Mr. J: Hey everyone, I'm back

Harry: about time to

Mr. J: Sorry. I had a bad cold, then after I got over that a few days later I decided to try a new drink, don' know if it has a name, but Wild Turkey and orange soda is dam good.

Harry: So your saying you got a hangover?

Mr. J: Yup. Then a few days later was Christmas, then new years came and now I got all my shit together so I am ready to start again

Harry: Why wasn't I invited to drink?

Mr. J: because you…um…were busy…. Yea busy

Harry: Whatever, just get on with it, again he doesn't own anything

During the summer the girls had it easy while Harry was busy doing missions which were going well. However not everything goes right all the time

During a mission to France Harry was walking down a road to get some food when he heard some screams and sounds of spells being fired. Harry ran to see what the commotion was when he saw three deatheaters shooting spells at young kids.

Harry put on his unspeakable gear with his magic and climbed the roof and came up behind the deatheaters. Harry took out his blades and jumped and slammed them into two of the death eaters. The third stopped firing and turned to see what was happening.

Harry then tackled the deatheater and punched him knocking him out. "Seriously, wizarding people are such weaklings, it was only one punch."

Somewhere around the world Manny Pacquiao sat up from his slumber, "It was a lucky punch." looked around seeing he was alone and went back to sleep.

Harry got up and asked the kids if they were alright. They said they were and the left the alley. Harry used an incineration spell and burnt the bodies to ash.

As Harry was about to grab the third deatheater, of all the people in the world, this person was the last person he wanted to see. Albus Dumbledore.

He looked at the carnage and shook his head, "surely you could have spared them, they could have redeemed themselves and helped our society?" Harry shook his head, "the only good deatheater is a dead deatheater."

That lead Dumbledore on a rant about the good in people. Harry got fed up and while Dumbledore had his back turned, Harry ported to a local safe house and let the local Unspeakables know where to pick up the deatheater.

When Dumbledore turned around Harry was gone. 'must have thought about what I said and went to make amends or something, man I am good' Dumbledore thought to himself.

A few days later Harry was sitting with Rose and the girls just watching a few movies when Dobby popped back in. "sir, you are requested back" Harry nodded and ported back leaving the girls with a shrug and they went back to watching the movie.

When Harry got back to the office the other one there was Kim. They sat in the chairs and O walked in. "Hello you two, you two have been selected for this mission. It isn't really that bad." Harry and Kim felt a but coming on.

"But… you two will feel that this isn't worth your time. You two will be going to America and speak with an American unspeakable school." Harry and Kim had a blank look on their faces. "Are you serious, we are killing machines. We can do almost any mission alone and together we are dam near unstoppable, and you want us to talk to some new recruits?"

O nodded, "Yes, and you will do it." Harry and Kim just decided to go do it, after all, how bad could it be.

They suited up and got to the international port center in HQ and left. When they got to America, they got to the American HQ and got to the classroom.

For the next four hours they were assaulted by questions and comments. By the end they were not really up for any more question so they ended the class and got back to HQ.

When they got there the overheard O talking how he tricked Harry and Kim to do his job for him. Oh were they mad. They waited in his office and when he showed up, he knew something was wrong. He asked about the meeting and they told him it went good. O thanked them and turned around and was hit by a stunning spell knocking him to the ground.

When he woke up he was in front of a television. He tried to get up but his hands were tied and so were his feet. Harry and Kim walked into the room. "Hello O, good to see you are awake. We found out that it was your job to go talk to them. Now for using us like that we have something for you." They popped in a DVD of here comes Honey Boo Boo.

For the next untold hours he was forced to watch that horrid show over and over. By the time Harry and Kim untied him he was a sobbing mess and talking nonsense. So in all it wasn't such a bad day after all.

Mr. J: Sorry to cut it short, just getting back into the swing of writing.

Harry: I hate that show Honey Boo Boo, dam kid needs a salad

Mr. J: The mom would probably put on some gravy, well until next time