My First Shadow of the Colossus story. It's post-story. Please read and review.

The temple's garden was filled with life, birds chirping, fresh green plants, deer strutting by, unafraid of Mono and Argo. Mono smiled as she looked at Argo, then down at the horned child in her arms.

"You've come a long way, haven't you?" She said, running her fingers through the young child's hair between its horns and holding it close.

Mono had wondered how she ended up in this strangely beautiful land, with its odd temples and white lights cascading from the sky. Stranger yet, why was this child and Argo here? It's not like someone could answer her questions though. She was alone, minus the animals and the baby.

Agro nudged Mono's back, causing her to jump. She pushed her head into the girl's back again, as if to show her something.

"What is it, Agro?" She said, swinging around with a giggle. The horse had always been playful towards her, but it would never bump her unless she had something to say. She heard a squawk nearby, and turned her attention away from the horse and to the direction of the noise.

Nearby was a brown hawk, turned on its side, with a broken wing. The bird, apart from its disjointed feathers, was a marvel. Sleek, downy wings, proud beak, powerful eyes, why, It looked as if a god had made Wander into a bird in Mono's mind.

Wander. She would probably never see him again. The thought made Mono's heart ache. Poor Wander would never see the two of them again, now that the bridge away from here was reduced to nothing. She wasn't sure of what happened to him, but an unhappy thought crossed her mind as she remembered the crushed bridge outside the temple. His name, however, was something she could keep close to her. She looked back at the bird, then at the trees nearby. Could she create a splint for its wing?

A baby's cry snapped her to reality. She looked down at the child, then up at the bird. The bold hawk wouldn't be going anywhere soon.

"Don't worry Wander," She said, hugging the child and leading Agro to a pool of water nearby. "I'll take care of you, Agro, and the hawk. Everything will be just fine."