The day had been completely normal. Cameron went to school like usual, ate lunch like usual and was now walking down the street holding his beloved girlfriend's, Lyra, hand. Happily and completely normal. That was until the Tracker showed up.

Cam turned his head away for just a second and there he was. The Tracker appeared out of nowhere. A boy around the same age as Cam himself was, 17. The cresent moon and spiraling tattoos that framed his eye and cheekbone weren't the usual sappire blue. It was red.

Cam heard Lyra let out a small gasp and she squeezsed his hand. Her fingers trembling. Cam never knew what to think of vampyres, but he knew Lyra was terrified of them. He stood infront of her protectively, her hand clutching his.

The Tracker lifted a pale hand and pointed at Cameron's forehead. "Cameron Hollander! Night has chosen thee! Thy death will be thy birth! Night calls to thee; harken to Her sweet voice. Your destiny awaits you at the House of Night!"

After the words left the Tracker's mouth, Cam felt a searing pain split across his forehead, and he collapsed to the ground. The last thing he heard before he lost consciousness was Lyra screaming.

Even though Cam was unconscious it felt like his head was splitting in two. The world he saw in his mind was a mix of pure light and pure darkness. The first voice he heard was angelic. Pleasant and calming.

My Son, you must fight his hold. The path you follow is of the upmost importance. You will help decide the fate of the entire world-

The woman's voice was cut off abruptly and the darkness spread around Cam more.

You will choose soon

This voice was dark and ominous. Cam was filled with dread and anger. An anger he never thought he would ever experience before.

You will want revenge and I will be the one to give it to you

"What the hell are you talking about?!" Cam snapped.

The voice mearly laughted.

You will see soon child...

Both voices faded as the blackness completely took over and all the light faded.