And here is holiday request four. Haven: Nathan/Audrey, "You're gonna miss me when I'm gone." For tidbit2008, who wanted the 7th. Well, it's technically the seventh here. It's another short one-shot. I think I might actually be getting good at those! Note: I haven't seen the latest episode, so this may not be up to date.


He's staring at his coffee, not sure what to do.

That's when Parker walks into the office. She assesses the situation in a glance, strides over to his desk, picks up his cup, tastes it, and says, "Yeah, you're good."

Nathan nods. "Thanks." Only then does he take a sip.

"You're gonna miss me when I'm gone, aren't ya?" Parker teases. At least, she tries to tease. Nathan's gotten pretty good at telling when she's really joking and when she's just trying to lighten the mood. This is definitely the second option.

Luckily he's still drinking, so a smile is answer enough for her.

Honestly? He doesn't think it's sunk in yet. Any of it.

Sure, Parker had told him she was going to go. Told him that she always disappeared during the Hunter. Well, not her exactly, but Lucy or Sarah or... whoever. Her body disappeared. But up until now it had been pretty much theoretical. At least to Nathan. He didn't quite believe it. Even if it was Haven.

Believing in the troubles was one thing. Nathan had proof of them (oh boy, did he). He knew firsthand what the troubles were like. They were obviously real. And even though he'd hear stories, and seen pictures, of Lucy, of Sarah, of whoever, that still seemed like a bed-time story. The fairy tale of this mysterious woman who always appeared and disappeared with the troubles. Like some sort of fairy godmother, looking out for them all.

That couldn't be Audrey Parker.

Audrey was real. She was standing right in front of him.

She wasn't going to just disappear in a little over a week. Whole women didn't just disappear. Not even in Haven.

(Did they?)

One day, Nathan even went so far as to ask Vince if it was certain that Audrey was going to leave.

The worst part was the sympathy in the other man's eyes.

Like he knew exactly how Nathan felt.

And Nathan had a strong suspicion that he did. Yet another thing he didn't really want to think about. He was developing quite a list.

Shaking his head slightly to clear it, Nathan looked up and found a smile for the (semi) smirking woman across from him. "Yeah, I'll just pine away the hours," he says dryly.

He couldn't say any more.

Because he wasn't going to miss her.

He couldn't imagine a world where he didn't walk into the Haven police station in the morning and find Parker lounging at her desk. Or more likely, where Parker didn't arrive at the station ten minutes after him, distracting him from whatever he happened to be doing.

He didn't want to imagine that world. It just... it wasn't right.

He remembered Vince's words just before he left the Haven Herald. "It may hurt Nathan, but trust me, it's worth it. She's worth it, even if we only have her for a little while."

Nathan hadn't answered then. Just as he didn't have an answer now. Not a real one.

Because he really wasn't going to miss her.

He was going to ache.


The end