Jack found the kiss to be a perfectly acceptable answer.

There was a definite urgency in the actions that followed. The winter spirit's arms wrapped around the teenager, pulling him closer by instinct and tilting his head to accept the kiss. Jamie held it for a while and when he finally broke away Jack quickly closed the space between their lips again. At this response, the brunette moved his hands from Jack's cheeks to the back of his head and neck. Jack shuddered, and he didn't know if it was because of the warmth that transferred from Jamie's body being so close or the electricity that seemed to rush into him at the contact of their lips. Either way, he relished the sensation.

The third kiss lasted until they needed oxygen. Their lips disconnected with a soft smack and Jack pulled away first, leaving Jamie tilting his head forward with his eyes closed, attempting to catch a ghost of the fleeting sensation. Jack's forehead rested on Jamie's and a grin came to his lips.

"So," The winter spirit panted slightly. He noticed Jamie's smile and admired his clear brown eyes. There was a certain relief filling his expression that Jack noticed for the first time. "Does this mean you forgive me?"

Jamie smiled and shook his head. Why did he even need to ask? "Of course I do." The teenager's face fell after a beat, and he seemed to just realize what had happened. "Oh my god..." A blush ran through his cheeks and he found himself burying his head between Jack's neck and shoulder. "I can't believe I just did that..." He muttered into Jack's cold skin. "Jesus Christ... ugh... Sorry..."

"For what? Kissing me?" Jack asked, holding the teenager a little closer. Jamie let out an embarrassed groan in response. "You don't need to apologize for that!" He let out a light laugh; it was cute seeing Jamie react like this. "I wouldn't even mind if you did it again."

"...Can I?" Came the teenager's tentative request. His breath warmed Jack's skin with each word.

"Of course..." Jack answered. He had his chin resting on Jamie's brunet head, taking a moment to inhale. The teenager didn't smell of anything in particular. Not of chocolate, the color that matched his radiant eyes. Nor of cinnamon, like the hue tinting his soft hair. The Guardian couldn't properly label the scent, but enjoyed it. The brunette held the simple scent of Jamie, it was finally decided, and Jack found it quite intoxicating.

Jamie shifted, raising his head slowly. The teenager's arms were still draped over his Guardian's shoulders and Jack's remained around Jamie's waist. His eyes met Jack's and he began leaning in, glancing into his eyes, down at his lips and then back. Jack didn't stir and allowed Jamie to move as slowly as he needed to. The teenager hesitated for a single moment before finally touching their lips together lightly.

The prior elated impulse driving their actions the first time was gone. Jack and Jamie's movements were delicate, gradual, and thought out. Jamie had never kissed anyone before Jack, so his progression was unpracticed and slightly lacking. To Jamie, this time felt more awkward than the first. Before, everything was just so spontaneous and he didn't really think about what he was doing. His subconscious brain was just following the movements often showed on TV and described in the books he'd read. But this time Jamie was so aware of his every action. The kiss in its simplicity was amazing and Jamie noticed how effortlessly it fit between their lips. But the rest of the… stuff was what worried him.

Was his hand supposed to be there? Should he tilt his head a different way? Jamie felt like he should be doing something more. He guessed that what it came down to was he couldn't express his feelings properly with the simple touch of their lips. He needed Jack to know how much this meant to him. How important his trust was. He needed to hold Jack as tight as he could, stoke every lock of his beautiful white hair, memorize each curve of his immortal body…

He was grateful when Jack pressed back, moving one hand to stroke the skin near his ear with his thumb while the rest of his fingers caused goose bumps on his neck. He felt his stomach do back flips when Jack's tongue was running across his bottom lip. Jamie opened his mouth slightly to allow it entrance. The teenager was suddenly reminded of licking a popsicle as Jack's freezing tongue encircled his own.

It had been a while since Jack had kissed anyone. Three hundred years ago, he remembered there was a girl. A girl with hair the color of gold. People around town had mentioned her, but never with a positive tone. Jack heard them refer to her as "The Devil's Mistress" for her rumored affairs with several of the men around town. He'd passed by her a few times, taking note that she was rather pretty. She didn't look like a witch, or really any kind of evil, so Jack disregarded the whispered gossip concerning the mysterious girl.

Now, Jack wasn't vain, but did recognize that he was fairly attractive, and the girl definitely noticed. While walking around town, she'd caught his glance occasionally, offering a giggle and then returning to what she was formerly occupying herself with. Jack thought nothing further of her for the longest time until one night in the summer. He had been roaming the outskirts of the village, returning home after taking a swim in Burgess's deep pond. He'd heard the shuffle of leaves, and let out a shout as he was pulled into the shrubbery. He was taken aback a moment when he saw it was the blonde girl who had surprised him. She held out a soft finger, placing it over Jack's open lips and mimicking the action on her own mouth. Jack was astonished when he found himself accepting the girl's presentation of a deep kiss. She'd pressed him roughly against a tree and Jack's hands instinctively clung to her curved sides. He followed each movement she made with her tongue; their lips only separating by about at millimeter then to have the girl smash them back together. Her hands ventured to every inch of Jack's body and he didn't even think he wanted to stop her.

Jack never saw the girl again. And his last look was of her rising from a previously kneeled position, wiping her mouth and offering a final wink. She'd left him shaking against a tree trunk and was rumored to have run off in the night, far away from Burgess and possibly back down to Hell.

That moment in his life had been sudden, but Jack often looked back and wondered just why he had let a complete stranger do those things to him. Her actions were definitely arousing, and at seventeen years of age Jack was really just a normal teenager with normal impulses and desires. And in his same state of confusion, Jack felt he understood some part of his nostalgia. That encounter had taught him to take more chances. To risk safety for personal needs. It was… healthy, in a foul sort-of-way. But, most importantly, that satanic whirlwind of a maiden and her forceful teachings educated him on how to… perform.

Yet kissing Jamie was different. Incredibly different. Jack's first kiss had been filled with a rotten, selfish form of lust. He wasn't quite sure what he was doing, but thought of nothing except the actions that felt the best to him. He had run his fingers down the girl's body, groping at any bit of flesh that appealed to him. He forced his tongue down her throat. He pulled through her golden hair. He needed to hear more of her satisfying moans. He didn't care that he might be hurting her. And by the end of their session, he didn't care that she might choke.

Yes, that night Jack had been sickeningly selfish, and it genuinely scared him.

But at the moment, in his Ice Palace and taking in the teenager's gentle warmth and sweet taste, Jack was thinking of no one but Jamie. Of his thin frame as it arched its closest toward him. Of his soft and warm lips that ate up every kiss they shared. Of how much Jack would give to see him safe forever.

The winter spirit was reminded of the deal he had made with himself: Nothing too sudden while you're with Jamie. It was for the best. The teenager wasn't a guarantee, after all. Jack could slip up. Take too many chances and lose him again. No, Jamie was a reward. Only when Jack behaved and kept him away from any possible harm could the winter spirit move quickly. And he didn't mind the deal, really. Jamie's happiness was most important right now. So while they continued to kiss, touch, and breathe, Jack followed what Jamie was doing and didn't carry out anything he thought was uncalled for. He didn't slide an icy hand under the brunette's shirt. He didn't nip at any bit of Jamie's skin. Jack was being careful, for once in his life, and just hoped it would all pay off.

A sudden reminder passed through Jack's thoughts as Jamie's hands twirled a bit of his white hair.

"Hmm, Jamie," Jack mumbled through the brunette's lips. He attempted to break away, only to have Jamie blindly pull him back again. Jack loved kissing him and was glad to see the feeling was mutual, but he really needed to tell him something.

"Jamie," He repeated during a small break for air, only to be ignored again. Jack rolled his eyes and finally moved his hands to lightly push their chests apart. Jamie let out a huff, opening his eyes and giving Jack a mixed look of plea and annoyance. "Wait," Jack instructed.

'Wait'? The brunette's bottom lip pouted ever so slightly. He definitely didn't want to hear that word. Not since he was starting to get used to the amazing sensations kissing Jack caused him. "What is it?"

"I just remembered, actually… Which is kinda funny 'cause it's the only thing that's been on my mind lately…" He paused, taking a moment to inhale. "You, ah, you gotta promise me something…" Jack gave a silent request to continue.

"Okay…" The teenager proceeded cautiously. "What?"

The next action would be tricky. How to do this without screwing up everything he'd been trying so hard to preserve? But it needed to be done. To protect Jamie.

Jack reached up to his own neck and cautiously pulled Jamie's left hand off it. He looked into the teenager's eyes while he turned the palm up carefully and rolled up the sleeve as the brunette's arm flinched. Jamie glanced down and back up again with panic, opening his mouth to protest but Jack shook his head. He knit his salt-and-pepper eyebrows in concern. "Shh," His forehead met the brunette's and one of Jack's hands went to the back of Jamie's head as he placed a soft kiss on his shaking lips.

No, no, no… not now! The teenager's thoughts screamed. They were having such a perfect moment a second ago… Don't ruin it with something like this! He knew crying would only worry Jack more, but Jamie couldn't help it. He knew what Jack was about to say, and it terrified him. He knew Jack was trying to help, and he wasn't resentful for it. Any sign of compassion was all Jamie ever really demanded. One kiss was far more than enough. But now Jack was pulling this? Jamie felt his heart breaking at the unimaginable amount of compassion he was receiving. His right hand went to cover up his mouth, which had begun to quiver as tears silently fell from his eyes. He just really didn't think he could follow through with what his Guardian was about to request…

"Promise me you won't ever do this to yourself again." Jack indicated the marks on Jamie's wrist. The teenager couldn't contain the sob that pushed past his fingers as Jack's lips touched down on the first mark, then the second, and then the third… By the fifteenth kiss, Jamie was a mess. His shoulders shook and he kept his hand sealed over his quaking mouth. The tears weren't necessarily caused by joy. Tears of relief? Gratitude? This moment made up for Jack refusing to stop him in the first place tenfold. Yes, he was still upset about that. But even if Jack had said he was sorry a million more times, no apology would be more meaningful than what he was doing now. The gesture in all its indescribable compassion and devotion was enough to leave Jamie speechless forever. His suffering really was worth it. After all, he'd gone through it for seven years, and now being reunited with Jack was more amazing than he could have ever expected.

The Guardian lifted his head from Jamie's wrist, ending the trail of kisses with a final soft peck on his lips. "I'm here to stop you next time, though, but I'd rather not have a reason to." His blue eyes offered Jamie a comforting smile. "So," He held up his pinky finger, forehead returning to rest on Jamie's. "Promise?"

Jamie let out a breathless laugh through his tears. He finally removed his hands from his mouth, taking a second to wipe his eyes before locking his smallest finger with his Guardian's tightly. "Y-yes. Of course, I promise… I'll… try. I really will… B-but only if you're with me. Just stay with me forever and never think of leaving ever, ever again, okay?" His words poured out with more sudden sobs and took the form of a desperate whine. The faster his words the quicker Jack was to let out a small concerned laugh and pull Jamie into a tight hug.

"Aw, haha, no, Jamie, don't cry. It's okay. Of course I'll stay. Forever, remember?" Such an agreement made twice was sealed with a kiss and Jack broke away after a moment to wipe away Jamie's tears with his thumb. The teenager had felt a huge weight lifting off his shoulders every time Jack touched him. An ancient ache ebb away with each reassuring promise. But the most comfort he felt was being able to look at Jack's beautiful face and know he could kiss him. Know that Jack wouldn't push him away. Know that he could just lay there for hours with him, kissing and holding each other and staying together.

Jamie and his Guardian.

Jack and his believer.

Together for as long as one of them shall live…

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