Here we go guys and gals my first attempt at a fic, i kinda think that GTA has no real restraints on what you can do with the
characters and since the main guy has no name its quite easy to write a story for. :) anyway enjoy oh yeah e-mail with your comments or you could review. second chapter will go up soon hopefully.

Messy business this.

Chapter 1: Why do brains always stain my shirt.

"Jesus Christ what a fucking mess." I shouted
"Did you have to fire that shotgun in his face." Joey asked another question. He sounded as disgusted as I was.
"yus." Ron replied. Ron was most definitely the sickest fuck I'd ever met, but he was also one of the only guys I
trusted in this business. Anyone else would turn around and stab you in the back for a dime, but not Ron, he wasn't like that.
"Shit Ron you are a seriously messed up fuck." Joey commented with a smirk on his face. "Anyway we had better report
in on the status of the job."
"And that is?" I asked
"One seriously large fucking mess." Said Ron with a huge grin on his face. Sheesh this guy had bad teeth, and he was bald and
he had the funkiest eyes I'd ever seen. But he was a nutter and that just attracted the ladies. That and the Armani suit
he was wearing.
"C'mon that was the last job for today. Lets go back to Luigi's." Said Joey. Joey was Luigi's half brother on his
mother's side.
"Nah I can't I gotta go see Tony." I said
"What for?" asked Joey
"Some business for Don Luigi."
"Shit I ain't getting involved in that stuff." commented Joey
"That is why I'm luigis right hand man." I commented.
"Sheesh Mikey you don't have to get so sensitive about it!" said Ron
"Fuck you man." I said as I walked out of the door. I looked across the road.
My black patriot was a gift from the original Don until he was killed that is. Shot in the head if I remember correctly.
By that fucking rogue agent. I don't blame him though some bullshit about him and the Don's girl and he's suddenly the
most wanted guy in Portland.
I decided to stop by ammunation, before I headed over too Tony's. This guy had protection. I knew what he did; he had
arranged the complete execution of the plan that would enable him to take over the family empire. He arranged for Asuka to
have the Don killed by the rogue agent. He told that stupid bird what to say, he set the wholething up and as soon as the
Don was dead he attempted the takeover.
"Hello Mr Mike." Said big Earl "what gun can I interest you in today?"
"I'm looking for something in the Pump action variety!"
Earl laughed. "I got just the thing for you Mikey." Rasped Earl "It's guaranteed to splatter the victim all over the street."
"Excellent, I'm also gonna need some ammo for that and some body armor."
"Oh a big job today then I'll go get your size." He walked out the back and fetched the armor.
"Put it on my tab Earl."
"Will do Mike."
I walked out into the street an old lady saw my gun and ran off screaming for the police.
"What a lot of good that'll do." I said to myself. "They all work for us anyway."
I jumped in the car and sped away. It would take five minutes to get to Tony's and then that's it for today. And I can go to
Don Luigi's for some R&R. I pulled up outside Tony's and got out, aside from the shotgun I had a pistol and a couple of grenades.
I really should've bought along some back up but that's why I'm the best. I looked at Tony's house, there appeared to be no-one
around but then again there never was and walked to the door to finish what that rogue had started.