Chapter 2

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Bowser had already called in the villains; they're Wario, Waluigi and Donkey Kong.

"Alright, we have to free Junior from the Dark Star, or it'll control him. Think you can help me?" Bowser said.

"Yep." Wario said.

"I'm in." Waluigi said.

"Count me." DK said.

"Alright, let's do this." Bowser said.

They exit the castle and see dark, possessed minions.

"It isn't just Junior...It's a invasion!" Bowser gasped.

"Let's take 'em all out!" Wario said.

After defeating the Dark Minions, their dark colors turned to normal, and they were unconscious.

"I'm sure they're alright." Bowser said.

The minions opened their eyes, got up and gone back to their work.

"I knew it." Bowser said.

And then a giant dark Goomba appeared.

The villains turned around and screamed!

"Don't recognize me? I was formerly known as King Goomba, or Goomboss, and now I am one with the darkness...You will not free me..." Dark King Goomba said.

"Spit him out, you idiot!" Bowser said before punching Dark King Goomba in the stomach.

Dark King Goomba roared in pain.

Wario lifted him up and threw him to the ground very hard.

Dark King Goomba roared in agony again, and started to destabilize.

Waluigi sucked him up in a tornado, and made him fall miles down to the ground, with the darkness losing its grip on King Goomba.

Donkey Kong smashed Dark King Goomba, nearly destroying the darkness. Bowser finally went inside Dark King Goomba's body, ripped the tendrils off of King Goomba, and ripped open its stomach to get out, with darkness leaking out like blood. Dark King Goomba finally fades away, destroyed.

King Goomba wakes up, woozy and pale.

"Thanks for freeing me..." King Goomba groaned.

"Anytime, KG." Bowser said.

"Red Goomba! Blue Goomba! Aid me!" King Goomba said before fainting.

"Coming, sir!" The two Goombas said, picking up King Goomba and sending him to the castle.

Wario and Waluigi laughed.

"One down, five to go." Bowser said.