Stormy Blue (Sky)

"When I look up, all I see is you."

Cavorting is rated M. Read with caution.

The Sky is the Limit

"Muro-chin," Atsushi starts, crumbs littering the corners of his mouth as he attempts to please his always insatiable hunger. "You're going to catch a cold."

In retrospect, Tatsuya has grown accustomed to the assaulting rays of light upon waking up from a cat nap in the rooftop but as Atsushi greets him with a wan smile, he thinks maybe this sight isn't so bad after all.

Only Warmth

Atsushi, a rather indifferent individual in far too many prying eyes, is actually perceptive as he takes in every subtle gesture – a fading blush, hand-holding, whispering sweet nothings. He thinks, Tatsuya will definitely look astonishing in that shade of red.

He spares no time and drags Tatsuya, who is obviously perplexed as he is torn from the novel that he has been reading in between practice breaks, out to the chill streets. "Atsushi, what are-"

He leans down, breathes into Tatsuya's ear, "Go on a date with me?"

Purring in slight satisfaction, Atsushi revels in the trail of pink in otherwise pale cheeks. Tatsuya nods in clipped resignation but his lips, plump and so terribly tempting, were pursed into a thin line. They are a luscious cherry in color and as Atsushi rekindles last night's escapades, they taste even better.

Slender fingers brush against cold, calloused palms as Atsushi makes his move, wrapping Tatsuya's trembling hands in his own. "Atsushi?" Tatsuya's voice wavers but his gaze is firm and resolute.

"It's cold," Atsushi lies, but the involuntary flutter of his eyelashes betrays him. He sees Tatsuya smile and his plan backfires as he feels his face heat up.


Tatsuya's voice is like the symphony of the birds – swift, sweet and barely enough to sate Atsushi's desires. But as the laborious melody escapes, Atsushi yearns for more and he sinks into the bed covers, into the musky air of Tatsuya's sweat and breath.

He takes in a pert nub with his slick tongue, much as he does lollipops in assortment, kneads teasingly as he nurses the other with experienced digits. Tatsuya writhes under his ministrations, always so sensual, and the friction between bodies in heat seems to work wonders on the older male.

His ravenous mouth presses onto chaffed skin and he leaves a trail of blooming butterfly kisses upon Tatsuya's bare chest. His partner grabs a fistful of lavender strands, burying himself in the scent of herbal shrub and paltry yet sickeningly sweet confectionaries.

"Atsushi," he manages beneath lust-filled haze, "more…"

Alas, a prelude to a song erupts as Atsushi devours Tatsuya from his beauty mark, to his velvety limber thighs and another, a violent staccato as he enters – his manhood is swallowed by contracting walls as Tatsuya struggles against the white sheets. His pace quickens, thrusts escalating and deepening as he nears his release.

"Ah… Atsu-" His seed spills as muscles contract around his member and Tatsuya comes with, casting the curtains to a most exquisite performance.

Author's Notes: I'm having an obsession over MuraMuro. YOLO so I'm writing this even if I have other things pending. (This is a completely different drabble series since this isn't about their first times.)