Mr. J: I'm back, sorry for the wait

Harry: took you long enough

Mr. J: I got lazy so sue me

Lawyer: ok

Mr. J: kidding, kidding

Lawyer: dam (walks off with the hulk ending music (original show) playing in the background

Harry: weird

Mr. J: again sorry for the wait, also this will be the last chapter. I am sorry it is not epic or anything, I just lost touch with this story and it would not be fair to leave it undone or abandon it, I finish my stories damit. But I will be writing more stories. Again sorry for those hoping for an epic story. I don't own anything

Harry was wondering if letting Voldemort go was a good idea, he could have gotten his revenge, but then there would not be a balance. He realized that there must be a balance so he would do something that would make sure he had a job forever

In a random town north of London Tom Riddle was thinking on what this person who let him get away in the place where the stone was talking about him being whole.

Three days later Harry decided to give Voldemort his soul back and let the world burn and put out the fires in a manner of speaking while keeping the piece and making sure one side did not get to powerful. From his studies he found that he would live for a long time.

So that is what he did, he did a binding spell with Voldemorts souls on Voldemort so he(Voldemort) could no longer be invincible.

Dumbledore didn't know what kind of a fight he was about to get, he just knew that he would win, when in reality, nobody would win, just endless battles which made Britten a laughing stock that their government couldn't handle a dark wizard in a long time. (not a Britten hater here, just with the story.) The world government put a hold on Britten so nobody would get out and start something like a world wizard war.

Mr. J: I know the ending sucked, but I couldn't figure it out and I finish my stories

Harry: you do finish them, even If it is only 2 so far

Mr. J: (shrugs his shoulders) but now I can work on other stories that pop in my head, hope I am forgiven for this crappy ending, but my others will be better

Harry: well it is honestly not the worst ending I have read,

Mr. J: (not going to say who or what story) so I hope that I you follow my other stories when I make them