Ten years from now, when everyone's matured and moved on with their lives; when the topic of Finn Hudson isn't as tender and his memory generates more laughter than tears and his stories are told to Quinn and Noah's son Finn Pukerman because he needs to be educated on the legacy of the hero he was named after; and Mercedes and Sam Evans await the birth of their daughter Adrianna. They all reunite back in Ohio to reflect on the old days and share stories of their new adventures.

Everyone was happy, including Blaine who had finally wore Kurt down enough to get that second chance; he didn't mess it up this time. In fact, he was the perfect boyfriend; eventually husband. His love for Kurt outweighed the constant fear that he could end up like Eli, Azimio and Karofsky. Kurt was worth it.

He had figured out a long time ago who Kurt's admirer was but had not dear say a word. He had no idea what Brittany was capable of or if she was receiving help from her now wife, Santana. He had no clue as to if Santana was even aware that he wife was a murderer.

He acknowledged Brittany's unhealthy protection over his love, he wanted to do something about it; get her help, probably enroll her in a mental facility but he had no way of connecting her to any of those crimes; and once Kurt wanted her in his life she'll remain there. Plus Santana might kill him.

He kept leaning towards the positive side of the situation; at least someone cared for Kurt other that himself and his family and would do just about anything to protect him.

He accepted her.

So when they heard the news of Burt's neighbour's twelve year old son, Jeffrey Chase miraculously falls down a flight of stairs and breaking his arm, two days after making Kurt and Blaine's daughter Elizabeth cry when he called her a freak for having two dads, neither Santana nor Blaine said anything. Their eyes did meet though when the news was being delivered to the inhabitants of the room, and in that moment Blaine finally knew that the Latina isn't blind. Santana recognised that look in Blaine's eyes all too well; it was like staring at her own reflection.

They remained silent and never spoke if it, they just knew.

Blaine loves Kurt - Kurt loves Brittany - Brittany loves Kurt.
Santana loves Brittany - Brittany loves Kurt- Kurt loves Brittany.

And when they heard that fifteen year old Richard Burk from down the street accidentally fell off the roof of his ground floor home (even though he's afraid of heights) and broke his leg in two places; a week after making homophobic remarks to Kurt's daughter.

It was just a simple accident.

What more could it possibly be?


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