Chapter 1

The Pride of Konaha

It was the monthly gathering of the Konaha village clan leaders. Each major clan was present, which lead to a rather daunting amount of fire power being present. Inuzuka Tsume and her companion Kuromaru, Aburame Shibi, Akimichi Choza, Hyuga Hiashi, Nara Shikaku, and Yamanka Inoichi. Even the Sarutobi clan was represented, albeit by the chain smoking son of the Hokage rather than Hiruzen himself.

The meeting was drawing to an end as there were few problems that needed the full force of the clan heads brought to bear. Shikaku lazily smiled to himself as he leaned against the wall. The Evil Trio might think they were the power behind the council, but really this monthly "poker night" held more actual power than all save the Hokage himself.

As the talk wound down talk turned from policy and trade agreements to personal matters and members spread out to chat, snack, or in some cases be withdrawn and inscrutable. The Ino-Shika-Cho combo was unsurprisingly found grouped together. Tsume was trying to talk Asuma into a friendly game of blindfolded darts while Hiashi looked constipated and Shibi calmly observed everyone.

"Oi, I forgot!" Choza exclaimed as he looked up from his rather depleted plate of snacks. "The kids Genin test is tomorrow. Do we want to bring them to the meeting next month? That's when our family traditionally introduces clan duties to the children."

Shikaku opened his eyes and agreed "Shika will pass as long as he can manage to stay awake long enough to take the test. His mother is convincing him of the importance of doing that right now. I'll bring him."

Tsume shrugged "I'll bring Hana so she can meet the group. Kiba can tag along I suppose."

Shibi nodded, "It is only logical to allow the children to be introduced slowly to the positions they will be expected to attain. Shino will be in attendance."

"If I can manage to convince Ino that coming is more important than mooning over the Uchiha I'll bring her as well" was Inochi's contribution.

Hiashi looked, if possible, even more constipated. "Hinata won't be attending. She has other duties and will not benefit from what will essentially be a gathering of children as I am sure we will be unable to discuss anything of any true importance as long as the children are present."

Shikaku sighed as he wondered if the gossip that he had heard about Hiashi overlooking Hinata for Hanabi as his heir were true. "Hiashi, it's simply a chance for the next generation of the clans to be introduced in a calm setting. It would be a failure on our part if the strong bonds that hold our families together failed in the coming years."

Asuma barked out a laugh. "I hadn't realized," he said as examined the smoking end of his ever-present cigarette. "This term for the Academy will result in the largest group of clan graduates in years. I wonder what they will make of themselves." He looked around the room at the rather ridiculously overpowered gathering and said "It would be rather amazing to see the pride of Konaha as they will be."

To his, and everyone else s surprise they would very shortly get the opportunity to meet the pride of Konaha.

A flash of light and smoke filled the room.

Ten years in the future

Rain fell on the roof of the rather crowded tent that had been set up about a mile away from the battle. Naruto looked around at his companions. Each was battled hardened, weary, and as far as he could tell, entirely insane.

Neji and Tenten stood together holding hands. Shika, Ino, and Choji as always were present as a team. Kiba, followed by a limping Akamaru, was arguing with Shino, which was quite impressive as Kiba was correctly interpreting what was basically eyebrow movement and a collection of grunts into a rather spirited debate. Naruto smiled. Even though the disagreement looked rather one-sided he knew that both parties were getting their point across. And that Shino would most likely win without needing to speak.

Temari was standing with Gaara. Lee and Sakura sat on the ground as Sakura healed a minor wound caused by Lee being excessively Youthful. Sai was engrossed in a drawing. Sasuke stood at his right. Naruto's beautiful Hina-himme was at his left holding Naruto's hand as she also looked around at the pride of Konaha.

Yamato approached the group. "Hokage-sama, ANBU reports that the civilians are all out. All that remain are the ANBU and Special Jonin. Genin and Chunin are acting as escorts for the civilians." Naruto looked up and smiled at his ANBU Captain.

"Yamato-sensei, I've told you there is no need to be so formal with me all the time." Yamato simply smiled and said "Of course Hokage-sama. Remaining troops are ready to depart on the signal. They are leading the enemy too us as we speak."

Namikaze Naruto, Rokudaime Hokage, known and feared all over the world as the Shadow Ninja turned to his wife and pouted. "No one listens to me Hina-chan."

Shika laughed as he lit his last allowed cigarette of the day. Temari only allowed him 5 a day. Troublesome Woman, he thought to himself as he noticed his wife eying his actions. He knew she knew it was his last and she smirked at him as he shook his head and wondered why he had fallen in love with her. He looked at his Hokage "Naruto, you have been after the Hokage title since you knew the word. Get used to it."

Naruto grinned and scratched the back of his head as he shrugged. There was a massive explosion and the grin faded. "That was the signal. Is everyone sure that they want to go through with this? There is no guarantee that this will actually get the result we are looking for. The seal simply looks for the time that we are mentioned as a group and dumps us there. We might end up at the beginning of the war or we might end up at the Battle of Suna from two years ago. The earliest point in time when we were seen and acknowledged as a group. Using the chakra of the Kyubi means that the seal is powerful but mostly uncontrollable."

Sakura stood and pulled Lee to his feet. "We do this," she said. "We do this to save Suna." Gaara smiles as he pulls her to him.

Kiba growls and looks in the direction of the battle. "There is not a one of us who has come through this war with family intact. We go back as far as we can and we save as many as we can. The Battle of Suna would be enough for me."

Shino nods. "The appeal of the Hokages seal is greatly increased by the destructive nature of its activation. Knowing that we will take most of the remainder of Sound with us when we go is quite comforting."

Tenten laughed as she snuggled up to Neji, "When the Namikaze wants something to go 'Boom', it goes and stays gone".

Naruto smiled again but this time he showed his elongated incisors and looked more than a bit bloodthirsty. "Shika, we ready?"

The Nara stubbed out the last of his cigarette and nodded. "I've complied plans for the beginning of the war on. Whichever stage of the war we arrive during we can save lives. Obviously the earlier the better, but as Kiba said, any lives saved are better than what we've lost."

Naruto nodded and looked to Neji. "Status of the retreat?"

Neji activated the Byakugan and directed his attention to the remaining Konaha forces. "They are retreating in good order and are far enough ahead of the enemy to be safe from the activation of the seal. I estimate four minutes till they exit the village entirely and ten minutes until the optimal concentration of enemy nin have followed them inside the walls."

Naruto nodded and passed around a small bowl and knife. Each of the warriors sliced a small cut and allowed a good amount of blood to drip into the bowl. Naruto hesitated as he handed the bowl to Sasuke. "Are you sure?" he asked quietly. "I know we can't arrive in time to save any of your precious people. You don't have to risk it."

Sasuke took the bowl and the knife. As he cut and allowed his blood to mix with the blood of the others he spoke more quietly than Naruto "I should have trusted you. I should have stayed. I never killed a Konaha Ninja except Danzo but their blood is still on my hands. I will right whatever wrongs I can." He looked up at Naruto. "Dobe, I will trust my Hokage to avenge my brother and right the wrongs that I could not".

Naruto took the bowl with a nod and a mutter of "Teme"

Sakura passed blood pills and healed cuts as Naruto began to paint the seal with blood and chakra. The lines he drew began to glow red with the kyubi's chakra. Neji quietly said. "All Konaha and allied forces are out of the city. I estimate five minutes until optimal activation."

Naruto nodded and stood. As he looked over the complete seal Hinata frowned and asked "Why is it so simple? The seal you made to instantly cook ramen was twice this complicated."

Naruto chuckled as he again rubbed the back of his head, "Well love, it's Ramen. You can't be too careful..."

He was interrupted by a chakra powered fist to the head and a heartfelt "Baka!"

Ino chuckled at the sight of the wife of the Kazekage attacking the Hokage. The action was a comforting one in its familiarity.

Naruto pouted at a giggling Hinata again as he rubbed the spot that had been hit. When no comfort seemed to be forthcoming he said, "It can't be too intricate or specific. All I'm going for is a time in the past when we'll be recognized and where we'll be among allies. Anything else would cause the seal to fail."

Neji quietly said "Three minutes".

Serious again the group looked to Naruto for final instruction. "Get in you places everyone, circle up facing out. Remember. The farther back we go the more out of it I will be. Sakura needs to focus on healing myself and Gaara as he will be sharing his chakra as well. Shika will give you orders based on our arrival time and Sasuke will work with Lee, Kiba, and Akamaru on making sure whoever we end up in front of doesn't decide to kill us before Hina-chan can work her magic, Ino you are with her in case someone needs their mind changed for them. Neji will find out where we are and Sai will make some spies to find out when we are. Choji, Tenten, and Temari are backup to Sasuke's group. Shino, get a tag on everyone. We don't get separated."

He looked around to make sure everyone was in their place. He stood and pulled up the mask he wore in memory of his sensei. As Neji quietly said "30 seconds." Naruto gathered his chakra and began the hand signs he had practiced till he could do them in his sleep. He could hear the enemy Nin as they entered the village and began to set fire to the few buildings still standing.

He saw in his mind the faces of those he hoped to save. Konohamaru, Hana, Kankuro, Gema, Kakashi, Tusnade, the original Ino-Shika-Cho team, old man Ichiraku and Ayame, Kurenai-sensei and her little Ausume. Each member of the group had their own precious people they were praying they would be in time for.

Neji whispered, "They are all within range. Now."

Naruto made the last hand sign bit his thumb for the last bit of blood needed and slammed his hand into the ground at the center of their circle and activated the seal. In a flash of light the Hokage and his closest allies disappeared. Then moving out from their circle a shock-wave followed closely by a wall of fire the village that had been Konoha burned to ground and took its peoples foe with it.