And Fate Takes the Rest...

"P... Pethos... poe... please... listen... to me... you must... let her..."

Naru's eyes flickered open. She was cold, so cold. She saw Journeyman slash his sword down, decapitating her tormentor and kicking his head away.

"Oua qwoue schidwa trourvue gadeull, teischtwa..."

"Journeyman," she whispered. He swayed as he turned to face her. Blood flowed from his left arm that looked broken and twisted. "You saved our lives."

He walking in a stumbling saunter towards her, laughing a cold metallic laugh through his mask. "Oue... gyuwar deznwa..." He raised his sword over his head, as if to strike her.

"St... stop..."

"... Stop...?"


"You... powerless runt..." Tetsuya raised Jorvist's blade over his head.

"Ma... matte..."

"... Matte...?"

Kill her!

"... iie..." Japanese. He was Japanese now, not Aschothily. Naru spoke again.

"I know... you're not... g-going to... h-hurt me..." Her eyes flickered as she fell unconscious again.

"No... I'm supposed to... save... GAH!" The desire to murder and ravage and destroy was overpowering! The Sailor Senshi were helpless. He could butcher them, claim the title of Liberator, be pardoned for his betrayal and become a god, killing stronger and stronger opponents until none in the entire galaxy could stop him! The entire universe that had cast him in the gutters would pay! And the first to suffer for the sins of fate would be Naru Osaka.

"... No... I... won't..."

It is your destiny!

"Not... this time..." As his senses began to counter the effects of the rage, he felt pain again. He also felt fear, but he pushed it away and slammed his knee into the wound on his arm. "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" He dropped the sword and fell to the ground. Horrific flashbacks of the process to infuse his Scout suit into his skin raced through his mind. He saw a woman, weeping for him. But in the insanity of the moment, he saw his mother's face instead.

Go away, monster...

NO! Kill them! Become the god you were destined to be. Rise above those who looked down upon you with upturned noses! Bath in their blood, wallow in their lamentation, feast upon their sorrow as you drink their tears as if it were the nectar of the gods of Olympus!

Tetsuya felt the pain ease as his control waned. The rage was coming again, forcing away his senses.

Rei-chan... Rei! He was going to kill Rei! If he killed the Senshi, he would kill Rei. He was going to take away the one flicker of hope that gave Yuuichirou Kumada purpose. The fiery soul that had guided him to her and sworn to keep his secret safe until he was ready to reveal himself. The blazing light who would always be there for Usagi until the end. She was safe and Jorvist was dead because she fought with every ounce of strength she had! If Rei Hino died, it would not be by his hand!

"No... I... won't..." Tetsuya grasped Jorvist's blade with his wounded hand as his uninjured hand was surrendering to the fury devouring him. He would save Rei and Naru. Usagi would have her friends alive and whole, and the Sailor Senshi would fight another day. They would fight on for what Tetsuya had dreamed of attaining. He had been willing to die fighting, to save those he loved. This is how I die... He would have to believe in them. Believe in her. Believe that they would finish what he had started.

"Mako-chan, Ami-chan, Usagi-chan, I'm so sorry..." He clenched his teeth as he willed himself through the pain and turned the sword upon himself with his mangled arm. He refused to chant any pain suppression mantras or courage mantras. He was a coward, but dammit, he was going to die a free coward, not a slave of fear and false promises in the form of Klijargan incantations! As he prepared to flex his biceps and deltoids to plunge the sword into himself, he was bombarded by a silver light.

"Moon Healing Escalation!"

It didn't sound like Usagi's voice, but then again, strangulation was always a motif of Jorvist's. Perhaps her throat had been injured, but it didn't matter. The rage dissipated almost instantly. He was himself again as exhaustion, fear and pain slammed into him like a linebacker into an unsuspecting quarterback. He rolled onto his uninjured side, paralyzed by the torment shooting from his left arm. The pain was so intense that he was unable to breathe.

Only when he genuinely thought he was going to suffocate did his muscles relax long enough to let him take in a quick breath, but it hissed out as he began weeping, overcome by the suffering he was enduring. But at least he was truly himself again.

He looked at the blood flowing from his wound. It was very serious. I... I don't want to die...


Did he know their identities?! He had said her name, as well as Ami and Makoto's, and it was common knowledge that he knew Rei's identity... and possibly the style of undergarments she preferred, but that was hardly significant. Journeyman was down for the count, weeping metallic whimpers as he clutched his wounded arm, curled up in a ball.

Jorivst was dead. She had failed to save him, but it wasn't important anymore. He was dead, but Naru and Journeyman were still alive. She would have to do her best to save as many as she could. Fate would take the rest.

She knew she needed three of the other Senshi to help her teleport. Minako and Makoto quickly stirred, and after what would have been a humorous moment of Makoto freaking out over the whip tying her up had the circumstances been different, she got Rei back up. Ami regained consciousness as Tuxedo Mask picked up Naru while Minako helped Journeyman to a sitting position. His head lulled from side to side as he kept saying 'no hospital' repeatedly.

Rei was barely able to remain standing as they performed their teleportation spell. Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask were teleported to Juubaan Second General Hospital while the others were teleported back to Rei's.


Rei fell gracelessly to the ground, unconscious. Her fuku disappeared and she was once again clad only in non-matching underwear. "Rei-chan," Ami frantically whispered. She looked around and saw that the living room was empty. Rei's Grandfather and Yuuichirou had left for the mountains earlier that day before Rei had even woken up, too sick to go to school. But without a parent or guardian to vouch for her, she had hauled herself to school where she had been quickly sent back home. Although it had probably been a ploy to prevent Yuuichirou and Rei from having quality time at Ami's birthday party that ended up causing physical suffering and distress to her, it had worked out remarkably well for them in the long run. But that was only if Rei survived.

"I got her," Makoto said as she scooped Rei up and noticed the odd stares from Ami and Minako. "... it was just a phase! Besides, she's not my type!" She sneered at the other two and carried Rei into her room.

If you say so...

"What do we do about him," Minako asked.

Ami saw that Journeyman seemed limp and unmoving. She opened her mouth to speak, but suddenly the black suit slowly disappeared and was replaced by the clothing of a young man from Earth...