'HP: Dolen Amser'
Chapter Three
- Belfry -

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It's been pointed out that Harry's way OOC or had a personality transplant. Well, we all know how people react when they have a horcrux nearby, or are wearing one. So, what about one in your own head? Seems like it would be depressing to the Nth degree. Only someone with enough 'something' would have been able to keep up with that little parasite. This story has that 'something' being a near insane level of humour, like his father. With it now gone, Harry's free to lighten the hell up. More than one character is going to think that he's related to Sirius, though. Heh

Oh, and yes. This is rated M for a reason. Nothing will happen for a while, but when it does all bets are off. Fair warning.

"Sugar Quill," Professor Sprout said to the gargoyle. It shifted, and she made her way up the stairs. She didn't even have to knock, as the Headmaster's office doors were standing wide open.

The Headmaster was looking a bit relaxed for once, sitting back in his chair and reading the Quibbler of all things. He looked over the periodical and smiled. "Ah, good evening Pomona. All of your new badgers are well settled in, I trust? Lemon drop?"

"Yes they are, and no thank you," she replied, taking a seat. "I was hoping to discuss our new transfer student. Have his records arrived yet, Albus? Normally, I get to know all my students as they grow over the years. But now…"

"You want to know what to expect with Mr. Blake, and how to best serve his needs?" Albus said with that endearing and insufferable twinkle in his eye. "Perfectly understandable, my dear. And yes, I received his transcript from the Waitangi School of Sorcery and reviewed it this afternoon. I'll make it available for all of his professors in the morning."

"Waitangi?" Pomona said, somewhat surprised. "He doesn't sound like a Kiwi."

Nodding, Albus speculated. "Ah, yes. But remember that most muggleborn students have a tendency to migrate out of Britain after they graduate. And, you know the restrictions the Ministry places on them as to what jobs are available. Sad to say. I abhor bigotry of any sort. As I understand it, the orphanage to which he was placed is staffed by British immigrants."

Nodding, Pomona didn't have much to say about that. Her look of disgust said enough. "And, what of Mr. Blake?"

There was a smile in Albus' voice. "While it was noted that he has a rather sarcastic wit that tends to get him in trouble, he's an honours student. Young James has excelled in DADA, Charms, and Potions. His OWLs show distinctions in those three, I'm happy to say."

"So, why the transfer?" Pomona tried to get to the heart of the matter.

Nodding, Albus looked over to the various silver bobbles on the far table. They've been behaving oddly for quite a while, much to his consternation. At least the one monitoring the blood wards was still functioning properly. "His sixteenth birthday had a bit of a surprise. It would seem that his parents had a metamorphmagus block placed on the lad as a toddler. After their unfortunate accident, no one knew to remove it before he went to school."

Sitting back, Pomona was shocked. "I would've assumed something like that would pop when he came of age. Oh, the poor boy."

Nodding, Albus agreed. "Apparently, there was an incident in the school's duelling club. A misspoken spell and zigging when he should've zagged had Mr. Blake out of sorts for the better part of a week."

Wincing, Pomona had a thought. "I would assume that he was brought to England in order to better control his new ability?"

"Indeed he was," Albus nodded. "Mrs. Andromeda Tonks is well versed in instructing the lad, as you know. She's been scheduled to come in once every two weeks to check up on his progress." He paused, grinning. "From her outburst at the sorting, it would seem he got rather close to Nympadora over the summer."

"You'd be surprised," Pomona countered. "They only met on the train."

Albus' bushy brows went up. "Indeed? I would imagine it was a bit of a shock for her, then. There aren't that many metamorphmagus in the world, and to find a boy that's like her…" he trailed off.

"She does seem to be quite taken with him," Pomona grinned. "I have a feeling that those two are going to be the talk of the castle before too long."

"Ah, to be young," Albus smiled.

Harry was duelling Voldemort in the cemetery again. Tom's imperius was being countered by his own inner voice as he bowed. 'Don't listen to him!' his conscience was screaming.

Suddenly free, he stood up sharply.


Harry was startled awake, and quite a bit confused. He remembered seeing a shimmer off to the far right of that duel, somewhere in front of one of the tombstones. He never thought anything of it before, but he now knew what that type of distortion was: Someone was either disillusioned or under an invisibility cloak. Was that me? he wondered.

In his state of befuddlement, he felt around in the dark. The bed was both familiar and not all at once. While exceedingly comfortable, the scent was off. There wasn't any snoring going on, and it was pitch black in the room. Groping about, he couldn't find his glasses or his wand.

Frustrated, he mumbled lumos and found that his wand had rolled off the bedside table. He stared at it for a moment, wondering if it was mocking him.

Fetching it, he realized where he was as his eyes focussed on their own. One of the numerous advantages of his metamorph capabilities was a reflexive perfect eyesight, so his glasses were long since gone.

Yawning, he looked about the Hufflepuff dorm. He was by himself in a room set for two. More strangeness. "If only Gryffindor was like this," he mumbled. "Wait," he shook his head. "That doesn't matter anymore."

Wishing for some coffee, he held his wand over his watch to see 5:32am. Right. I was going to go for a run before breakfast. No, wait. Breaky at seven with the bubblegum haired one. Right. Yawning again, he set an alarm spell for thirty minutes later and rolled back under the covers.

Running around Black Lake seemed different somehow. He couldn't quite put his finger on what had changed, though.

No one was out that early except the squid, who waved languidly at him on his second lap. Mostly, Harry used the time to both run and go over his mental shields and defences. Running while meditating was unusual to be sure, but things seemed to be more in focus when he did.

Harry smirked when he realized that no one was out to kill him this year. He didn't even notice that his light blue hair had spiked at the top of his head.

Coming out of the en suite shower, Harry had a towel around his middle and another that he was using to dry his hair. So, he didn't quite notice that he wasn't exactly alone.

"Wotcher, Jim," a voice sounded from outside his towel space, causing him to freeze mid-step. Peeking out from under the towel, he eyed a smug looking Tonks, who was grinning her face off on his bed.

"See? Sexist!" Harry complained. "If I did this, you'd be hexing my bits off. Unfair, that is. Now close the drapes while I get dressed."

Pout in full force, Tonks closed the bed off. "Someone's grumpy this morning. Half expected to wake you up, not find a yummy walking washboard, all dripping and everything."

Boxers and trousers on, somewhat sticking to his skin, Harry couldn't hold in his chuckles. "Blimey, Tonks. Andy'd shred me alive if she saw this. I'm decent now, by the way."

He heard the four poster open rather violently behind him. "Oh, I dunno. If she could see what I see, she'd most likely tell dad to shove off."

"Yeah, let's talk about Ted," Harry said while pulling his undershirt on. "Would he or would he not try to make me up as a kebab, in a situation like this?"

"I thought you'd like a pretty girl in your room," Tonks said with a full toddler pout and big eyes.

"That's beside the point," Harry said, grinning over his shoulder at her. "Tell me something. I could've sworn my ties were black and grey, and what's with my robes? There's yellow piping and the Hufflepuff crest on them already."

"Oh that," Tonks said as she stood up. "The Hogwarts House Elves take care of the firsties colours and whatnot after they're sorted. They did the same for you. Complaining?"

"Hardly," Harry said as he buttoned his shirt. "Thought I was going to have to do a permanent colour changing charm, and figure out where to get the crests for the robes." Standing up straight, he raised his voice. "To the elf or elves that helped me with my wardrobe: Thank you so very much. It's greatly appreciated."

Smiling at what he did, Tonks armlocked his elbow again. "C'mon, you. Breakfast! Leave the robes. It's Sunday, after all."

Harry blinked. "Right. And why'd you let me get all done up, then?" he complained, only now noticing she was wearing a black 'Weird Sisters' tee and denim trousers.

"You forced me to hide while you got dressed," Tonks said seriously. Their look at each other lasted a beat, before they both started laughing. She spun him about and pushed him back towards his wardrobe. "Right, you. Jeans, shirt, trainers! I'm showing you the two knut tour of the castle today!"

"There's a pun in there, but I'm too much of a gentleman to say it," Harry deadpanned.

Snickering, Tonks just shook her head. "You're worse than me. Now hurry up! Chop chop! I'm starvin'!"

After breakfast in a near empty great hall, where they discovered that they had matching class schedules, Harry spent the day listening to Tonks as she went on about the places she showed him. Half of it was redundant, and mostly the classrooms.

All the same, he marvelled that someone was actually taking their last day of freedom to show him around the castle. What was surprising, was that she knew of a few side passages that he never saw before.

"Knut for your thoughts?" Tonks asked as they approached the quidditch pitch.

Harry smirked. "My thoughts are nutty enough without you adding to them, thank you very much." They shared a small snort. "It's just that things are so different."

"I would imagine being on the other side of the world is a bit disorienting, yeah?" Tonks said with a nod.

"Certainly feels like it," Harry hedged.

Tonks looked over and up at him as they walked. "So, what was Waitangi like?"

"A lot smaller," Harry replied. He'd gone over several pensieve memories of the school with the Unspeakables, so this was rather easy. "The magical community isn't all that large down there. This place is flippin' huge in comparison."

There was a rustle by one of the stands, and an amused voice spoke up, interrupting them. "Pay up."

There was a small and rather disgusted sounding, "Shite," for an answer. They saw a disgruntled Tony and a highly amused Alex. "Oi, Blake. What's 'earth micks'?" Tony asked, looking at Harry's shirt.

Looking down, Harry snorted. "Eurythmics, Tony. Squib band. Rather popular with the muggles. Annie Lennox has quite the lovely voice. One would think she has siren blood."

Tonks flapped her hand. "Yeah, whatever. Weird Sisters is where it's at." She looked at Alex and Tony. "What's with the bet, and what was it over?"

In answer, they both pointed between them somewhere around their waists. Harry and Tonks immediately looked to where they were pointing, and noticed that they were holding hands. The boys then started chortling when both of their heads sported lavender hair to go with their pinking faces.

"Uh," Harry said lamely. "I don't remember starting that. You?"

"Me neither," Tonks shook her head, then looked up at him. "Problem?"

"No," Harry said just as quietly. "You all right with that?"

"Yeah," she replied, eyeing him warily. "You?"

The corner of Harry's mouth lifted, causing hers to do the same. "Yeah."

"Fuck," Tony swore under his breath as he handed the tall blond five gold coins. "You suck, Alex." Looking at Harry, he glowered. "Hurt her and I hurt you. Got that?"

Harry's eyes widened as he realized what was happening. "Oi, mate. We just realized we were holding hands and are fine with it. If anything comes out of it, I'm pretty sure it'll be her idea. Mainly, b'cause I'm pants at this sort of thing."

Tonks started smirking. "Good. I can train you up right, then."

Harry's head snapped to his right to gape at her. "Oh, bugger." That caused the other three to start laughing, since his hair turned lime green.

"All right, all right," Alex said. "What broom you got, Blake?"

Harry's hair went back to it's light blue as his face lit up. "Cleansweep seven fifty. Really want a Nimbus though."

"Cor, who doesn't?" Tonks said.

Alex had a thoughtful expression on his face. "That'll work. Want to do some drills today? I know I said Friday, but since we're here…"

Harry and Tonks shared a look to gauge whether or not the other was fine with that. With matching shrugs, they turned back to Alex and said, "Sure."

"Broom's still in my trunk though," Harry tacked on.

Tonks fidgeted. "Could we eat first? It's lunchtime, and Jim can grab his broom after."

Lunch was more of a snatch and grab of sandwiches. Since the four of them were together, the three chasers caught on to what was happening and cut their lunch short. A few fourth and fifth years noticed, and came along as well – along with one third year boy. All in all, it turned into an impromptu and abrupt trial session.

Harry noticed what was happening and nudged Tonks, who had hold of his hand again. "Don't look now, but I think we've got a following."

She smirked. "There are a lot of hopefuls for seeker this year. Little Digs is really wanting it."

Doing his best not to react, Harry realized who she meant. Cedric was a third year now, and quite alive. He couldn't remember when he actually started playing though. An idea was forming, but he wasn't sure how to go about it just yet.

As for the trials, it was no bloody contest. Not impaired by glasses now, Harry was an absolute demon in the sky. On a whim, mainly because he just found out that Tony was a seventh year, Harry nabbed a beater bat and went a few rounds with Tonks.

It was three in the afternoon, when Alex threw a jersey at Harry. While pleased, he really didn't like the depressed look on Cedric's face. The others didn't bother him, but he remembered going against Cedric in his first year.

With a look to Tonks and Alex, he trotted over to Cedric. "Oi, Digs! Hold up a sec!"

Tonks watched Jim talk to a dejected Cedric, who slowly lost his sad look to an expression of an awe filled smile. His high pitched 'Really?' got her attention. She, Alex, and Tony shared a confused look when Jim patted the boy on the shoulder with a wide grin and cycling hair colours.

"What'd you say to him?" Tonks asked as Jim came back, all smiles.

Giving Tony a look, Harry explained. "Since this is your last year, I told Digs that I'd teach him the finer points of seeking. If he gets up to snuff by next year, I'll take Tony's place as beater and let Digs have the seeker position."

"Now wait a minute," Alex complained. "I'm the ruddy captain here, Blake."

"And Cedric is almost there, Alex," Harry countered. "You saw him. He was only off a few times, and most likely that was due to nerves. Think about it. The Puffs need a well trained seeker after we're gone. Besides, unless you flunk, this is your last year, so you really got no say in it." He followed that rant with a rather mature blown raspberry.

Laughing, Tonks pointed at Alex. "He's got ya there, mate!"

Unnoticed by everyone, Pomona Sprout watched on and was well pleased. She couldn't wait to gloat it over with Minerva and Fillius, and had a bounce in her step as she headed back to the castle.

Dinner was a rowdy affair, as word spread about the Badgers' new seeker. Three captains all eyed the new kid warily, since the look of confidence on Alex's face was more than a bit troubling. He was far too pleased, and that was bad in their books. Since the Hufflepuff trials were scheduled for Friday, no one was on hand to see what the fuss was about.

Seeing Professor Sprout obviously talking about it with a bright smile didn't fill them with confidence either. While she normally had a sunny disposition, she was positively radiating now.

Word also quickly spread amongst the Badgers that Tonks had tentatively snatched up the new guy. While most were disappointed, there was the de-facto rule amongst the sisterhood to not get in the way and defend the claim from the other houses. It was a shame though. They all thought he was quite dishy. The blue really worked.

Monday mornings were going to be a test of patience, as the Puffs and the Claws had double potions followed with double history. Harry wasn't sure if he was looking forward to it or not. Fortunately, Tonks said she was going to be his partner for most things, and that made everything better.

Snape burst into the room with his usual rapid gloom. "Somehow or another, you dunderheads all passed your OWLs with an Outstanding. So, there will be no coddling for your NEWT level courses."

Rather than comment on the coddling remark, Harry shared a raised eyebrow with Tonks, who simply shook her head over it.

Calling the roll, Snape paused when he came upon the new name. "Blake, it seems you passed your OWL with a Distinction," he drawled. "I'm not sure what you were taught at Waitangi, but we will see if they were lax in your education soon enough."

"Actually sir, I took my OWL's at the British Ministry last May," Harry couldn't help defending himself. There was no way he was going to let the greasy git get away with this crap any more.

Snape looked up with an actual expression of surprise on his face. "Who was your Examiner, Blevins?" he snapped with a sneer.

"I think her name was Madame Archunct, Professor," Harry said with a perplexed look.

Snape blanched, as that ancient hag was more difficult than he was. He then stared at him with a frown. After a moment, he continued the roll sounding a bit sulky.

After that was done, Snape stood up in an attempt to regain his composure. "Pop quiz review! Everyone is to brew an Ice Potion. You have an hour and forty five minutes. Go!"

Tonks was beside herself. Jim actually stood up to Snape and didn't have any points taken. It was completely unheard of!

Watching Blake, Snape monitored the boy's technique and was reluctantly impressed. He prepared each ingredient beforehand while his cauldron warmed. His style with his knife was rather impressive as well, as he sliced the mushrooms and crushed the knockwood peas. He saw Miss Tonks notice that Mr. Blake's peas didn't jump about and imitated him.

He would've called her on it, but both of them had hair of a deep shade of purple. If Blake was anything like Tonks, that meant they were both deep in concentration. Again, he was reluctantly impressed. This was bothersome.

Distracted from his musings, his head snapped to the right of the room. "Ten Points from Ravenclaw, Mr. Collins! This is not an open book test! Start over!"

Seeing the clear shade of yellow green, Harry was done a full fifteen minutes early. Giving Tonks' cauldron a sidelong look, he nodded at her with a grin as he filled the test vial. Stoppering it, he wrote J.A.B. on the label, then went to Snape's desk with a blank expression on his face.

Eyeing Blake's sample, he let a drop fall onto the test parchment. Seeing the results, his eyebrows went up. Holding the vial up to a candle, he nodded. "Well done, Mr. Blake. I'm actually impressed. You may not be a dunderhead after all. Ten points to Hufflepuff."

"Thank you, sir," Harry said calmly as his hair turned a bright light blue. "Potions is an art form, and I take it very seriously, sir."

Snape nodded. "Indeed."

Tonks almost fainted. Several others nearly joined her.

Binns was his usual droning bore, but Tonks kept Harry awake with her continued disbelief over her getting an O on her test as well. By the time dinner rolled around, people were starting to wonder if it was the apocalypse. A certain pair of redheads had actually checked outside to see if the sky was falling.

That evening, Andromeda and Ted Tonks opened the window to let a Hogwarts owl in. They both read the letter at the same time.

Mum & Dad,

Jim was sorted into Hufflepuff, and made the Quidditch team yesterday. You should see that boy fly! We may actually have a chance at the cup this year!

I'm still mad that you didn't tell me he was a metamorphmagus, mother. Didn't you think I would've wanted to meet him? Honestly!

Something else he did today was the talk of the castle. He actually defended himself from Snape and didn't get any points taken! THEN! He goes and brews a perfect Ice Potion! Snape actually GAVE POINTS! I almost fainted!

Needless to say, I already staked my claim. The other girls were snotty about it, but they agreed to watch out for the other houses. And don't start on the lecture, either of you. Of anyone, Jim understands where I'm coming from, and he's so damned funny!

Love to you both!

P.S. I swear, if I get a howler about dating him, I won't send another letter till after Christmas! I'm serious!

Ted looked over at his wife. "You all right, love?"

Andy simply stared at the letter with mixed emotions and wide eyes. Harry Potter snared her little girl. She knew she should be happy for her, but at the same time that damned prophesy scared her to death!

Frustrated, she looked up to the far wall with a resounding, "SHIT!"

Ted's laughter at her reaction wasn't helping at all, and she glared at him over it. "It's not funny!"