Dosh Thieta

In the twisted shadows of the dream world, things could add up perfectly, not at all, or even worse, somewhere in the middle. Some evenings it was metaphorically literal nonsense and truthfully false epiphanies with just a dash of embarrassing childhood memories. Other evening adventures consisted of eating a snack while doing homework and despairing the next day when turning in a blank assignment. It happened. Regardless, a normal person could thank their lucky stars or whatever object they personified luck with that dreams were usually just dreams.

A particular seventeen-year-old girl in Tokyo who was renowned for a sharp tongue and a foul temper in spite of her recent good behavior had no such luck regardless of what objects she mentally imbued with the intangible quality the Irish tended to hoard for themselves. Rei Hino was not normal, and abnormally weird would not even begin to describe just how different she was. And pertaining to the beginning of the passage, her dreams were not always normal, either.

Usually they did in fact consist of stupid, or embarrassing, or funny, or soul flaying dreams that were of no consequence once she was reprieved from the darker and unprotected corners of Queen Mab's domain with the opening of her soft, dark violet eyes. Sadly, usually was not always, and on a hot August night that was supposed to be the end of something awful, one lousy time ended just so another could begin.

Ever since early childhood, she had an innate ability to detect danger or evil spirits. As the granddaughter of a Shinto priest, these abilities were naturally encouraged and nurtured at the cost of alienating her from other less spectrally open-minded people, which meant virtually the entire elementary school population. Fewer friends to distract her meant more time to harness and nurture her spiritual abilities. Eventually, she began having dreams that were of actual consequence, dreams about the future or dreams about the present. She could see things differently in this ultra-active meditation state scientists mistakenly called dream sleep and she could solve little mysteries or avoid little calamities, like grandpa nearly spilling the last glass of milk with a mouthful of cookies.

But the current dream was not one of milk and cookies. Floating around her in a misty room with a dirty floor, no walls and a hazy, cracked mirror were shadowy figures. They spun ever so slowly but did not flail. It was as if they accepted floating as perfectly normal. They turned their faceless faces to her and laughed broken, low-pitched laughs at her.

"Dosh thieta," said a gurgled voice from a slightly more corporeal shadow that she saw in the mirror's reflection. It held a red sword and pointed it at her. She whirled around and opened her mouth to speak, but only silence escaped. It was apparently one of those dreams where one could not speak, and not being able to speak did not please her. She tried to back away from the advancing figure but her feet moved as if she were suspended in the air by mere millimeters. Before she had time to ponder why she was able to turn around but not walk backwards, it spoke again.

"Dosh thieta." The figure kept its sword pointed at her as it slowly closed in. Rei tried to move again by pointing her toes out in an effort to catch the ground and noticed that she was wearing her old fuku when she was Sailor Mars, a uniform she had not worn in over a year and a half. The black outline got ever closer and Rei realized that if she could not walk in a dream, she could still will herself to fly. She had been doing that sort of thing for years, and damn it, it was her dream! As she willed herself higher off of the ground, the figure floated with her and she winced as the red sword touched her lips. "Dosh thieta."

"What does that mean?!" Rei could now talk, and she had a few choice words to say. The sword touching her lips must have woken a sleeping part of her brain, and her incantations were one of her most powerful weapons, even before she became the Senshi of Fire, but the figure spoke again first.

"Dosh thieta." Rei suddenly fell to the ground and the figure landed on top, straddling her as it painfully pinned her arms to the ground with its knees. It quickly lowered the sword to her neck and pressed gently. Rei felt the cold, sharp blade play with her neck. It was enough pressure to scare her but not enough to break the skin without sliding the edge. She held still and waited for the sharp cutting pain and the feeling of hot liquid running across her neck and chest before she would be allowed to die in the dream, ending it and giving her the means to seek refuge back in the world of consciousness, but the killing blow never came. The figure almost seemed to slouch as it shook its head and slowly got off of her and walked away. It almost looked like it was ashamed.

Maybe it wasn't an enemy! Rei jumped up and ran after it. "Wait! Who are you? What are you saying?" All around her, the other shadows began to laugh while the figure kept walking away and the dream began fading, forcing her back to the safety of the shrine.

No! Not yet! I'm so close

The figure turned one last time, two red glowing orbs for eyes were visible. "Dosh thieta."


Rei opened her eyes and looked around her. She was home at the shrine with her so-called friends where they were having a sleep over. Well, they were her friends beyond the shadow of any doubt, but how could she still call herself their friend with any sense of certainty? In one of the darkest times of her life she had turned away from her friends, practically banishing them from her life. She had even sent her dearest Yuuichirou Kumada away, leaving him to despair and turn to drink to ease his loss of her.

But that was over a year ago. Things were different now. They are… aren't they? She had her Yuui back, sober and high on life and Shinto, and her fellow Sailor Senshi were in the same room with her, just like the good old days. The Juuban High Quartet had dropped everything they were doing the day before and came flying to the Hikawa Shrine the moment Rei contacted them, asking them all to come over and hang out with her again. Rei blinked her tears back in vain and had to manually wipe the uncooperative escapees that rolled from her eyes.

She had been too stubborn and proud to show her true feelings and was merely all smiles about it. She hated looking weak and had more than the lioness's share of pride. After she got her silent sobs under control, she looked around the room a second time. The girls were still where they had been when she first woke up and Rei hoped they weren't just pretending to sleep.

"Those are… my purple… carrot trees…" Minako Aino mumbled incoherently in English as Makoto Kino grumbled softly, changing position. A split second later Usagi Tsukino started snoring loudly, causing Ami Mizuno to jump.

"Roll over," she murmured as she pushed Usagi onto her side, not even glancing at Rei.

Her sobs had gone unnoticed and her foolish pride had been appeased. Rei stood and silently crept towards the bathroom. She needed to think in private. She needed to make sure that it was indeed just a fantastic dream, or if things turned out horribly, an omen of importance. But most of all, she needed to pee! Although she could meditate under less than ideal circumstances, ideal circumstances were available. Why raise the level of difficulty when there was no real gain?

As she crept over Usagi, she rolled onto her back once again, causing Rei's knee to buckle with her crashing on top of Ami. The semi-retired Senshi of Mercury flailed and made a pained wheezing noise.

"Rei-chan," Usagi mumbled, "what are you doing?" The other girls started to stir with Minako herself half of another sentence into gibberish before fully waking up.

Rei got off of Ami and bowed in apology. "Gomen. I was just going to the bathroom."

"Okay. Oyasumi."

Ami smiled and shrugged before she buried her head under the sheets after reminding Usagi to sleep on her side or belly. The other two followed suit and resumed their pursuit of pleasantly meaningless dreams while Rei made her way to the bathroom. She thought to herself as to what her dream had meant. Her thoughts were temporarily hindered first by a yawn and then more so by the necessary amount of concentration needed to not make an embarrassing mess while relieving herself. She eventually found herself leaning against the sink and staring at her own reflection. Her eyes were still red-rimmed but not too puffy. She slapped off the lights and stood in the darkness, chiding herself for such foolishness at a time like that!

She needed to focus on her dream, not if she looked like she had been crying or not. She needed to think. She needed to concentrate. She willed herself to focus her mind and spirit on one single thought and slipped into a meditative thought process while standing and staring into the darkness, ignoring the faint reflection of her face as her eyes adjusted. Minutes passed like seconds until she was in a mental trance, retracing her dream. She knew dosh thieta meant something important, but what? She began to retrace to the thoughts of the spirit of the image. In her mind, the figure spoke one final time.

"I arrive."


"Rei-chan!" A sharp rapping noise from the door broke Rei's concentration. It was Usagi. It was always Usagi! Who the hell else would do something that counter productive at such a critical time?! "Did you fall asleep in there? I have to pee!"

Rei sneered in annoyance at the distraction but managed to keep her temper in check. After all, she was able to get the figure to speak in plain Japanese, which meant…

Oh, no…

It was significant and it had meaning. It was a message and not a harmless dream. "I'm fine," she lied as she turned the lights back on, blinking in discomfort from the florescent blast. "I'll be out in..." Rei stared wide-eyed at her reflection in the mirror. Upon her forehead was the mark of Mars. She wiped her eyes and shook her head and looked again. It was still there. "U-Usagi... come in here."

"… do what?"

Rei didn't have time for lavatory courtesies and bathroom etiquette. She opened the door and went to yank Usagi into the light but stopped and stared in defeat. Something was happening. "You have the mark of the moon…" she mumbled weakly.


"On your forehead!"

"You, too! I… mean… the Mars… whaaa…!"

Usagi's babbled reply was cut short as Rei began dragging her towards the other Inner Senshi. "We have to wake the others. It's not a coincidence. It has something to do with the dream I just had!"

"Is it bad," Usagi asked as she stumbled to keep up with Rei.

"Is it ever not bad? There were shadows and a figure saying 'I arrive' in some odd language and a red sword and… lots of... stuff…"

"What does it mean, Rei-chan?" Rei opened the door and stopped dead in her tracks, causing Usagi to bounce off of her and land on the floor. The others were awake, each with the mark of their respective planet upon their foreheads. Minako's white cat and guide, Artemis, approached with a look of apprehension.

"It means there is impending danger. The time has come for you to become Sailor Senshi again."

Rei slid down with her back against the wall and huddled into a ball, no longer able to appease her stupid pride. She had been given over a year to laugh and cry and live her life with her four closest friends without having to worry about being Sailor Mars. And what had she done with it? Had she learned nothing from the North Pole and the final battle against Galaxia and Chaos?!

"Rei Hino," she sobbed to herself, "you idiot!"




Author's misdirected notes on Prologue: Dosh Thieta and things totally irrelevant to the passage, too...

'He's living in a fantasy world!'

I'm not living there. I do not have a permanent residence there. I just visit it a lot in my head because as messed up as it gets, it's much more preferable to here most of the time.

With that, howdeedoodee, and welcome to my own little world. This story was originally 'published' as Sailor Moon: Invasion in June of 2000. Part one was originally called Arrival. At that time, I only had two readers, my sister and my online friend whom I based a character off of. As it is nearing the end of 2012, I have come to the conclusion that my personal, political and spiritual views as well as my style of narration have vastly changed.

That, and Tetsuya is a total Mary Sue and needs a major nerf. After all, the story is called Sailor Moon: A Call to Arms, not Davey's Alter Ego in a Story: A Call to Arms.

I made the decision to start working on the story again while I was deployed over the summer in a less than ideal working environment where I was in the shop that was primarily responsible for providing free commercial internet to people's living areas. In addition to this being a blatant violation of a Four Star's policy, it tore down the barrier between professional and personal, and I went from being a deployed Airman to the Comcast guy and it was always my fault someone couldn't get on Skype on their Ipad. With sudden rushes of having to walk around in 110 degree heat to check up on these things, there were also sudden lulls. During these times of sanity and air conditioning, I began reading through my old work and the Hitoshi Doi transcripts of the TV show to make sure I had the canon stuff straight as well as my own story line.

It was about as straight as a politician... Good thing I went back through it again!

Anyways, one of the junior Airmen figured out why the modems kept wanking out around the time we got new Squadron, Group and Wing level leadership. The private internet once again became a convenience and not a priority and we were once again in charge of maintaining the mission comm systems. This had a few surges of 12 + hour sprints to complete a short notice requirement with a fair share of down time which we had all earned after the first two months. Hello, Tokyo!

I would say that was a tangent, but a tangent touches the circle at exactly one point. The above probably doesn't even qualify as a tangent...

As for the Prologue, the introduction to Sailor Moon: S was the inspiration to play on Rei's spiritual attunement even further. Now, in the original story line, there was no post-Galaxia break-up. Other than incorrectly tweaking Ami and Usagi's personalities while practically ignoring Minako's existence, I didn't really change much. They lived happily ever for one and a half years until Mega Man/AMAZO falls out of the sky and everything goes to poopy.

And my wife is teasing me for using the word poopy. I am using self-censorship in an intentionally exaggerated manner.

Moving on, Tetsuya was far too mature for a seventeen year old, far too confident for someone who had gone through what he had at such a young age, and other than not being too tall, he didn't really have any faults at first. Well, an eighteen year old's alter ego is far different than a thirty year old's. I would like to think that Tetsuya as he is being rewritten is the best of me and the worst of me, as well as parts that are not me at all. But that's in the chapters to come...

Dream scene, slapstick, Usagi saying and doing goofy stuff, important point pointed out by one of the cats, theme music!

Also, Makoto's last name is Kino, not Lita or Rita. :P And it's Yuuichirou Kumada, not Kameda. Me feels so sillies...

And on a final note, I am completely sober. This is how I act and think uninhibited. I even act weird in public sometimes when I'm out of uniform much to my wife's chagrin. And speaking of ADD...