Written for femslash100 on Dreamwidth, prompt number 138, wonder. Enjoy!

Sorta Fairytale

Annie drew in a breath and braced her hand against the door. A trial and a lot of grief laid in between her hand and the person on the other side; to think that she could feel hesitant even though Liza had specifically called to invite her up for Christmas—it was a bit absurd, but was it unreasonable? Was it unreasonable to be nervous? To feel shy?

"Get a hold of yourself, Annie," she whispered. She hadn't flown across the states with the intent of standing in a quiet and empty hallway. She wouldn't be defeated so easily, not after all they'd gone through to get their happy ending. With a determined shake and a shiver she knocked. The dull sound of knuckles on wood echoed in the corridor. She waited.

Silence greeted her. Oh no.

Wearily, she lifted her hand to knock again.

"Oh my God! Annie is that you? Annie—"

She turned so fast she almost tripped over her own feet. There was Liza, walking down the hall at a rapid pace. A delighted smile was making its way across her face—a beautiful, wondrous smile she hadn't seen for a hundred and eighty-seven days. It felt unreal. "Liza! Oh God, Liza, I thought I'd surprise you by coming early—"

"Never mind that!" Liza cried. She embraced her so tightly Annie nearly lost her breath. "Buon Natale," Liza murmured, laughing in the unfamiliar language, "amore mio!"

"Merry Christmas, my love," Annie whispered.