Well, this is my first ROTG story, and it's not really going to follow the same guidelines as the others. I just want to make this fact clear: I HAVEN'T READ THE BOOKS so this will be based purely on what I have seen in the movie or heard from the grapevine. It's completely Un-Beta'd so sorry about any mistakes.

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With out further ado, enjoy.

It was mid-February and children were out on the street enjoying the frosty weather, pelting each other with snowballs and dunking one another in the stray snow banks. Their pleased giggles rose up into the sky, echoing off the nearby houses and buildings. All the while, they were unaware that someone was watching, golden eyes flashing in the light as they narrowed, focusing in on the small group of children.

A mighty sigh was heard from on high as a face peered down to the children playing below, looking away from the project in hand. The steady tap of a hammer was hardly heard above the din as the figure worked steadily on one singular shoe. They leaned against a chimney, sprawled out comfortably on the edge of the roof, one leg dangling below. A smirk graced their features, crinkling their eyes in amusement as one child was given a 'face-wash'.

A light and airy chuckle was let out from viewing this activity, and I was still tapping away at the project in hand. The shoe had to get finished, I mean it could have been left with one of the other "wee folk", but with our 'big day' coming, all of them were off securing their hoards and readying their parlor tricks. Stupid little things really, but I couldn't turn the little gremlins down.

Besides, it would have happened anyways, they would have shirked their duties, and I would have had to pick up the slack, even though most of the year, they claim that making Fae shoes was a man's job. It was bloody stupid though, I was their leader, their Commanding officer… more like babysitter really, and the stupid little things wouldn't let me do my part of the job unless it was under drastic circumstances. As per usual though, they'd be feeling regretful about it later after our day was done and it was my time to play.

It was more like their day though, and my proverbial holiday. It's what usually happened every Saint Patrick's Day. They went out to play, and I got a day away from making sure they were contained… to a lesser extent.

Oh. Your probably wondering who I am at this point in time… My names Lyra, Lyra P. Conn. You might know me as the poster child for Saint Pattie's. Except I'm not a short little man running around in a green suit screaming about lucky charms or some other crap. I'm quite the opposite you'll find. For one, I'm a girl, shocker I know, trust me, you'll get over it.


Another thing, I don't wear green clothes, it's all red. Have I blown your mind yet? I probably shouldn't, look up your older lore on us; we USED to all wear red, now only I do. And it's not the usual get up either; I'm wearing something just a tad classier. A white shirt with a red vest, for starters, no hat to be seen, thank you MiM. And I was wearing red shorts with black tights underneath, leading into the coolest pair of gold gilded black boots you would ever see. They were my pride and joy, along with being my first pair of magic shoes.

I can proudly say, I made them myself.

It's a fact that along with being fantastically lucky, Leprechauns are the shoe makers of all the Fae, legendaries and spirits included as of recent. North was ecstatic with his commissioned boots once they were finished. I handled that myself, and the others, grudgingly mind you, were given to the other wee folk to handle.

But this is all beside the point.

As I looked down to the kids below I gave another sigh, this one was more morose then the last, and with good reason. It was soon going to be my holiday, the only day I get to myself. And I knew I was going to waste it again this year, just like the past 150. I knew it wasn't worth it, I knew there was no point… but I still had to try.

A frown marred my freckled face and I placed the shoe in my lap, stopping my work for a moment. 150 years of being ignored, of pain and heart ache, and all for what? Some damn attention. MiM was on the horizon, as it was near dusk, and I couldn't help but crinkle my brow at him.

No, I had no tiff with Manny, I didn't talk to him all that often, and received communication from him even less. Every one hundred years or so, he`d send me an order for a new pair of shoes… if I was lucky. No, I had no problem with him, but I definitely had a problem with Cupid, and last I heard, he was off visiting Manny to 'Talk shop darling, so you're on your own this year.' What a cheeky arsehole.

Ever since I got caught by what Cupid called 'The big red Bull's-eye' I haven't been myself. Or, that is, I haven't been myself around this time of year. I couldn't bring myself to trick others, or tempt humans with my "pot of metaphorical gold", Just a heads up, in a famous human quote "these are not the droids/gold you seek." So stop trying.

But this is beside the point. I've been trying, in vain mind you; to grab one man's attention for the past one hundred and fifty years. All because I made eye contact with him for a brief moment before he fluttered off and I tripped on my face. Yes, on my face, no, you did not hear it wrong. Okay, leprechauns represent luck, yes, but I never said that I actually had it. I still blame Cupid for this situation to the day, not the luck part, that was all me, but the love... thing. I mean, he wasn't there per say, but as the patron spirit of Love, he damn well better take responsibility for this muck up.

Because there is no way THIS was supposed to happen. Ever. He says he doesn't pick the pair, and that he just shoots the arrows, but good MiM, could he aim better, or maybe ignore an arrow for once? I mean, this whole shindig was torture, torture I tell you! And it's all because of one brief glimpse at the most gorgeous eyes I have ever seen… I get all gooey thinking about them.

I looked down when I heard the children start disbanding, leaving towards their respective houses. I picked up my project, sticking it in my satchel and tucking away my hammer before making a great leap up into the air. My boots were shimmering with shifting colors as I strolled through the sky, aiming for my little hovel in a hill called home. Little trails of light were left in my wake, and to the average eye, it would look much like a rainbow. Yes, technically, if you go to the other end of the rainbow, a Leprechaun is there. Our boots give off a luminescence that makes this possible, although it fades rapidly as we leave.

I hummed a slow jaunting song as I skipped through the air with ease, not really paying attention to my surroundings. I had plotting and projects to do, I did my best thinking up in the air, and really, where better to wander in thoughts then up where there is nothing to run into?

Well usually, as I stood corrected when I white blur rammed into my torso, sending both of us toppling down to the ground. I let out a yelp as we landed in a snow bank, oddly lucky for me. But, in my usual pattern, the stranger landed on top of me, knocking the air out of me and causing him to let out a small oomph. I say him; cause is voice was a wee bit too deep to be girly.

I let out a wheeze of air before engaging my 'Set sarcasm to stun' mouth. "Just when I'm about to punch my frequent flier card ya arsehole, now I have to fill it all over again." Of course, it's then that I open my eyes and see who's on top of me. And of course... it just had to be this guy. This frigid little teen, the master of all things cold and freezing, the King of cool and all things fun, the Frost master himself.

Itty Bitty Jack Frost.

He let out a small cough… or was it a chuckle; I don't care either way, he got out of my personal space bubble. He got off me and that's all that mattered right now. His staff was to the side and he flicked it up into his hand before actually paying attention to the person he just had an air long collision with.

"We'll it's not like I'm the only one at fault. All this space for flying, and you just had to pick the same spot as me."

Pft, whose this kid think he is? A guardian? Wait, never mind, that was changed about a year ago… He joined the big league of MiM's finest, and I bet it all went to his head, that cheeky little snot. I'm still not sure what Manny saw in him, but I'm not one to judge what makes one a guardian. I hardly ever really communicate or run into them anyways. The only one I really frequent is Bunny, but that's cause we share the same season, and even then we don't really talk.

"Uh huh, well Mr. Fly guy, I happened to be occupying that section of air first." I bantered back with equal sarcasm as I pulled myself from the snow. Stupid punk was probably drawn to give the place a snow day or something. But the only time we are even in the same AREA as each other is… Well, in my 'aftermath' as the little ones have so aptly named.

"I'd like to see you prove that" Cheeky snowflake...

But, that's weird, why run into him now of all times? Better question, why did I have to run into Him NOW of all times, that close to that time of year? It's got to be karma or something. What a bitch, no, seriously… Karma is THE biggest bitch you will ever meet; she's permanently stuck in PMS mode whenever I see her.

"Oh yeah, check it out, my name was all over that spot till you crashed into me and messed up the words." I spat back before I stopped my railway of thought to focus back on the kid. "Okay, look, it was nice running into you and all, I really hope it never happens again, I got bigger shoes to fill right now." I quickly let out before bushing past the stunned teen, leaping into the air once more. It's not that I didn't like the guy, well… actually; I'm not too overly fond of him, but still! I just… I couldn't deal with this right now. I had too much on my plate as is. It wasn't very easy for me this time of year. I was always on edge and ever since then… my heart always felt like it was literally going to pound out of my chest till the day was over.

Ugh I am such a huge sap.

I gave a mighty sigh as I skipped off away from Jack, leaving the rainbow trail behind me. I felt like this year would be different, maybe something would go right… or maybe seeing Jack in person was an Omen, a bad one. It wouldn't stop me this time though. Even without Cupid's help, I would find a way to make him notice me this year. If this meant I had to give into the so called fear he cherishes so much, so be it. Maybe 150 was my lucky number… maybe this year, Mr. Pitch Black himself would notice me.

Who am I kidding, we only shared a brief glance… the last I heard, he was beaten by the guardians and was in hiding. He probably doesn't even know my name. No surprise really.

I really am fresh out of luck, as usual.

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