As I walked through the halls, I heard several faint booms. I knew for a fact that they were the small cruisers being destroyed by the rest of the team. After walking cautiously down the halls for a few minutes, I finally reached the science quarters. Each door had the words 'Laboratory: Authorized Personnel Only'. Disregarding the last part of the name, I kicked the door open and raised my blaster.

"Nobody move!" I yelled.

Surprisingly, there were no guards. I looked at the scientists who were looking at me. Everyone either had their hand raised or were shaking.

"Who in here has the code for the bridge?" I yelled.

One ape raised his hand slowly, "I do"

I walked over to him and pointed the blaster at his head, "What is it?"

He stayed quiet.

"If you think I'm not going to shoot you, then you have another thing coming. I just wasted ten of your guards along the way to this very room." I said.

He still stayed quiet.

"It's your loss if you don't speak in the next ten seconds." I said angrily.

He was still staying quiet.

"Fine, to show an example to the rest of you," I yelled. I shot the ape. He dropped to the floor as everyone gasped.

"Anyone else want to be defiant?" I asked.

An ape spoke up, "The code is 259886."

"Thank you" I said before I left the room.

I stopped myself at the door and looked back, "Do you have control to the shields?" I asked loudly.

An ape close to me nodded, "Command the commanders to shut down the shields NOW!" I demanded.

The ape slowly replied, "But, we have full control."

"Oh good, deactivate every one of them!" I said as I pointed the pistol at his head.

The ape did as I told him and looked back up at me. I had a feeling that he was just going to reactivate them when I left, so I destroyed the computer he was at. I walked around the room and shot every single one of the computers; this ensured that the armada was defenseless.

I walked out of the room and down the hall; I heard shuffling around the first corner. My helmet scanned and alerted me of high threat level hostiles nearby. I assumed it was talking about the troops around the corner.

I reached down to press the button on the small black box. Before I pressed it, I came up with a name for it; The Wave. It seemed perfect since a wave of shadows was left behind me. It really didn't fit for the use of the device, to increase senses tenfold, but it still worked.

I pressed the button and ran out into the hallway. The trooped immediately started to fire at me. I ran past each one firing a single bolt into either their chest or head. After the split second attack, I deactivated the Wave and continued towards the elevator.

I opened the doors and entered '259886' into the keypad. Immediately, the elevator started to move upwards. As the elevator stopped, I reloaded my pistol with another cell and readied myself to activate the Wave.

The doors slid open. I was surprised to see that it was free of people. I raised my pistol and slowly started to walk out. Once I exited the elevator fully, the door quickly slid closed. I jerked my head back when it slammed. My heartbeat started to increase greatly. I slowly walked further into the bridge and quickly jerked my pistol in multiple directions. I was incredibly nervous.

My helmet did a quick scan of my surroundings. It suddenly flashed a message.

"Danger! Priority 1 threat level! Dispose immediately." The message said.

I looked around the empty room quickly. Out of nowhere I heard of high pitched voice start to laugh. It seemed amused at my aimless behavior. I looked around all over the room but found nothing.

"Show yourself Wolf." I said.

The voice started to laugh again.

"You coward; come out and fight like a man!" I yelled.

The voice finally spoke words, "Wolf is not here. As a matter of fact, he left me to kill you."

The voice was very scratchy and nasally, almost like the beings throat was nearly destroyed. I also noticed that it sounded somewhat familiar.

"Who are you?" I asked loudly.

The voice chuckled, "I'm your worst nightmare, Kevin"

I was starting to get incredibly nervous. I ran over to the closest wall and pointed my gun in the direction the voice seemed to be originating from. It seemed to be coming from the front of the room; towards the large glass that separated us from the vacuum of space.

"You coward; you obviously fear me. You'd rather intimidate me instead." I yelled.

The voice was silent.

"I thought so. If you think you're tough, then come out and find out if you're right!" I yelled once more.

The voice sounded deeper, but the same nasal and scratchy sound, "GLADLY"

I saw a green figure emerge from behind a row in the front of the bridge. I instantly realized who it was. It was Leon Powalski.

"I should've known it was you; what with that disgusting ass voice you have." I said.

Leon sneered, "You shut your damn mouth. It won't do you good anyway."

I readied my pistol, "Tell me where Wolf is and I won't blow your head off!" I demanded.

"I have a better idea." Leon said.

Suddenly, he charged at me with a knife in each of his hands. He was yelling as he charged at me. Without hesitation, I sidestepped to avoid his first strike with his knife. I used the opening to kick his abdomen. After that I used the inertia from the kick to spin around and kick him again from the back. This caused him to fall and hit the wall. He immediately got back up and charged once more. This time, I failed to sidestep. He jabbed my stomach and performed an upwards kick to my face. I fell back with tremendous force.

"Argh!" I yelled as I hit the ground.

I stumbled to get back up. As I tried to regain my balance, Leon charged at me once again. He hit me once more with his knives drawn. He had so much force in the hit that I was lifted from my feet. Thankfully, the knives weren't able to pierce the armor. He pulled back his hands back and found that his knives were now compressed to the handle. I was on the ground again. I used his surprise against him. Without him even moving, I swept his feet from under him by spin kicking his legs. When he hit the ground, I lifted him up and threw him to the side.

"You little freak!" He said as he got back up.

He charged at me and tried to sideswipe my face. I lifted my arm and blocked the attack with no difficulty. He immediately swung his other arm at my face. I blocked that as well. He then attempted to side kick my face; I just leaned back and allowed his leg to pass in front of my mask. Once his leg was clear of my moving space, I jabbed his stomach then followed it with a forceful kick to the abdomen. Before he fell back, I swept his feet from under him. He fell with great force.

I walked over to him and kneeled down, "What are you?" He asked.

I was surprised he didn't know it was me.

"Are you serious?" I asked.

He just looked at me.

I deactivated my helmet, "Looks like you're a real big dumbass."

"YOU" Leon sneered, "YOU SHOULD BE DEAD!"

I laughed as I stood back up, "Well, Wolf is just as dumb as you then."

I pulled out my pistol and pointed it at his head, "Now, where is Wolf?" I asked.

Leon coughed, "He used an escape pod with Panther and went to one of the Warships."

"Which one?" I asked as I put the barrel to his head.

He coughed again, "Fuck off!" he sneered.

I smiled, "No thank you." I pulled the trigger and ended the lizard's life.

I reactivated my helmet and walked around the room aimlessly. I reestablished the communications with the team, "Fox are you there?"

"Kevin, where the hell have you been?" He asked.

"I've been helping you guys out. Didn't you notice that the shields dissipated?" I asked.

Fox chuckled, "Yeah that was very helpful, thanks for that."

"No problem." I replied.

Fox went serious again, "Anyway, did you find Wolf? Is he dead?"

I sighed, "No, Wolf isn't here. He escaped to one of the further warships with Panther."

Fox gasped, "Whoa, Leon was there?"

I smiled, "Not anymore he isn't."

Fox just looked at me, "Did you…"

I nodded before he finished.

"Damn Kevin" he said.

"I had no choice; he attacked me when I reached the bridge. Besides, I was going to kill him either way." I said with the smile still on my face.

"Good job, get back to us now. We need held destroying the warships." Fox said.

"On my way." I said before I ended the transmission.

Before I exited the bridge, I walked over to one of the computer holo displays. It had a file on it that read 'ORDER". I tapped it, making large words appear in front of me.

"Oh shit" I said quietly.

I quickly ran out of the bridge and into the elevator. I pressed the button to go to the hangar bay. As soon as the doors slid open, I ran to my Arwing and started up the systems. I also activated the communications with the team as well. As soon as I took off, I ceased radio silence.

"Hey, they're warping now!" I yelled.

"Whoa where the hell did you come from?" Falco asked.

"Don't be a smart ass right now. They're initiating the invasion right now!" I yelled.

Fox spoke, "Are you sure?"

Just then a large number of the warships vanished. Only a quarter of them remained. The rest had made the jump to Earth.

"NO!" I yelled.

The team stood quiet. I kept my eyes in the direction they warped in. I couldn't believe that Wolf slipped right under my nose and left to Earth.

"Everyone, warp to Corneria now; we'll need some help for this." Fox said.

I quickly replied, "No, you guys go. I need to tell them that Wolf is on his way."

I entered the coordinates to Earth. Once the warp drive warmed up, I made the jump to Earth. With the help of the new, state-of-the art engine, I was able to get to Earth much faster than Wolf. As I was in warp, I thought of how powerless Earth would be. I needed to get there quickly.

I exited the warp and was left with a large blue and green planet in front of me. I pushed the thrusters to max and headed for the Washington. I had to be quick. Once I reached the city, I looked down and noticed that the streets were somewhat empty. Some people were still walking around and riving as usual. I quickly spotted the White House and sped towards it. I landed right in front of the building and barged through the doors.

"Where's the President!" I yelled as I deactivated my helmet.

A lady pointed in the direction of the Oval Office, "He's in the Oval Office."

I was annoyed at her response, "Damn it, he doesn't know they're coming."

I ran down the hall and located the doors to the Oval Office. I kicked the doors open and found the President siting at his desk.

" !" I yelled.

He quickly looked up at me and stood up, "Kevin, what are you doing here?"

"I'm here to tell you that Wolf is on his way!" I yelled.

He just looked at me. He reached down to his phone and pressed a red button on it. It put him through to an unknown person. He called him Joseph.

"Joseph, the invasion happened ahead of schedule. Get a message to every broadcasting station around the world and have them play a message saying to get into cover NOW!" the president yelled.

"Yes sir" Joseph replied before he hung up.

Obama looked back up at me, "Where's your team?" he asked.

"During the attack, our ship was damaged. They went to Corneria, the capital planet of Lylat. I don't know why they went there." I quickly said.

Obama had a straight look on his face, "How long until this 'Wolf' arrives?"

I knew he was going to hate my answer, but I had to give it to him straight. I can't make this truth sound less serious than it already is. I tried to find the words to speak but had difficulty. I was getting sick just thinking about what was happening.

I finally found the will to speak. Lowering my head I said, "A few minutes"

To Be Continued…. Next Book

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