Chapter 1

Set in Season 2, episode 4. After Chiaki pulled Tori away from Yuu and they both head home, Yuu goes to drown his sorrows at a bar. There, he meets a man and the possibility of falling in love…

Disclaimer: I don't own Sekaiichi Hatsukoi or the characters but the plot belongs to me.

After Hatori and Chiaki left, Yuu let the tears fall. Why? Why did Chiaki choose Hatori over him? What did Hatori have that he didn't? Sighing, he put his jacket and shoes on and headed towards a bar.

"Another one, please," Yuu said as he pushed his glass forward. The barman looked at him with sympathy.

"Blown off or fruitless love?" he asked as he pushed another towards Yuu.

"Both," came the answer.

The barman nodded and then looked up.

"What can I get you?"

"Double shot of vodka," a voice beside Yuu came.*

Yuu turned to see a male brunette staring into space. He was very handsome.

"You okay?" Yuu asked. So what if he said something? He may be heartbroken but it doesn't kill someone to nice.

The man looked at him. Even though they were red like he had been crying, his eyes were the most beautiful shade of chocolate brown.

"No," the man said bluntly but not rudely.

"Drowning your sorrows?"

"You could say that," the man said after drinking from his glass. "How about you?"

"Same," Yuu looked at him and handed him his business card.

"Yuu Yanase," he said. "And I had my heart broken by losing the love of my life to the man I despise."

The man took Yuu's card and placed it in his wallet. Then he took out a business card and handed to Yuu while smiling softly.

"Kanade Mino," he said. "And I had my heart broken by a man who pretended to be gay and ended up humiliating me in front of my work colleagues."

Yuu smiled with sympathy.

"Care to share?"

"If you by some more drinks," Mino grinned.

Yuu couldn't help but smile as well. Mino's smile was amazing and it warmed Yuu's heart. Maybe this night might not be so bad after all.

I thought it would be nice for Yuu to have someone and Mino doesn't appear to have anyone so I thought it would be nice to put them together. Besides, there aren't many fanfictions of them so I thought I'd write one. Hope you enjoy it. Until next time, sunset siren curse.