Chapter 1

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Rated T for mild dark themes and violence.

Bowser Jr. walked up to Bowser.

"Papa, I'm gonna go on a little walk, okay?" Junior said.

"Alright. Be sure to be back by 5." Bowser said.

"Okay." Junior said.

Junior walked out of the castle and walked around the Darklands, until he saw...the Dark Star!

"Waah! You're...You're that thing that Papa saved me from! Stay away from me!" Junior whined.

The Dark Star gone inside Junior's body, and Junior was choking.

"Gack...aaack...Get out of me..." Junior gagged, and the Star forced down his throat, making him swallow it.

And then he saw the body of Dark Bowser covering him up!

Junior screamed as Dark Bowser consumed him, forming from toe to head!

Junior then whined and cried as the Star finished the body. As soon as the body was complete, tendrils came and connected to Junior, sucking his blood. Junior screamed weakly before growing pale and passing out. The Star now had control of Junior. Dark Bowser's red eyes activate as the new Dark Bowser started heading to Bowser's castle.

Bowser was sitting on his throne, thinking about his next plan.

Until Dark Bowser showed up, teleporting into the castle.

"You! How many times do I have to deal with you?!" Bowser snarled.

"Oh...But this time's different..." Dark Bowser said ominously.

"You possessed someone?!" Bowser said angrily.

"I knew you'd remember me...Papa." Dark Bowser said before laughing.

Bowser's eyes grew wide.

"JUNIOR!?" Bowser gasped.

"You want proof? I'll show you..." Dark Bowser said. His padded stomach opened, revealing Junior, who was pale, with his eyes closed, and with tendrils connected to him, pumping, sucking his blood out.

"NO! This can't be happening!" Bowser said, both sadly and angrily.

Bowser heard two voices; both Dark Bowser and Junior's. Even though Junior was unconscious, his mouth was moving with him.

He was possessed.

"Oh, but it is." Dark Bowser/Junior said. Dark Bowser's stomach closed.

"I'm unstoppable at this point. You will not restore me; this is all what's left of me. And it feels good..." Dark Bowser 2.0. said before laughing with his altered, two-way voice. "Farewell, former father. We will meet again. And as I said before: You cannot restore me to my normal state; I am unbeatable." Dark Bowser 2.0. said before teleporting away from the castle.

"I gotta build a team to free Junior, or he'll be stuck like that forever..." Bowser said. "I must stop him."