Imagine Your OTP



A/N: Alright I am going to do one for most of my favorite pairings in this fandom. So here goes this couple…Warning: This is a little AU or a kind of "What if?" thing. It's also if you haven't seen 7 yet, don't read or there are spoilers.b

Imagine your OTP both getting shot and falling just far enough away from each other that only their fingertips touch as they slide out of consciousness.

"We're free"

They were finally going to be free. Grace—after being trapped for years—was going to finally be happy. It was something Kit wanted for her. If she were to die, Kit wasn't going to allow it in Briarcliff. His plan didn't work like it seemed to.

Frank shot the bullet. Grace couldn't stand to see Kit fall to the ground. She screams and jumps. Kit step back in shock. She fell flat down. She was dying. She tried gasping for air. "Grace!" Kit screams.

Frank holds his gun up high towards "Bloody Face". "Step back, Walker. I am not afraid to shoot you, too." Kit didn't care. He ran towards Grace. Frank took two bullets to Kit's chest.

Kit fell right next to Grace. Grace's blue eyes hit him. "I'm so sorry," she chokes out as she gasps. Kit moves his finger tips across her hand. She smiles, feeling the soft touch. "I love you, Kit…I love you so much."

Kit wanted to move to kiss her…but he couldn't. Finally, a dark angel appeared. She leans to Grace. "I love you too, Grace," Kit cries out to her.

The angel kisses Grace, and then she quickly goes over to Kit. She brushes through his James Dean's hair. "You're ready, Kit. You will no longer be Bloody Face. I can promise you that." She leans in and softly kisses his lips.

Grace looks to him before letting her body die. She smiles a bit. "We're free, Kit…"

A/n: It's a little shorter then my Tate/Violet first one was but…eh…better then nothing. Hope you guys like. Review please?