It was just another ordinary day in Ikebukuro.


Yep, just another ordinary day.

Izaya Orihara ran through the streets with an angry Shizuo Heiwajima trailing not too far behind, a light pole in his firm grip. Izaya quickly turned into a dead end alleyway and flicked his switchblade out. "Ne, Shizu-chan," the raven haired informant purred, "can't we start going to one of our apartments for these little escapades? I hope you understand that the wall hurts my back immensely."

"Good," Shizuo barked back. "You know damn well we need to keep this a secret, Flea. We can't risk someone seeing one of us waltzing into the other's apartment."

"Oh like a public alley is really concealed. Really, Shizu-chan you could at least attempt to use some of those devolved brain cells of yours."

"Shut up!" the blonde yelled. Shizuo stomped over to Izaya and crushed his mouth against the informant's resulting in a poorly concealed moan from the latter. Shizuo felt the raven resisting his advances so he nipped on his lower lip harshly making Izaya gasp and he quickly snaked his tongue inside. The two males battled for dominance, Izaya moaning at the feeling of that sinful tongue. The blonde quickly won and began to fully explore the raven's hot cavern.

Maybe this wasn't such an ordinary day after all.

Shizuo lifted Izaya and the informant quickly wrapped his legs around his waist, rubbing their growing erections together forcefully. The blonde moaned into their already heated kiss and gripped Izaya's hips hard, growling possessively. "Jesus Shizu-chan!" Izaya whimpered "Even in bed you act like an animal!"

This caused Shizuo to grip the raven even harder and move his mouth to that pale neck. His tongue snaked out and began licking and marking the milky white flesh. The smaller male began squirming and rubbing their clothed erections together with more force. "Please, Shizu-chan! Just stop this teasing and take me already!"

Shizuo grinned manically before lifting up Izaya's shirt and taking a hard nipple into his mouth, nipping and teasing the hard bud. The informant screeched and dug his fingers into Shizuo's soft, blonde tresses. He began to murmur sweet nothings as Shizuo softly set him down and began to work on his pants. The blonde's deft hands quickly had the skinny jeans on the ground and the informant's cock in his hand. He smoothly pumped the raven and leaned in for another toe-curling kiss. His tongue quickly coaxed Izaya's to come out and play while he rubbed pre-cum around his head. Izaya moaned wantonly causing the cock in Shizuo's pants to twitch. Oh how he loved the sounds of those moans.

"Ah nnng Shizzuoh! Please for the love of God …nnng hah..just take me already!"

Shizuo finally decided to placate the raven and pushed three fingers against those full lips. Izaya quickly coated those digits in saliva, moaning seductively. The blonde felt his cock twitch and quickly pulled his fingers from that warm and inviting cavern. He flipped the raven so that his hands were against the alley wall and his ass was in plain view. He slid his hands down to Izaya's pale ass before teasingly rubbing a finger against that twitching hole. He sharply shoved it inside causing a gasp from the raven. He slowly pumped his long digit searching for that special bundle of nerves. He quickly found it causing a scream to be ripped from the informant's panting mouth "Oh God Shizuo! Hah hah..nnngg…oh God there! More!"

Chuckling lightly at the informant's wanton cries, Shizuo slid another finger in, scissoring the two and stretching that taut hole. He made sure that the raven was fully relaxed before he slipped in the third finger. His cock throbbing at the sounds of Izaya's cries, Shizuo finished prepping him quickly. He ripped his erection out of his pants quickly, giving it a few harsh pumps before lining himself up with that glistening entrance. "I hope spit's enough this time Flea. I don't have any lube on me," Shizuo said before swiftly burying himself to the hilt. "Fuck, Flea! How do you always manage to stay so tight?" The blonde grunted, resting his forehead against Izaya's shoulder while he waited for the smaller male to get adjusted to his girth.

Any coherent response that Izaya might have thought of was completely eradicated when Shizuo pulled out until only his head was still incased in the raven before slamming back into the male hard, right into his sensitive prostate. Izaya's back arched and he let out a scream muffled by the blonde's large hand which slammed over his mouth. "Jesus Christ Flea! Can you act least try to be quiet for once?" Shizuo smirked. "I found your prostate first try. I must be getting good at this," he said smugly before setting up a hard and fast rhythm.

The sounds of skin rapidly slapping against skin filled the dirty alley. Izaya's loud pleas for "More!" and "Harder!" were muffled by the debt collectors palm but still clearly audible. Both men moaned and grunted wantonly as they neared their climax. Sweat glistened on their bodies and Shizuo pounded ferociously into the smaller man's lithe form. "Fuck ShizuOOH….hah.. I'm not gonna…nng..last much longer," Izaya moaned.

Shizuo gripped the males leaking cock, stroking it gently "I..know..hah," he panted. "Go ahead," he whispered seductively into the informant's ear, nibbling on the lobe. With that statement, Izaya burst. His release spurted onto the dirty wall in front of him. His mouth opened in a silent "O" as his body convulsed around Shizuo's cock. The blonde grunted before spilling himself into that tight ass. "Fuck Flea," he grunted as he rode out his orgasm before pulling out with a wet "pop".

The two males panted as they slowly composed themselves. Shizuo tucked himself away while Izaya pulled his pants back on. "Remember Flea, you can't tell anyone," Shizuo growled.

"Please, Shizu-chan. Like I would ever admit to getting fucked by a monster like you!~" the raven purred.

"Whatever," the blonde huffed before stomping out of the alley and out of sight.

***************************************************************************************************************************************Namie Yagiri couldn't believe her eyes. Jealousy flared through her body as she watched Shizuo Heiwajima pound into her boss. "I can't believe he'll allow that brute to fuck him senseless, but he won't consent to a quick roll in the sheets with me!" she huffed in the mouth of the alley. The secretary turned on her heel and marched back to the informant's apartment in Shinjuku. I think this is the perfect opportunity to test our pharmacy's new drug she thought happily. What a perfect way to get revenge.

So this it's been a while since I've actually written anything so I'm a little rusty. I also don't know how quickly I'll be able to update but hopefully I can actually progress the storyline a little over the weekend. Review for love~~**