Random little story my mind decided to come up with during social studies today. Enjoy! Disclaimer- This is all ACD's genious.

It was a rainy day in London, not fit for people to be bustling about as they might in fairer weather. I sat reading a book as Holmes changed between periods of no motion, being draped in his chair and times pf great activity when my companion tended to his chemical experiments with great passion, as was usual with him. As I resided in my chair I would occasionally watch my friend dash between flask containing one chemical or another, slight amusement gracing my features. During one of his times of inactivity he sat up in his chair, leaning forwards, his hands clasped together, a puzzled look upon his face. I set my book down on the arm rest of my seat.

" Watson," He began as I listened. " Have we ever refered to each other as anything asides from our surnames?" He inquired. A look of surprise must have overcome me, as mes let out a hearty laugh.

" I don't believe we have." I responded after a short time of consideration.

" Have you ever refered to us in such a manner in your writings?" He asked again. I recalled all the memoirs I had ever released to the public.

" Save the case of 'The Navel Treaty', when i didn.t have much choice should I have wished to avoid confusing those who were reading it, I do not belive that I have ever done so Holmes." I replied, with some astonishment contained within my words. Holmes and I stared at each other before bursting in to heaps of laughter at our realization. Holmes gathered himself.

" Have you any ideas as of why, my dear Watson?" He asked me.

" None whatsoever Holmes." Said I. my companion raised a mischievous eyebrow.

" I do believe I have an experiment to try, if you should be so willing to be my partner in it, Doctor." He proposed, his grey eyes twinkling. I leaned forwards in my chair some, anticipating.

" What would it require Holmes?" I asked. My friend took a breath.

" Well it would entail myself addressing you as John and you referring to me as Sherlock." He explained. I smiled.

" I'll participate in this experiment of yours Hol-" I caught myself. " Sherlock." I finished. We exchanged a quick nod, indicating that we both accepted the terms and returned to our own doings. The experiment that Sherlock had proposed, with its monumental changes, was in progress, the results, if all went well, never to be discovered.

This is my first time ever trying to write from Watson's point of view, let me know how I did with that fantastic review you leave! Thanks for reading, you just became 20% cooler (that was what you thought it was), have a day drenched in awesomesause, and DFTBA!