AN: I dunno, I'll just dump any random ideas I end up writing that's related to Terrorist here. They'll start off with a short summary of what the piece will be about and then yeah, the actual drabble itself. Fun fun fun. I don't know what else to say.

At a glimpse: Fours years after Shinobu and Miyagi had gotten together, Risako had a baby (who I've randomly named Mai) with her new husband and Miyagi was given the task to babysit her for a while.

Word count: 1197

"Uh..." Miyagi stared down at the squirming baby in his hands, face and mind simultaneously a total blank. The massive-eyed baby giggled up at the much older man and quite charismatically spat some dribble on her chin. "...Alright then."

Mere seconds prior, the professor had answered the doorbell's ding-dong to be greeted with an out-of-breath, frazzled-looking ex-wife holding her six month old baby. Before the man was even able to utter so much as a greeting, Risako had already handed over the little diapered thing with a rushed, "LookafterMaiformewhileIgo,sorryit'sanemergencyandyourapartment wasclosebyandIneededsomeonet olookaftermydaughteruntilmor ningbye," and was already down the hall, turning into an elevator, and was out of sight.

So now Miyagi was left with the spitting little infant at ten PM without a clue as to what he should do with it. When he looked past the baby and onto the floor, he noticed a bag there with a baby bottle sticking out—thank God, baby supplies.

He tried to balance the baby in one arm as he grabbed the stuff with his free hand and kicked the door closed with his foot.

Leaving the baby goods on top of the couch, the suddenly grinning professor trekked over to the bedroom, headed toward the connected bathroom where he knew his boyfriend-lover-partner-soulmate was. As he reached for the knob, the door was already clicking open as Shinobu tiredly walked out, eyes barely open and rubbing his messy hair.

"Miyagi, who was at the—" The boy cut himself off with a sharp gasp, jumping back a foot when Miyagi had shoved the lively baby right up against his face. The twenty two year old university student rapidly blinked twice stupidly (how cute) as he realized his niece was the with him and his beloved.

"Haha," the elder of the two laughed, much too amused at Shinobu's shocked reaction. "Your face was amazing."

"Shut up, old man," the blond snapped, uselessly hiding his embarrassment under a scowl.

"Oi," Miyagi said, "Language. There's a baby here."

"So I've noticed." Shinobu leaned against the door frame, crossing his arms over his wonderfully topless and bare chest. "At first I thought you went into a twenty-second labour out there. But what are you doing with Risako's kid?"

As the small baby was starting to squirm more in his grasp, Miyagi had to hold her closer against his chest to ensure she wouldn't fall. "Risako just came and dropped her off. I think she said something about an emergency but she was gone before I could even ask."

"Huh." The boy huffed. "Some parent."

"Brat. She's your sister." The man winced as the baby unexpectedly whacked her tiny arm against his face, at which Shinobu evilly smirked at.

"Well, she should still have better supervision over her infant. Instead of tossing her over to her ex-husband, who she hasn't even spoken to in months." The blond sighed. "For all she could have known, you could have turned into an alcoholic or child molester during the time you've been apart."

"Always so dramatic." Miyagi sighed, which soon converted into a low grunt when the little devil child nearly flopped right out of his grasp. "You can have a little faith in me when I'm standing right in front of you, you know."

"Whatever," Shinobu muttered, eyeing his lover struggle with his niece. "Doesn't stop Risako from being irresponsible with her baby. And by the looks of it, she left Mai with someone who also has no idea how to care of an infant," he stated, arching a blond brow as the little girl smacked Miyagi's face again with a shrieking giggle.

"Geez." Miyagi outstretched his arms to bring some distance between the two. His attention was soon drawn to his smug boyfriend. "Instead of criticizing everyone who comes into contact with her, why don't youtry holding Mai and show us all how it's done?" he challenged with a smirk.

Wordlessly, Shinobu held his arms out and took the baby from Miyagi, accepting the challenge. He hadn't been able to spend a whole lot of time with the girl, but he brought her close to his chest and held her in a motherly fashion, instinctively, like he'd been doing this all his life.

The professor had to frown when Mai almost instantly ceased her wiggling and squirming, cuddling up to Shinobu's bare chest.

"Heh." Shinobu smirked at the older man's defeated face. "This isn't very difficult. Don't know what you were doing that caused her to fight you so much."

"Quiet, brat," the man grumbled with a faint grin. He observed his beautiful terrorist gently stroke the child's pale skin, a smile smile gracing his lips. Miyagi loved seeing any views of the boy when he was smiling, since it was so rare, and seeing him now so peacefully with an innocent little baby in his arms made his heart want to melt from the obnoxious sappiness of the whole situation. "You'd make a good mama, Shinobu-chin. I'm gonna have to knock you up one of these days."

The blond scoffed a that idea. "Oh, please. If anything, you'd be the one bearing my child," he mumbled under his breath, causing Miyagi to mentally roll his eyes. "Besides, we already talked about how we don't want kids, unless your old age is causing you to forge—"

Shinobu abruptly stopped talking with slightly enlarged eyed and tensed shoulders.

His grey eyes slowly went downward, causing a slightly concerned Miyagi to do the same, and he saw that Mai had her lips planted on one of Shinobu's perky nipples, unsuccessfully trying to suck some breast milk out of it.

Immediately, Miyagi hollered with stinging laughter, leaning against the nearby wall and clutching onto his stomach. He barely heard Shinobu's whining and grumbling that "No, Miyagi, it's not funny!" or, "Stop it, old man, you're going to kill yourself!"

Once the man was able to contain his fit, he cheerfully eyed his lover's adorable pout and the fact that he was now placing one hand over his right nipple to block the baby's access. Miyagi smiled at the young adult and said, "Even a baby thinks you're the child-bearer of the relationship. Mama."

Embarrassed and entirely red in the face (and ears), Shinobu plopped Mai back into Miyagi's arms and hid back inside the bathroom, uttering a gruff, yet somehow squeaky, "Go feed her some milk, you lump."

Miyagi turned away from the door, grinning down at his ex-wife's baby girl. "You're an awesome baby, you know that?"

She uttered some kind of odd infant noise that the professor couldn't quite decipher.

He chuckled at her nonetheless, and as it died down, his face began to fall somewhat solemnly as he looked the kid in the eye and said, "But seriously though, nobody's allowed to touch and lick him there except me, alright?"

Mai spat up some messy dribble in response.