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Chapter 1-And She Knew

A teenage girl, about 16 or 17, walks around through Gotham in a long trench coat, she peers around corners before she turns, her steps are light and wary and her eyes flit over everything, taking in ever detail, noticing the hidden cameras, the shadows that lurk the alleys and above the rooftops. No one? Impossible. She thinks. Whose cameras? She pulls her collar up over her face and her beanie down a bit more.

A young man in black with a blue symbol on his chest is perched on the edge of a building. He waits on the rooftops for trouble, leaping from building to building occasionally using a grappling hook to breach a longer jump than he can handle. He flips something on his wrist open and stares at the footage to see if anything's stirred up yet. Truth be told, he's bored of waiting for a fight, he's had a fight with his mentor and need to let off some steam, he wants the satisfaction of saving a innocent, or catching a robber, although even that's becoming dull, villains aren't what they used to be. There's no gray anymore, they're all too easy or they try to take over the world. He shakes his head. Then a camera catches something strange; a girl walking around in a gray trench coat, she walks too lightly and studies everything so discreetly that she can't simply be an average anybody. He heads towards 15th street, wondering about the mystery girl who doesn't want to show her face on the streets of Gotham.

What was that? She tenses as she hears the creak of rusted metal. She stops in her tracks and studies anything and everything that could have made that sound. Most people would have dismissed it and hurried off at a faster pace than before, but not her.

She draws her hands out of her pockets and balances on the balls of her feet as she pulls down her collar and peers into the shadows that hide part of an old, and very rusted fire escape.

She's staring right at me. He thinks, shocked, though still keeping himself stiff and motionless. She pulls her collar down slightly and is poised, though unnoticeably to an untrained eye, for a fight. Her brown eyes are trained on him, and she's seen him, whether she's noticed him or not is he can't tell.

She clears her throat and states boldly, "Come out. I know you're there. If you want a fight you'll get one, though if you'd rather not be kicked into next week I wouldn't suggest it."

For whatever reason, he decides to come out of the shadows.

Her eyes widen but she quickly regains her composure, "Nightwing, I presume."

Nightwing smirks, "And you are…?"

She laughs genuinely, and relaxes slightly but raises her eyebrows "I should trust you why…?"

"Its not polite to answer a question with a question."

"What on earth made you think I'm polite?"

"More questions it is then." He laughs a little.

She shrugs and sticks out her hand, "Kadira."

Nightwing shakes her hand and says, "You've trained in some form of fighting." It's a statement, rather than a question.

Kadira shrugs again, "A little of everything."

"Well, would you like to spar?" Nightwing suggests.

Kadira laughs once more and replies, "I would have thought you'd be a bit busy for a spar with a random person."

He smirks, "Naw. It's been a slow night, and I'm bored. What? You scared?"

Kadira crosses her arms and says, "Not in the slightest."

He grins and she takes off her trench coat and tosses it over the fire escape. She throws her shoulders back in a stretch then settles into a fighting stance with her arms out in front protecting her core and ready to block any punch Nightwing could throw, at least that's the idea.

Nightwing takes a different approach; he's bigger than her so unlike most of his opponents he can use superior strength whereas she'll most likely be faster, meaning he'll have to be quick as well.

He strikes first, a quick but soft punch which Kadira easily deflects, then grabs his wrist and using his own momentum flips him, though it's not a complete success, he doesn't land on his back like most fighters would, he breaks free of her grip and rolls away, unharmed and not even winded.

She whirls around, face a little red as she immediately starts on offense, throwing quick punches and dodging whenever they're returned. She's fighting the way I used to when I was smaller. Fast, hard hits and dodging. That's good, because she's too small to take more than a few hits in a fight. He realizes.

Suddenly, she drops down and puts all of her weight on her hands as she swings her legs out from under her, attempting to knock Nightwing off his feet, he jumps, though his foot catches and he stumbles, she brings her legs back and swings them up, effectively getting her back on her feet; ninja style. As he stumbles she throws a quick punch, followed by a sidekick, and this time the wind is knocked out of him. But he's back fast and she's unprepared as she takes a hit to the shoulder and trips, falling backwards. She rolls back quickly, muttering about her clumsiness and is on her feet faster than she fell. Kadira bristles and charges towards him, at the last second she flips cleanly and kicks out towards him, hitting him squarely in the chest. He curses and is forced back a few steps. Suddenly, gloved hands appear on her shoulders and she's flung backwards.

Who was that? Kadira says, her arm hanging limp by her side, throbbing with pain shooting up her shoulder from her abrupt impact with the brick wall.

A black-clad figure loomed over her but she refused to cringe or back down, she glared into the masked face as a deep voice asked angrily, "Why did you attack Nightwing?"

Nightwing appears behind him, obviously annoyed, "Bats, it was just a spar. I was bored so I asked if she wanted too. It's no big deal."

The man turned annoyed to Nightwing.

He's Batman. Kadira realized in amazement.

Batman was admonishing Nightwing and Nightwing is arguing half-heartedly.

Kadira got up from the ground bristling and ignoring her arm the best she could. She walked right in between the two. She glared at them and said, "Shut up, you're hurting my head! I'm going to leave now." She said annoyed, grabbing her trench coat, although she found that her left arm hurt too much to actually put it on. she threw it down and just stormed away.

Batman and Nightwing followed her, Nightwing grabbed the coat and rushed and gave it back, with a lopsided grin, she smiled gratefully and went on her way.

"We should make sure she gets home ok." Batman said wearily.

Nightwing nods, "Yeah, her arm is probably broken thanks to you." Nightwing said irritated.

Batman raised an eyebrow, "Good thing it was a slow night. But that girl fought well, I can't help but wonder who trained her."

The followed her to an apartment building, and she slung her coat over her shoulder, turned and waved at them, smirking.

I'm sure Bruce appreciated that. Nightwing smirked. Annoyance was radiating off of Bruce in waves.

"Maybe she should check out the team." Bruce said unexpectedly.

"Huh?" Nightwing said shocked. This wasn't like Bruce at all. Inviting a stranger onto the team? Strange indeed.

"What team?" A voice says from behind them. Both of them whirl around, staring in shock at the young woman sitting behind them, perfectly calm, even slightly amused.

"Young Justice." Batman says regaining his own composure.

She stares off into space. "Perhaps, though I'm not as good as you think I am at fighting" She states with a shrug.

"You just snuck up to two of the most experienced fighters in the world, I'd call that a pass." Nightwing said dryly.

Kadira smirks, "Fine. I expect Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson to pick me up at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning then." She said cheerily, almost mockingly.

The two heroes are dumbstruck, How did she know? Who is this girl, really?

Who is Kadira?

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