You're Exactly What She Needs

Chapter 1

And she didn't know why she kept pretending. It didn't matter if they were cute, funny, smart, or rich…in the end, they just weren't him. He was exactly what she needed.

This chapter starts directly after Season 2's thanksgiving episode; pretend that Robby and Cece already broke up. Hope you enjoy!

After Schmidt's cousin and Jess' parents left for Thanksgiving, Winston went over to try to reconcile with Shelby, Nick took a nap, and Jess followed her parents, convinced they were going to get back together. This left Cece on the couch and Schmidt took a seat on the opposite side of the sectional.

She stared at him a bit, not forgetting the close contact they had previously with Schmidt standing behind her protectively like he used to. And if she was being honest with herself, she sort of leaned back a little just to feel more of that connection. Based on the night's events, he was definitely a douchebag, but she could see the genuineness in him because she did know him better than she knew any guy, even her ex, Robby. They dated a lot longer than Schmidt and Cece did, but the memories with Schmidt were far more in number.

"Did you have a good Thanksgiving?" he asked her with the sweetest face.

"Sort of." she replied honestly.

He nodded, "Same here, my cousin just makes me feel like such a loser."

"Trust me, Schmidt; you're ten times the man he is." Cece smiled at him, and Schmidt blushed.

She was expecting him to make an egotistical comment, but the blush was adorable and made her heart melt.

"How do you know?" he asked.

She grinned, "I know you."

"Yeah, the giant douchebag who ran away from the best thing that ever happened to him." he said as he buried his face in his hands.

Cece had to pause a bit, knowing that he was talking about her. She softened her expression and whispered,

"That's not what I see."

His face flicked up, "Okay, Cece, now's not the time to humor me. I know I'm not Robby…"

"Robby and I broke up," she finally revealed.

Instead of turning on 'cool-Schmidt', he gave her a look of genuine care,

"I'm sorry I had no idea." he then looked up at her in all seriousness, "Why?"

"Because he was awful for me. Because he never held me in his arms and slept beside me. Because he didn't care enough to call me every afternoon, just to say hi. Because he never visited any of my shoots and because he never got jealous of my co-workers. Because my grandmother didn't think he was exactly what I needed, because he couldn't play True American, because when I saw him, my heart never sank into my stomach. Because he never sacrificed his own happiness just to let me go. Because he wasn't my best friend. Because I never fell in love with him." she was sure her rant didn't make sense, but she could tell he was getting the gist, describing everything she loved about him. He just needed that last part, and she sucked in her pride and looked Schmidt straight in the eye to hit it home.

"Why?...Because he wasn't you."

Schmidt was dumbstruck, left speechless and he wanted nothing more than to reach over and pull Cece over to him and declare his love back, but the door opened and Jess came through.

"I guess it will never be. My parents just…wait, what's going on here?" she noticed her two friends on the couch.

"Nothing, in fact I better get going." Cece said, a little embarrassed as she bid Jess farewell and shut the loft door.

Okay last week's episode of New Girl practically ripped my heart out of place. So this is what happens in return. There's more to come if more is wanted, so review please!