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In which we have a problem

My eyes narrowed slightly as I faced the boy in front of me. Master had commanded me to keep an eye on the woman, and thus I had. My original plan was to watch her group from afar and gather information for Master in this fashion, but after a few moments of watching, I had realized that this group was not exactly filled with intellectuals, and that there was a faster fashion in which I could gain information for master.


I had scared off all of the woman's entourage, making sure to get rid of any loose strings that could tangle up my flawless plan. I will openly admit though, it took much effort to stop myself from choking her and ending this ridiculous situation now.

I was surprised at how easily she accepted me into her fold, with only a few moments of suspicion on her end. I don't know why master was even bothering with this... Wench. She had no positive qualities, or for what I could see, no inclination to be involved with either the guardians or himself.

I slipped myself into her pocket when she wished to leave, if only so I could observe her more closely, and not have to search for her later. Apparently my smaller form made her less likely to view me as a threat. This did not mean I would not be ripping her apart after this mission was done and over with.

Because I would enjoy every moment of that event. She had dishonored me by both besting me in battle, and leaving me stunned instead of killed.

Thor. What a preposterous name. The cur would pay for such impudence, what gave her the right to name the regal me? Nothing. She was a whelp beneath me and my master, and thus I must regain my honor by fulfilling this mission, if only to take her down later.

Until then though, I would have to pander to her whims. This did not mean I was banned from making her life complicated though, which showing myself to the snow brat accomplished. I knew that the woman would not let me be harmed, if only because she had formed an attachment to me.

Besides, this would speed up me gaining the information I needed for master. What I had obtained so far was... Intriguing, to say the least. Hopefully I would retrieve more before retreating to master with what I had gained. It could be useful for later, if only minute.

However unlikely any information from this woman would be.

So, I had no idea what to do. I mean, other than to jump in front of Thor and throw myself in between him and Jack. "Okay, so, a funny thing happened on my way here." I let out a small choked chuckle.

"I kinda, sorta... Flew into him." I explained, trying to keep Thor out of Jack's view. I was very futile considering the horse was bouncing around the air behind me, looking over my shoulders. Jack had his staff aimed at where ever the little Nightmare appeared, following it with grim determination.

Too bad I was in between the two of them.

"Okay, he's fine, I promise, the poor little thing wouldn't hurt a fly!" I announced, grabbing the horse in both hands and holding its wriggling form close to my chest. It was neighing in disagreement of the treatment, but at this point in time, I really didn't care what it wanted. Right now I was making sure it stayed alive. Which was completely contradictory to what I should have been doing if we are going by what the big book of 'smart things a woman should do' says. But, since when have I ever followed those guidelines?

"Just... It's with me, so, lay off." I sighed out. I was done with this; it was just too much work. I mean, having Thor around wasn't exactly a plus or minus in my case, but it was nice in a very backwards way. It almost felt like he noticed me, and sent Thor to me. It was like I was being recognized by Pitch.

And that was a very foreign feeling considering how long I have gone invisible to his eyes.

Thor, whether he knew it or not, was one of my only ties to the dark man who held my attentions. It was only him and Cupids arrow that connected us. Maybe Jack as well, if you squint and tilt your head upside down.

"Frosty, meet Thor, my current tiny companion." I motioned to the horse drawly; I might as well get the introductions over with. "Thor, this is Frosty, don't crush I'm unless I say so or he gets really annoying." This gained me a horsey nod in response and an indignant groan from Jack.

It was quite nostalgic to hear honestly. I used to hear it so often back then. Apparently I was a party downer still. It must be engraved in my character or something. But after being alive for so many years, your outlook really changes.

Three hundred years without being seen does that to a person. Oh... Right. I might have forgotten that small detail. Back in the old days, I might be seen by one or two people if I'm lucky, but honestly, with today's culture... No one really believes in a female Leprechaun. The last human to actually see me was three hundred and seven years ago... Not that I kept count or anything.

But, I kinda understood how Jack felt about humans not believing in him. I understood it more than he did really, if I was being completely honest. Anyways...

Jack was cautiously moving himself out of his attack position and into something a bit chiller. He was still on edge though, you could tell from his posture.

"So, where did you get this guy?" he inquired, trying not to seem to overly hostel. Who was he trying to kid, he was jumpier then Bunnymund on Easter day. Hopefully he would calm down with increased exposure. I heard it was a conditioning style sometimes used by humans. Only MiM could tell if it would work on Jack.

"As I said," I huffed, "on my way here to look for you, I ran into him. His random arrival scattered the rest of my party. But he wouldn't hurt a fly, unless he was trying to cuddle it." honestly, that was probably true, from what I've seen anyways.

"Uh huh," Jack murmured, crossing his arms. "And this was all coincidental?" he inquired, popping his hip to the side slightly. I was starting to wonder if Jack Frost was a diva... Or a teenage girl. If he starts talking fashion, or about boys, I'm solidifying this idea. Diva Frosty, bringing you all the sass and fashion you need for this winter season.

"I'm pretty sure it's coincidental, I mean... If Pitch sent him, I don't think Thor'd be so chill with me. I am almost one hundred percent sure that Thor would be eating my head off if he was under orders from him." I reasoned out. The closest Thor was getting to eating my head, was chewing in the ends of my hair, which he was doing currently. I think it was his passive aggressive way to say 'hey. I wanna prance around, let me go.'

What a cutie.

I opened up my hands, letting Thor fly out. He zipped about for a moment before perching down on Jacks shoulder. Jack was freaking out a fair amount, flinching when Thor landed on him, and trying to pull his head as far from the miniature equine as possible. These actions stopped abruptly after Thor snuggled his head into Jack's cheek.

Jack froze up; ah winter pun, at the touch before mellowing enough to raise his hand and patted the horses head. Jack's lips were moving as he gazed at the nightmare with a cautious expression, but I couldn't hear what was being said.

He probably just didn't want me to hear him talking cute to the little thing; he had to keep up his diva persona of course. A life time to build a reputation, and a single moment to bring it to ruin as they say.

"You even think of hurting her, and I'll show you the real meaning of frost bite." I murmured threateningly while I patted his head none too gently. It was more like a smack upside the head if I was being even remotely honest. And I had good reason to abuse it. I knew what this creature was up to, and I knew at this point, Lyra was just too thick to notice this sort of subterfuge.

The horse snorted back at me, eyes narrowing before it pressed its sharp edges into my cheek to the point of my skin almost breaking.

Good. It got the point.

We would act as if we didn't mind each other too much, but we would be looking for ways to put each other into the ground without her noticing. I couldn't really explain why, but I felt sort of protective of her. Like, beating this little cretin into the ground served to do more than put Pitch's plans back to square one, but to defend her honor to a point.

I suppose someone had to look out for her, she'd probably end up dead for a second time.

Pitch's minion let out one more huff before prancing his way back over to Lyra. He curled up in her pocket, head poking out to glare at me. I narrowed my eyes at him, no backing down from the challenge, 'just try to mess up her life and see what happens pint size.'

'I'd like to see you try and stop me brat.'

'How about I show you the business end of my staff you walking glue-'

"Alright" Lyra interrupted, "now that you two are done with your male bonding, can we move on to other things?"

One last returning glance to the horse and I nodded my head. "Yeah, sure."

"Okay, good, as I was saying, Saint Patrick's Day is just around the corner for me. Literally. It's only twelve days away, and I need a battle plan for it. But with all the stuff that happened today, I think we should reconvene later."

Wow. This was almost like a war plan, you'd think that we were a tactical unit from how she was pacing. A very bad unit that is. Especially since none of her plans have worked for over a hundred years.

She tilted her head slightly, her hair shaking and the little hellion in her pocket giving out a neigh as she popped her hip to the side. "My only question, is where do you want to meet, my place or yours?"

I couldn't help but grin. My 'place' was technically a pond. But as of recent, North was hosting me at his place in the work shop. Something about 'every guardian needing a place to stay'. I don't know where Sandy lived if that was the case though. Maybe he stayed at Tooth's.

But, maybe having her come to the North Pole would be best. I could get North in on what was happening, and maybe have him be on the lookout for any activity from Pitch. Cause something was definitely up.

Besides, it looked like Lyra really needed to get out and meet people. She was just way too stand offish for a normal person. It's sad when I say I am better acquainted with Bunny then I am her.

"My place sounds good. I'll meet you at the lake outside of Burgess to take you there."

She gave a nod of her head and I turned around to leave, "Goodbye Lyra." I let out with a grin before walking slightly and letting the wind sweep me up and take me to North's. When I was up in the air, I pursed my lips slightly. I could have sworn that I saw Lyra's face turn ashen just as I left. She looked almost like she was seeing her worst nightmare. But she already had one in her pocket. And I'll admit, it's a little weird for something pretending to be close to Lyra try and make her afraid.

"Lyra, mother says I need to stop seeing you."

My eyes widened at the statement, and I dropped my hammer to the ground in front of me. I fumbled for the shoe I was working on with my other hand before looking up to him with a shocked expression.

"W-what? B-but why?!" I stuttered out, more flustered than I could ever remember being. I scrambled up from my seat on a rock, stumbling forward towards him.

"She says I need to focus on our family right now. She says she needs me to watch... Well... You know." He stated, rubbing his arm nervously and looking to the side.

My brows creased together, and anger was flushing through my body just as quickly as the sadness was. "But, why does this mean you have to stop seeing me?" I pleaded, desperation oozing out of my voice.

"Because mother says you aren't real."

My heart stopped pounding in my chest, if only momentarily.

"I- I don't understand." It didn't make sense at all; there was nothing about this that could have made any kind of reasonable sense. "You've seen me for ten years! We have been together for ten years! I've watched over you, made you laugh, dried your tears, and taught you new things!" I cried out. "How can I not be real!?"

He sighed, shoulders slouching before looking back up to me with sorrow filled eyes. "I… I'm so sorry Lyra. But I need to grow up."

He turned around, facing away from me, readying himself to leave. I fell onto my knees, folding in on myself under the pressure of the sorrow. He looked over his shoulder in a glance, brow furrowed and lips in a straightened line. I could see his regret in his eyes, why couldn't he just come back?

"Goodbye Lyra."

He turned away, walking forward without looking back. My hand reached out for him, trying to grab onto the last thread connecting us. But he never turned, never looked back from his choice. He left me, alone, sobbing into the cold as he stepped through the snow heading back to his village.

The one thing I tried to avoid, the one thing I had hope for. Gone.

I had lost my only friend, my brother, my son, my last believer. And I knew I would never gain another in this life time.

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