Raphael sighed, glancing out of a window as he sat on his bed. That day marked two years since his father had left without giving him a reason why. He sighed, glancing down at the coin in his hand. Everything had happened so quickly...his mother died, and then his father left. He gave a sad laugh. Nothing was in his favor, was it?

Still looking out of the window, he noticed a few snowflakes begin to fall. Great. Same exact scenario of that day. Sighing, he lied down on his bed, staring at the coin as he held it above his face. He turned to his side and set it on his bedside table after a moment, however, curling up a bit. He still couldn't put anything together. Why would his father just up and leave like that? Why wouldn't he take his own son?

Glancing over at the book case-lined wall across from his bed, he noticed something out of the ordinary. One of the book cases seemed to be overlapping another, and seemed to have a small space between it and the case on the other side of it. He stood, wandering toward the wall and pulling the bookcase all the way open, rather forcefully. There was a staircase.

Raphael blinked. "Why is there a staircase here...?" he mumbled to himself, hesitantly starting to tiptoe down the creaky, old, wooden steps. He looked around for any source of light and failing to find one, desperate to see where this hidden door lead.

As soon as he felt the material under his feet change from something that felt like it could break any second to cold and rock solid, he began to snap to the beat of a song he had stuck in his head. He paled when he heard something, soon realising it was just the echo of his snapping. But after just a moment of snapping, lights slowly flickered on, revealing many paintings.

Famous paintings.

Is this...what his father worked on while he was in the hospital? Is this how he made money to pay for the bills and medicine?

Raphael paled.

"Now I understand why he'd always tell me 'This art doesn't belong to me'..." he mumbled.

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