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Natsuki liked to think of himself as a level-headed guy, so it surprised even him that he was giving fishing advice to the two new transfer students, one of which who called himself an alien. Still, that wasn't all that weird in the grand scheme of things. After all, he had seen far weirder things at the end of his fishing line than the polka-dot bedecked student who currently sat beside him tying a uni-knot. No, what surprised him was how fast the other had learned how to tie the knot, given that Natsuki was pretty sure he had only shown Haru once.

"Hey Prince!" Haru toyed with the fishing line, smoothing it with his lips like it was some kind of dental floss.

"I told you not to call me that," Natsuki muttered under his breath.

"Prince," the boy continued, unimpeded. "Why do you put your lips on the line?"

"It releases the tension," Natsuki growled out. He wasn't sure why he was even here in the first place. Didn't he have work right now? He couldn't even remember how he had got down to the docks in the first place. It was as if a chunk of his memory was missing.

"I see!" Haru stared at the line in his hands like Natsuki had just given him the answer to life's biggest question.

Natsuki turned away and watched light bounce off the placid afternoon waters. It certainly was nice not having anything to do. He couldn't remember the last time he had felt that way.

"Does it work on humans too?" Haru asked, breaking Natsuki out of his meditation.

"Does what work?" Natsuki turned to scowl, however, in lieu of an answer, a soft pair of lips met his own, coupled with the side to side motion that reminded him vaguely of tying a uni-knot. It only lasted for an instant, but in that instant Natsuki felt himself tremble, his heart throb painfully in his chest and something not far from happiness flood his soul.

Then it was over. Natsuki broke it off forcefully, clutching Haru's shoulders and holding him at a distance that wouldn't tempt the alien boy again.

"Just what the hell was that?" His voice was like a death threat, low and merciless.

"A way of releasing the tension!" Haru beamed.

Natsuki knew he should feel mad, infuriated, livid, but instead he wiped his lips with his shirtsleeve and leaned back. The sun would be setting soon. He would have to get started on his homework and get dinner ready.

But right now... right now it was just pure bliss.

"Haru," Natsuki gave a gruff and content whisper. "Thank you."

Haru opened his mouth to say something but Natsuki cut him off immediately.

"But if you ever do that again I will murder you." With that, Natsuki closed his eyes and listened to the water lapping against the dock, each splash sending him further and further into a pleasant afternoon dream