AN: I was working a bit on the next chapter for my story Chaotic Youth, and that had me remembering just how much I adore these two as teenagers. So this happened.

At a glimpse: Shinobu just wasn't prepared to meet the new member of his family. AU.

Word count: 1943

It was announced a day ago that there was to be a new member of the household coming today.

Shinobu didn't know why exactly his parents decided to inform him of this on such short notice, but it was what it was. The sixteen year old hardly cared either way; all he was told was that the new person was a dude, seventeen, and was moving from Hokkaido to spend a couple of years with them.

The kid's parents was apparently good friends with Shinobu's. They wanted the guy to be able to have more of the opportunities that could be found in Tokyo, which was why Shinobu's parents agreed to give him a spot at their house.

It would be like having another sibling, Shinobu's parents had told him. Except the blond certainly hoped it wouldn't be anything like that—Risako alone was already too much. But the boy figured that if he avoided the new kid like he tried to with Risako, then nothing would really change in the boy's life.

Currently, Shinobu's parents had gone off to the airport to pick up the new dude, leaving the blond and his sister alone in the kitchen, sitting at the table.

"I wonder what he'll be like," Risako wondered aloud, twirling a piece of her hair through her lithe fingers.

"Nmph," Shinobu grunted in responded, tapping away on his laptop, minimally paying attention to what his sister was saying.

"He's probably, like, really smart. If he's coming all the way out here for schooling." The girl was probably playing with her nails, or something equally as feminine, already creating some lame fantasies in her dimwitted noggin of a dream boy. "I wonder what he looks like." She silently giggled to herself and Shinobu rolled his grey eyes.

"God, who cares?"

The slightly older girl ceased in her snickers, replacing her grin with a PMS-y huff in the other teen's direction. "You're such a killjoy, you know that? Like, maybe you don't care that we're letting this guy live with us, but, like, the rest of us do." Her smile returned as she began twirling a piece of her cobweb strands of hair through her fingers (or at least, to Shinobu her head looked like a spider's nest). "Like, really. He could be seriously hot!"

"Like, oh em gee, no way!" the sixteen year-old mocked with little enthusiasm, earning a grimace from his sister. Maybe a couple of months ago, the boy could have said he had even the tiniest bit of respect for the girl—she was a good student and shit, putting a lot more of her time into studying in comparison to Shinobu. But she recently befriended some Barbie wanna-bes, who influenced her into talking like she had absolutely no intelligence left. "Don't bother. He's probably just some geeky nut. And even that wouldn't have an interest in dating you."

"In case you've forgotten," Risako started, planting her face in her palm, "I have people asking me out. I've dated some guys—like, really hot guys. Unlike you."

Shinobu yawned, pretending that he didn't hear the girl only to piss her off, focusing his attention on the Tetris game he was playing.

"I don't remember ever seeing you with a girl, stupid."

Like hell Shinobu was going to tell his ever dearest sister about his perpetual disinterest in females. Risako didn't need to know about his sexuality and try to drag in to the mall and buy underwear with her, or some other stupid shit to poke at his gayness.

They suddenly heard the front doorknob being handled with and Risako leaped from her seat. "Oh my God, he's here."

"Big whoop." When his game ended, the blond sighed and shut the thing off as they both heard the door being thrown open.

"Risako! Shinobu!" their mother called. "Come over here and introduce yourselves!"

The older girl walked around the table and scolded her brother, "Turn the laptop off and let's go, you twit."

"I already did, shit brain." Shinobu groaned and lazily got up, tucking the computer under an arm before trailing after his sister, a little less than cheerfully.

They got to the house entrance, where their mom was standing next to the open door.

The blond boy glanced around idly before asking, "Well, where is he?"

"Your father's helping Miyagi take his bags out of the trunk." She crossed her arms and sighed. "Just be patient," she barked.

After an eye roll from Shinobu, his dad soon appeared, wheeling in a large suitcase into the house. And right after him, Shinobu's eyes bugged at the creature who followed.

Oh, God.

No way.

Shut the front door.

Miyagi came in and set down a suitcase near his feet while Shinobu's mother closed the door behind him. The raven-haired teen uttered a brief thanks to her with a (breathtaking!) smile and then looked at Risako, then to Shinobu, who gaped and blushed and couldn't breath, and would pass out if this God-sent creation kept looking at him any longer—

Mrs. Takatsuki cleared her throat. "So, Miyagi," she said, causing the kid to snap his attention away from a recomposing Shinobu (thank God). "This is our daughter, Risako," she said, gesturing to the swooning, almost giggly girl.

The two of them nodded their greetings to one another in a quick, simple exchange.

"Risako is the same age and grade as you," the woman continued. "And this is our son, Shinobu."

Again, the other boy looked at Shinobu, who, at this point, was just barely able to keep himself standing upright. The blond was expecting the same kind of treatment Miyagi gave to Risako, just a simple nod of acknowledgement, but instead Shinobu stiffened when Miyagi gave him a smile.


Shinobu could only stammer unintelligible nonsense back at the other male, whose smile somehow seemed broader in amusement by the end.

"Shinobu and Risako, this is Miyagi You as you already know."

There was silence between the three teenagers; Risako was busy checking the new boy out, her unconcealed flush and grin glowing, as Shinobu's mind was transformed into a total whirlpool of undecipherable garbage. Miyagi was just standing and looking back and forth between the two strange siblings, apparently not knowing what to think.

Shinobu's mother regarded the scenario, waited for someone to say or do something, until she finally snapped, "Risako! Shinobu! Aren't you going to at least welcome our new household member?"

"Welcome to Tokyo," Risako said dreamily. "If you ever need someone to talk to, my room's upstairs. It's the first one on the left."

Miyagi blinked at her offer. "Uh, sure. Thanks."

Mrs. Takatsuki rolled her eyes at her hormonal daughter, then said, "How about you, Shinobu? Have anything to say to Miyagi?"

The blond continued gazing at the raven. "You're hot."

Every single pair of eyes gawked at the youngest, including Miyagi, who rendered speechless.

Suddenly aware of all the attention brought upon him, Shinobu backtracked a little and realized what he'd unintentionally blurted out. "I-I mean—!" His deflated brain scrambled for some sort of explanation. "I meant that you look really hot!" When that didn't seem to defuse anything, the blond became on the verge of a panic attack. "Like-like-like—temperature hot and stuff!"

"...Ah." Miyagi looked down at himself and the sweater he was wearing, despite the beaming sun outside. "Yeah, I didn't expect it to be this hot in Tokyo. Hokkaido's a lot cooler."

As his mom said some stuff that the blond wasn't paying attention to, Miyagi and Mr. Takatsuki moved to bring the teen's bags further in the house, and soon they left to show Miyagi his new bedroom. Risako muttered something about food and left for the kitchen, leaving Shinobu by himself to contemplate how the fuck he was possibly going to be able to live properly with such a hot piece of sex walking around loose in his house for the next year or two.

For the rest of the day, Shinobu tried his damned hardest to avoid Miyagi. He was pretty embarrassed about their initial meeting, and he was also certain that Miyagi already thought of him as some sort of freak by now. The blond did not want to see the other teen and possibly do or say something to soil his opinion of him any further.

He wasn't sure where the guy was currently, but Shinobu had been cooped up in his bedroom the whole day, ever since the others arrival. Shinobu wanted out, but didn't want to risk bumping into the other boy. So his solution was to go take a bath, since his bathroom was right across the hall and a quick dash over would do it. Besides, the temperatures in Tokyo had been high recently and a cool bath would be nice.

So with a messy ball of clothing tucked under his arm, Shinobu threw his door open and rushed into his bathroom, quickly slamming the door shut behind him and breathing out a sigh of relief for successfully completing his mission.

But when he turned around and looked at the bath, he was met with a pair of eyes gaping right back at him.

"The hell?" Miyagi asked, butt naked and wet on a stool, placing his hand lower to cover his goods—despite Shinobu already receiving quite an eyeful of it.

The blond could have died right there, either from blatant embarrassment or the heavenly bliss of seeing the unclothed body of a sex God right before him, but instead he let out sort of an unmanly shout and scrambled right back out of there.

He slammed the door shut again, face no doubt the colour of something really fucking red, and banged his forehead against the wall.

'Oh my God, I saw his junk, I saw his junk, I saw his junk, I saw his junk, I saw his junk, I saw his junk, I saw his junk, I saw his junk and he's above average!'

The boy remained unmoving, his forehead squashed against the hallway wall, hoping that he could somehow pass into the underworld right then and there.

He acknowledged the squeak of the bathroom door opening but was feeling too shitty to freak out over the fact that Miyagi had come out and was probably going to talk to him.


"Guh..." The blond heard footsteps come closer and stop next to him, so he swallowed and man'd up the courage to look at him and stand straight, despite his face still looking really fucking red. "Why are you taking a bath in there? That's supposed to be my bathroom, you know!"

Miyagi blinked at him, still pretty naked but had a white towel wrapped around his waist to conceal his jewels. The raven then furrowed his brows and said, "Well, maybe if you'd left your room at all today, you'd have known that it isn't just your bathroom anymore. Your parents said that you and I are going to be sharing it from now on."

Shinobu gawked. "What?"

"That's right, rich boy."

"But it doesn't even have a lock on it anymore! What if... We're gonna walk in on each other and shit!" Shinobu exclaimed, too astonished to realize that he's just been called 'rich boy.'

Miyagi shrugged casually, and Shinobu admired the way his wet muscles moved with it. "It'll probably happen. But whatever, I don't care... No homo, right?"

'Wrong,' Shinobu thought miserably. 'It's not 'no homo' because there's a very big homo here right here, who just happens to be excruciatingly homo for you right now.'

But with a dejected sigh, Shinobu replied, "Right..."

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