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It had been almost a year since the defeat of Pitch and his fearsome nightmares. Life after that had gone back to being peaceful and normal. But one thing wasn't as normal as before. After arriving back at the North Pole from defeating Pitch, North had offered a place for Jack to stay as a permanent residence with the jolly old man and since then, things have actually seemed to look much better than before. For the first time in three hundred years, Jack had a complete roof over his head, full meals every day, and a place to call home. Before joining the guardians, Jack spent his days being invisible, sleeping out in the open elements, wandering from place to place, never truly calling anywhere home. But now that he had the North Pole, Jack was happier.

Jack wasn't the only one who had to adjust to this change either. After a few months of Jack living at the Pole, North found that he rather liked the winter spirit's company. No matter how mischievous, curious, playful, and wild he may be. In the short time of Jack "moving in", North discovered that Jack sometimes had a small talent and liking to the process of toy making. Being frozen at the age of a young child, the boy always seemed to understand what kids seemed to like and didn't like about toys and in turn, would occasionally mention to North and he took note of it all. North found the winter spirit's presence seemed to lift his own spirits inside as unbeknownst to Jack; he had filled a spot in the old man's heart that for centuries could not be filled by the children of the world. In the few months Jack had begun to get completely comfortable at the Pole, North had begun to think of Jack as if he were his own and everyday it seemed as though that feeling grew and grew. He never wanted that feeling to go away.

It was now late February, leading into March and almost a year since the fight with Pitch and Jack had seemed to settle in quite nicely at the Pole. It was here that North sat inside his office creating all kinds of toys out of ice when he heard some of the yetis grumbling loudly as a few small thumps and crashes were heard, a siren from a toy nearby blared, and a faint cool breeze was felt. Within a few moments of all the miniature chaos, it was suddenly silent. North quietly chuckled as a quick knock on his office door was heard. North knew exactly who it was before calling out "Come in!"

The door opened and in stepped Jack Frost, staff in hand and a smile playing on his lips. "Hey North!" Jack greeted.

"Hello, Jack," North replied, "Care to explain what you crashed into on the way over here?"

North had to hold in a laugh at the look on Jack's face as if he had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. "I swear I'll clean it all up!" Jack said, "I didn't break anything this time so that should count for something… right?"

Now North couldn't help but laugh and Jack seemed to calm down a little more, "What can I do for you today, Jack?" North asked turning away from his work and facing Jack who now stood beside him.

"Just thought I should let you know I was planning on going out for a while. Y'know since winter's not gonna last long until spring comes up."

"Is good plan, Jack. Where are you going exactly?"

"I don't know yet. Where ever winter is left I guess."

"Well you still have a few days left but try not to overdo it. That means no last second blizzards."

"Awww man!"

"I mean it, Jack. Blizzards are fine within the middle of the season but not at the very end, you understand, yes?"

"Yes, North."

"Alright, Now go on and enjoy yourself."

Jack's smile beamed as he turned and dashed for the door, he swung open the door and was about to fly out but stopped as he turned and faced North, "Thanks, North. I'll see you later!"

"Try not to be much too late tonight, if you are then please be quiet when coming in. And be careful!"

"I will! Bye!"

And with that, Jack sped off and dashed out the first door he could find, jumping into the air as he did so and ridding the wind as fast as he could. Back in North's office, the old man smiled as he turned back to his ice creations and began the finishing touches.

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