Donuts here with another story! This time, it's not Goku/Chi-Chi! - gasp - That's right, this time it's Marron/Goten, a pairing that I've recently taken a liking to (as well as Pan/Uub, but that's for another time, lol). Bathhouse Blues is still being worked on, and I promise you all that I'm working on Just Married, okay? This is 7 years after the end of DBZ so Goten is 24, Trunks is 25, Marron is 20, etc. :)

Disclaimer: Dragonball, Dragonball Z, and Dragonball GT are (c) Akira Toriyama and Toei. This is amateur fiction, strictly for fun and nonprofit, and will be removed upon the copyright holder's request (courtesy of Sholio).


"I'm sorry, Goten."

Oh, no, don't be sorry. If there's anyone who should be apologizing, it's me.

"You're a really sweet person and I appreciate everything you've done for me!"

Then why are you breaking up with me? Was it something I said, did? Something I didn't say? Should've said? Didn't do? Should've done?

"But …, I'm in love with someone else."

Oh, right.

Had it not been for the fact that his mother raised him to respect the opposite sex, he would've stopped her before she had the chance to finish her first sentence. Goten felt his stomach drop. He wouldn't have been surprised if it dropped out his butt. He wasn't surprised though, not anymore. This was like an everyday thing now, a ritual. Meet a girl, take her out, spoil her - give her the world even! - then … well, you know the rest.

Love? Goten almost rolled his eyes. What would she know? Love is what he did for her. He showered her with it, even though he had no more love to give. She'd crushed what little he had left of it with her fake laughter, deceitful smiles, and empty promises. All those red flags; he'd seen all of 'em! He knew she was a liar the moment she approached him, but his optimism got the best of him, and his naivete blinded him. It almost made him laugh, albeit a bitter one. And yet, there wasn't anyone to blame but himself.

With a deep sigh, Goten rubbed a hand through his hair, pushing what little snowflakes that'd landed in it out, and tossed her an awfully large grin. He wanted to be bitter. He wanted to be mean. He wanted her to feel like shit. He wanted her to feel exactly what he was feeling. Every inch of his being wanted to shake some sense into her, but with his monstrous strength he'd crush her before he had the chance to do anything. It wasn't in his nature to cause harm anyway.

And yet …

"It's not you, it's me," he said, earning a confused look from her, Angela. Or was it Violet? Jessica, maybe? It didn't matter. She was just like them. Hard to please, easy to see through.

"But, Goten-"

He held a hand up, cutting her off before she could finish, and ground it back into his coat pocket for warmth. Quietly, he sunk deeper into his scarf, averting his gaze.

"I should've seen this coming, but I didn't and I allowed you to manipulate me. But that's okay, because it's me, not you," Goten's voice carried, half-amused, half-bitter as his breath, visible in the winter air, evaporated into nothingness.

The sound of his boots crunched against the snow beneath his feet as he moved past her, hands buried in his pockets. "Erika, right?"

The girl frowned, fists curling at her sides as she corrected him heatedly. "It's Brittney, asshole! We've been dating for almost a month!"

"Right," Goten laughed, shaking his head as if it were common sense. "June," he corrected, fanning his hand, "keep the necklace. On second thought, keep everything. They were cheap anyway (just like you, he thought). And by the way," he said, ignoring her scowl as he looked her up and down with an appalled frown.

Ankle-length boots, tights, mini-skirt, turtle-neck sweater, and a necklace - his clothes, his jewelry, his everything; she was wearing everything he'd bought her! At least the last girl that dumped him had the decency to wear some Capsule Corp. fashion.

"What?" Brittney asked smugly, crossing her arms as she leaned on one leg. "Realized your mistake? Finally come to your senses, Go-ten?" the red-head bit out.

"As a matter of fact, I have," he answered with his patented smile, causing one to flourish on her face. "You aren't Trunks' type," he deadpanned, biting back any remark or laughter he had when he saw the color drain from her face. He had nothing left to say as he ground his heels into the snow, tossing Christie a mock salute before blasting off in a spark of energy, hoping to Dende that the snow from his takeoff (or at least some of it) caught her as he blended in with the white of winter.

He almost felt sorry for Michelle. Goten shivered.

Today was gonna be a long day.


Note: If anyone's confused about the girl's name, it is Brittney. Goten's calling her by so many names because she reminds him of the countless other girls he's dated in the past. He cared about her, but after learning that she was only using him to get to Trunks (like the other girls), he started calling her by their names. Hope that makes sense. And I was attempting to add humor, because I felt bad for breaking my baby's heart.