I slept soundly that night, and I awoke in the morning at my usual time- seven in the morning. I looked out my window, watching the trees as the wind and rain blew them. I was used to the rainy weather by now. I sat up just as my father opened the door, the smell of some type of food wafting into my room. Daddy sat next to me, ruffling my messed up curls. I smiled at my dad, giving him a hug.

I thought a good morning to him as I leaned away, getting up and walking to my closet to pick out clothes for the day.

"Your mother's making breakfast," he began, and I couldn't help but think an 'ew' about human food. He chuckled. "No, not the food you've tried before, something different," he explained as he stood, walking out of my room. "It'll be ready whenever you're done getting dressed, little love." I smiled, nodding as I turned back to my large, walk-in closet. Of course, Aunt Alice and Aunt Rose had it stocked. I panned my eyes over the lot, my irises falling on a white blouse and a pair of regular jeans. Nothing would be going on today, seeing as it was the day after our almost-demise. I changed quickly then brushed the sleepy knots out of my hair I adjusted the necklace I had and headed for the kitchen.

The scent that filled my lungs wasn't bitter, but sweet. It was citrusy, like an orange I had tried a few weeks back. I sat at our small table, a plate of different foods in front of me. The scents were sweeter rather than more sour. I picked one up and popped it into my mouth- a grape, I figured it out. I liked it, but like usual with anything I liked, it still didn't compare to blood. It was good, though. Next was a white wedge with a red skin on the outside. There were a few of them there, like the grapes. I took a small, cautious bite. It was sweet, very sweet, actually. I liked it, though. I finished the rest of the apple slices and the grapes. One ore type remained, and I already knew that it was peach slices. I knew I liked peach already, so I finished them off, taking my plate and sitting it in the sink.

I turned to my mother and leapt into her arms, pecking her on the cheek and hugging her tightly. I was glad that I wasn't too big for her to carry me yet. I only appeared to be around five, and my growing was slowing everyday. It was reassuring to know that I would be immortal one day, also. I placed my palm on momma's cheek, thanking her for the food and telling her how I liked it all.

The day remained calm, thankfully. My Jacob came over and we all sat in the living room together. Jacob got me a few new books, which I sat there and read for the whole day as I listened to the rain on the wooden roof. I liked calm days like these, and I savored them greatly.

At night, I got a quick shower and headed to bed. Momma read me a story- well, a few poems from a book she had. I fell sleep cuddling my stuffed wolf that night, dreaming of hunting in the forest with my family.