A long, long time ago

In a realm that cannot be reached

There existed beings known as the Aeons

They came in many forms, and possessed control over many elements

Long lived, spirits

They are the Celestial Guardians' most trusted allies

Together, they kept the peace of the many worlds they protected for a long time

….At least, until a Guardian – blinded by his hunger for power – turned to the darkness and stooped the balance

Captured many Aeons and forced them to serve him through the use of his dark powers

After a long war, the traitor was sealed away and sentenced to spend the rest of his life trapped in a meteor

Peace once again returned, but at a cost…

Many Aeons, including the ones that were 'tainted', fell into a deep slumber… One from which they would not wake from…

… Until now

So here is the prologue for Mushra's Journey rewrite! Finally back after so many years of leaving this fanfic hanging 0.0

Hope you like it!