Mr. J: Feeling better

Harry: Lets do it

Dobby: hide me

Harry was in the Leaky Cauldron when he got a package. It was delivered from a brown owl. Harry checked it and found just a tracking charm. Harry took off the charm and put it on the owl. Harry then opened up the package and found a cloak of some kind.

Harry opened the cloak and it turned out to be a invisibility cloak. A letter fell out of the cloak and landed on the table.

Dear Mr. Potter,

Your father left this in my possession and now I am returning it to you.

I would hope this puts some good faith between us in the future.


Albus Dumbledore

(to many titles)

Harry then did a scan on the cloak and found a loyalty charm and a tracking charm. This time Harry put them on a rat that was passing by.

Harry then got a good idea and an evil grin on his face.

So Harry transfigured a golden shower (stay with me now) and shrunk it and put it in a small box he just happen to have. Harry wrapped it up and wrote a letter.

Dear Albus Dumbledore,

Thank you for the cloak, though I wonder why it took so long to get it to me.

So as a kind return I got you a gift. I hope you enjoy


Harry Potter

Harry then put the letter on the owl and watch it take off.


At Hogwarts Dumbledore was in his office when the owl flew in. He read the letter and frowned for a second before becoming pleased that he would send him something. "Maybe he isn't out of reach after all" Dumbledore said. He opened up the gift and resized it and was so happy.

He conjured up a new room in his office and made the shower workable. He used it and went down for dinner. He was smiling and humming a tune.

"What has you so happy Albus?" asked Minerva who was wondering what got him so happy. Albus smiled. "I got a package from Mr. Potter, he got me a gift."

The whole great hall went silent at the mention of their savior. Quirrell motioned for him to continue which Albus so graciously did.

"He got me a gold shower, so now I can take a gold shower every night." There was a pause. Crickets were heard from outside, nobody dared to move. Hagrid, grinned, 'oh I can't let this slip by'.

"So you say that your going to get a golden shower every night?" Albus nodded at Hagrid. A few students snickered but the rest just grinned. Minerva caught on. "So you enjoy golden showers?" Again Albus nodded.

"Of course I do. The temperature is warmer in my opinion, also it has a coppery taste to it." At this point the whole hall broke out laughing. Dumbledore didn't get it, but let them have their laugh and went back to eating.

The rest of the night, not a dry eye was in the school. Hermione couldn't sleep. She knew never to do anything bad to Harry or something might happen.


For the rest of the time, Harry was training Luna. They got her up to seventh year material. They were happy with her progress.

Eventually the Unspeakables decided to offer her the same deal as Hermione which she agreed. She would be helping Harry and be part of a kick ass organization.


Harry got a message saying from Hermione saying that Quirrell was acting weirder than usual. Harry figured that He was going to make a run on the Stone that he and Hermione got earlier.

So Harry got the Unspeakables to get Dumbledore out of Hogwarts again. He figured this would draw out Voldemort. Harry ported to the third floor and a waiting Hermione.

They hugged and hurried down to where the mirror was. They hid and after a while, Quirrell came down the stairs.

He went up to the mirror and was trying to figure out how to get the stone. Harry just sat back and watched as Quirrell got madder and madder trying to figure it out.

After a while Harry felt sorry for him and came out. "Hello Tom, how are you doing? Having trouble with the stone?"

Quirrell turned and had his wand out but Harry summoned it to him. "Now, now no need for that. You wouldn't get the stone anyway, it isn't here. I made sure of it. Now why don't we have a little chat."

Quirrell was about to speak but a voice told him to let him speak. Quirrell did and took off the turban. Quirrell turned around so the face as facing Harry.

"Its been a while Tom." Harry said looking him in the eyes. " Who are you? Don't call me that, I am Voldemort, the great dark lord." Harry just rolled his eyes at this.

"I am the one you attacked when I was a babe, you tried to kill me but it backfired. I am Harry Potter." At this Harry took a bow. Voldemort snorted, so you're here after all, I bet you were hidden by Albus to trick us into thinking you weren't here."

Harry shook his head, "No, I am not going to this school. I'm not going to any come to think about it. I am just doing some…work you could say. Anyway, I am here to tell you this one time. I don't care if you killed my parents. I don't care if you killed a lot of people, you don't scare me. I could kill you right now and be done with it, but that would mess up Mr. J's story"

At this Voldemort tilted his head, "Who is this Mr. J, and what do you mean story?" Harry sighed, "fourth wall breaking, sorry." Voldemort nodded, "I have had my share back in the day. Well thank you Mr. J for not having him kill me right away." Here Mr. J came out of the wall, "No problem, now on with the story."

So Voldemort and Harry turned to each other and got back into character. "I know you aren't all there Tom. If you get a body of your own, I can help you with your crazy personality. Other than that, your warning, we are watching you. So don't mess up this chance. Now get out of here."

Voldemort left the body of Quirrell and the body crumbled and the wraith of Voldemort flew up the stairs and left.

After he left, "Well that was interesting," Hermione said shaking her head. Harry nodded and they ported out to the third floor. Harry bid her farewell and went back to HQ.

Harry told the Unspeakables what happened and they agreed. One way or another what happened from here on out was going to be interesting.


Finally the school year ended and Hermione was on her way home. When she got home, Harry and Rose took her out to dinner. When they got back she delivered the rest of her report.

It turned out that her and Daphne Greengrass became good friends. Hermione made a note that they should keep an eye out for her. She was cunning and observant. But for other students, not many people stood out.

Harry then introduced Hermione to Luna. At first they did not like one another. Hermione would say that her hunting was pointless while Luna would say that her obsessive learning was pointless. Harry broke them up and told them to get over their differences.

So that went on for a few weeks, but they eventually came to an understanding and became friends.

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