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Chapter 1 Incoming of hero and villain

It's been over centuries since Goku had seen anyone or anything for that matter. He hasn't seen his friends or his family as he has a job to do which is to protect the earth at its most dire crisis but over the years the humans have proved that they can take care of themselves now that they're freaking ninjas and since he can't really interfere with anything that can't be taken care of by the humans themselves, he is mostly in his own dimension most of the time watching over. Now that he has merged with the dragon balls, he can't really die from old age anymore.

I'm so bored. Shenlong, can I visit the human world please? I can go for a snack and when I say snack I mean large quantities of food and that noodle place where the giant rock faces are seems most promising right now. I promise they won't even notice me; I'll be good and won't do anything that will cause any sort of trouble. Goku pleaded.

The giant green dragon showed a look of disproval as he listens to his successor.

No Goku, you may not go. I already told you, you can't go to the human word unless it's an emergency and besides, you don't even need to eat food anymore.

Goku whimpered and whined of that in which resembled a 5 year old. But Shenlong all I do is train all day and I haven't had a good fight since … well in ages and you know the thing that gives me the most sense of satisfactions is food and a good fight.

Shenlong gave a long sigh wondering how he put up with this for generations upon generations. Very well Goku but only this once. Once your finished with your business, I want you to come back immediately understood.

Goku gave nod and watch as both Shenlong's eyes as well as his own body glow in a red hue. The next thing he knew he was in front of the very gates in which resides the noodle shop he's been wanting. Goku took a long hard glance on how much the world really changed starting with the gate.

Konoha … I liked it better when it was called west city oh well, can't complain now, I need some food. But the next thing he knew he was surrounded by what he assumed as the locals. They looked strange to him as they all wore the same outfit and all of them were wearing strange looking masks. Goku was about to raise his hand in surrender but he couldn't even do that as one of them immediately appeared right behind him with a strange looking knife pointed to his neck.

Who are you and what is your purpose in coming here? He said threateningly.

Me? Oh well my name is Son Goku and I came here for noodles but if you're asking for a fight, you're going to need a sharper knife.

As Goku said this everyone immediately tensed and brought out the same knife that other man was carrying pointing to his neck. With a loud battle cry Goku made a barrier using his own aura pushing the man behind him back and he expanded it sending him flying. The others started to throw their knifes at Goku but Goku reeled back both his arms and jerked one of them forward sending a shockwave stopping all of his enemies projectiles away from him and with his other hand, he made another shockwave this time knocking out all of his enemies. He took a glance at the one that he sent flying and saw that his mask fell off. The man had white spiky hair with a scar in his left eye. The white haired man quickly got up and snarled at Goku with a glare that rivaled Vegeta's.

Goku this time raised his hand in surrender and told the white haired man he came in peace.

Like I'm supposed to believe you when you attacked me and all of my men.

Goku retaliated. Well technically you attacked me. All I said was that I wanted noodles but you were asking for a fight. By the way what's your name? Goku smiled with his usual Son grin.

The white haired man was surprised by the sudden act of friendliness and with a grin like that … he couldn't really muster up any kind of hatred or anger to the strange looking man that was in front of him.

My name is Hatake Kakashi and by the way you keep talking about noodles you probably mean Ichiraku's. You must be a tourist, a strong one at that.

Goku grinned. Something like that, can you lead me the way please. I'm starving!

Kakashi eye smiled at the strange mans silliness and child like behavior. Why not, I can go for lunch as well. Hey, guys, you alright? All the other ANBU gave nods to their leader as they groggily got back up with aching backs. I guess I jumped to conclusions when you suddenly appeared at the front gates. I thought you were an enemy.

Goku gave a hearty laugh and smiled. That's all right. You were only protecting your village after all.

I guess for me to reconcile my mistake would be to pay for the meal. My treat, eat as much as you like. Kakashi eye smiled.

Goku couldn't help but silently laugh an evil laugh. Oh he shouldn't have said that. He's going to feel this one in the morning.

Goku gave a content smile as he had his fill in which he considers being the best meal he has ever had since ages. Kakashi's eyes were the size of dinner plates as he saw the stack he was about to pay for. As Goku left Kakashi managed to pay half while bowing down in forgiveness and promised to pay all of it at a later time.

When I say eat as much as you want I meant only like 3 or 4 bowls, not 57.

Goku put on a sheepish grin in embarrassment and apologized but his face quickly contorted to one of seriousness which caught Kakashi off.

Hey Goku, are you alright? Goku wasn't paying attentions and looked up in the sky and saw it was dark out but that wasn't what was bothering him. What was bothering him was that he was feeling a sense of impending doom or a major catastrophe about to happen as he feels an evil presence nearby. The air around him always seemed thicker and darker when he's facing a person with malicious intent.

-Someplace else in Konoha-

A man with an orange mask appeared in an empty district and pulled out a scroll and screamed.

Kuchiyose no jutsu! After he said those words a giant vicious fox with nine tails appeared with red eyes with 3 tomes around the small black center.

Kyuubi, I order you to attack and destroy this village, understand? The Kyuubi gave a loud growl and started to raid the village and destroy everything it sees. With that, the man with the orange mask teleported back to his prime target, the Yondaime Hokage. (A.N. battle is cannon so I won't write the battle scene.)

-Back at Ichiraku's-


Huh? What? Goku said half mindedly.

You were spacing out Goku, are you alright? Kakashi said with a little concern.

Well… do you ever feel like something bad is about to happen but you can't really tell why?

As Goku said this, the very Earth started to quake and a loud screech could be heard as well as screaming and explosions.

Both Kakashi and Goku looked towards the direction and saw a giant fox raiding and destroying the village.

Oh no. Kakashi went rigid in fear as what would happen with this village and considering he knows that his sensei would be preoccupied at the moment knowing full well that his wife is pregnant. (AN: He doesn't know about Kushina being a jinchuuriki) He as well as other ninjas is on their own.

Kakashi then saw his rival Gai and both nodded on their next course of action.

Gai we have to evacuate the villagers first before anything else!

Gai gave a nod as he went to the other end of the village while Kakashi went into the front lines to save as much as he could.

Meanwhile Goku watched the whole spectacle pondering what he should do next.

Man, what do I do? Do I help or can they protect this village on their own. Shenlong said not to interfere unless absolute necessary and he's probably having a fit right now because I'm not there.

As Goku continued pondering he saw a little girl about to be crushed from falling rubble and debris.

Goku quickly charged his hand with ki and fired a simple energy wave, destroying the falling debris. He then picked her up and took her to a safe location.

You're going to be alright, I promise. Where do you live?

The little girl wasn't speaking in a coherent sentence as her voice was muffled by her sobs but Goku managed to hear Uchiha compound.

The little girl calmed down a little and showed her clan's insignia and Goku nodded in understanding as he ran to find this compound.

Can you tell me your name please?

The little girl was surprised and blushed a little for not properly introducing herself to her hero.

My name is Uchiha Pema. (OC) I have one baby sister who was just born today and the most adorable person you will ever see besides me and a mother and father and a….

Whoa take it easy, all I asked for was your name. Is this your compound?

Pema blushed in embarrassment again before looking at the front gate that had an insignia of a red and white fan.

Yes this is it, thank you so much.

Goku gave a curt nod before disappearing leaving a surprised and dumbfounded Pema.

-Hokage Monument-

Goku watched as more and more people give up their lives trying to protect the village that the monster was destroying. Goku had to admit that this monster was pretty strong power wise but something just seemed unusual about this whole situation.

Why is this creature attacking Konoha? Did they do something to make him…her… whatever it is mad? Man all of this thinking is hurting my head. Screw this; I'm helping even if Shenlong disapproves. This could be a challenge I've been looking for.

Goku immediately tensed as he let out a loud battle cry that could be heard all over Konoha.

GRAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! As Goku let out his scream his spiky hair turned gold with his eye's turning a shade of teal. To all residence of Konoha, a golden pillar of light could be seen atop the Hokage Monument.

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