A/N: Hello, guys! This is my another story. Yes, this is my third fanfiction and second cross-over. What is more! It is very large crossover of Bleach, One Piece, Naruto, and Dragonball! :D They were only teenager! :D I hope you enjoy this story!

Chapter 1: Different Dimension

(At the Dragonball Universe)

After defeating Piccolo Jr, and save the world, Son Goku spared Daimino Piccolo because he knew if Piccolo died, then Kami would die, and Dragon balls would turn into stone along. He married Chi-Chi after 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai Tournament, he took Chichi to have a trip after the marriage. They were supposed to go to have an adventures to retrieve the Bansho-fan in order to put out the fire on Chichi's mountain home to save her father who was protecting her mother's old wedding dress for Chichi to wear. However, before they could go to mountain, he saw the strange glowing inside the cave as he was just passing around, so he asked Chichi to wait outside.

Goku had spiky black hair, wore orange/red/golden gi over a dark blue undershit. He wore dark blue wristbands, along with dark blue boots that are outfitted with yellow/beige laces. His body barely had a mucusle.

He went inside the cave, and saw something strange blue portal. "What is that?" confused Goku like he talked to himself. He reached a hand on the portal, but all of the sudden, the portal pulled Goku in. He tried to pulled himself, "It pulled me!" but the portal was too strong so he went into the portal.

Chi-Chi waited outside the cave for Goku to come back, but instead she saw something flashes inside the cave. She wondered what's going on inside.

Chi-Chi wore purple Chiness dresses, and martial arts uniforms; she wore red arm band, and pink shoes. Her hair was in a ponytail.

'What is that?' thought Chi-Chi. She went to the cave, and saw Goku pulled into the portal. Chi-Chi tried to reach Goku with his right hand, "GOKU-SA!" but she couldn't make it because Goku already went into the portal. She got on her knees, and cried, "Goku-sa! Goku-sa! GOKU-SA!"

(Narutoverse- At Paraside Island)

During the Fourth Shinobi War began, Uzumaki Naruto was working on controlling his Jinchuriki power with Killer Bee. He had to train how to use Nine-Tails Chakra Mode. He was sent to Paraside Island on S-Rank Mission and didn't know about the war.

Naruto was the ninth Jinchuriki of Konohagakure. He had blue eyes, and blond, spiky hair, wore orange jacket with black and the color extending from around the neck and shoulders, down the front and sleeves. The forehead protector was a long black bandanna and he wore black sandals.

In his current Nine-Tails Chakra mode, his body was covered in a yellow shroud of chakra, upon which his seal was clearly visible. He also gained a necklace of magatama around his neck. Finally his hair spikes up, with the two endmost locks resembling horns.

"Damn it! I can't mold the chakra no matter how hard I try!" grunted Naruto. He was trying to control his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode harder better. No matter how much he struggled to develop chakra. It was very difficult.

Killer Bee sighed as he rapped, "Ya need to concentrate da chakra mode deeply, yo! It ain't hard, ya know! Dis happened to me, too! Yo, yo, yo!"

Killer Bee was eighth Jinchuriki of Kumogakure. He had dark skin and a muscular build, as well as white hair, and a goatee. On his right shoulder, he had a tattoo of the kanji for "iron", which was the Tekko Fuin (Iron Armor Seal) that was used to seal Gyuki into him, and on his left cheek, he had a tattoo of a bull'horn. His top lip also had a slightly darker hue than his bottom one.

He wore oval shaped sunglasses and a white-colored forehead protector. He also had his village's standard one-strap-over-one shoulder flak jacket, and a long, red rope belt tied around his waist, the standard Kumo hand and shin guards, shinobi sandals, and a white scarf around his neck. He carried two swords on his back and stored the rest inside Samehada.

Naruto blinked, "It was hard, ya know!" and he stared at his hands, then nodded, "Ok, alright! Arghhh!" while he was concentrating the chakra into one point, but noticed that he raised too much chakra shroud around his body.

"Yo! Yo! Don't overuse it!" warned Killer Bee. But Naruto didn't listen anyways, and continued to raise the chakra until he somehow vanished.

"Naruto!" cried Killer Bee. He scanned through the area and still had seen no trace of Naruto.

(One Piece Universe- Saboady Archipelago Island- GR 12)

Roronoa Zoro struggled to get up, and he looked up at the large man in a black suit carried the Bible. It was Bartholomew Kuma. 'That guy...He's the real one!' thought Zoro. He remembered what happened at Thriller Bark island when he and Kuma's first meeting. He remembered that Kuma gave him very painful. He also remembered that Kuma gave Luffy's painful life to Zoro and Zoro took that much pain. He also remembered that Sanji asked him what happened.

Bartholomew Kuma looked down at Zoro and asked, "So, you survived, Roronoa?"

Kuma was an enormous man, (22'6" feet tall). He was the tallest remaining Shichibukai (being one inch shorter than Gekko Moriah). His overall apperance resembled that of a bear, though there were a few key differences. His eyes were strangely covered by either a pair of glasses or clear-mirrored lenses.
His hat featured a pair of rounded ears, and along with the fabric of his pants, was covered in brown spots. His jacekt contained a large white design reminiscent of a target cross-hair or a coda sign. There were also several paw prints lining the bottom hem of his coat. He also had a long protruding chin. He beared the tattoo "PX-O" on the left side of the base of his throat.

Zoro growled, "Thanks to your mercy..."

Usopp was on his knees and said, "H...Hey, Zoro...This is no time to be talking...Hurry!" while Zoro was panted and trying to get some oxygen in.

Kuma removed right gloves as he asked, "If you were to go on a vacation, where would you like to go?"

Usopp was staring at Zoro. "Hey, Zoro!" panicked Usopp as he raised his right hand, "If you don't hurry up and run..." as Kuma just simple slapped Zoro and the power to make Zoro vanished. Usopp was in shocked and fell on his butt. "Huh?" and he was looking for Zoro. "Zoro!"

Brook was laying on the grass and witnessed what happened to Zoro. "Zoro...san?" while Sanji lied on the grass looked up at Kuma.

"Zoro? Zoro! ZORO!" cried Uospp.

Nami who was next to Frank shocked, "What?"

"What just happened?" wondered Franky.

Luffy was laying on the ground who was next to Robin stood, and lifted his head so he can Kuma. "Zoro..."

Usopp shocked, "Zoro...vanished!" and he gripped weapon called Kabuto. The tears flowed coming from his eyes. He gritted his teeth, and cried, "DAMN YOU! WHAT DID YOU DO TO ZORO?! HE WAS...HE WAS JUST...RIGHT HERE!"

Luffy got on his knees and panted while staring at Kuma. "Zoro...? Z-Zoro?"

"Zoro?" shocked Usopp. "Zoro!"

Luffy yelled on top of his lung. "ZORO!"

All of the suddenly, Robin saw large monster Chopper tried to crush them, but he missed. Robin, Luffy, and Sentomaru got knocked away from Chopper on the ground. While Sentomaru got on his feet safetly, Luffy and Robin fell and sliding the ground away from Chopper. "Stop it, Chopper!" demanded Robin. "Don't be reckless!"

"Zoro...Where did you go?!" cried Luffy, while Chopper was focusing on Sentomaru. Chopper's fist were thumping on the ground as if there's nobody there.

Sentomaru growled, "He doesn't have any self-control..." then he looked at Kuma. "Regardless, that Kuma boy...What is that bastard doing here?"

"Does that mean that the real one showed up at last?" wondered Franky.

Nami nodded, "There's no mistake..." which made Franky looked at her. "I've seen that ability before...Back at Thriller Bark, he used that...to get rid of a girl...and she never came back!" shocked Nami. She remembered when Perona tried to use her negative ghost on Kuma, but he just simple slapped her to make her vanished back.

Frank looked back to Kuma, and growled, "This is really bad!"

Luffy growled at Sentomaru, and asked, "Hey! What'd he do to Zoro?! Where'd he disappear off to?!"

Sentomaru sighed, "I have no obligation to answer. I'm the most tight-lipped man in the world. They say that anyone who gets blasted off by his pads...is sent flying through the sky for three days and three nights...though I'm not sure whether it's true or not." which caused Luffy's eyes widened, "Nobody except the person who was sent flying knows where to, though...but it definitely won't be on this island...or anywhere else where you might meet them anytime soon. They might end up on the edge of some distant sea."

Luffy looked at Kuma, and shocked, "What?!"

Sanji grabbed his own shoulder because he felt pain on his shoulder, and got on his feet while Usopp growled, "Say something, you damned freak?! Where'd you send Zoro?!"

Sanji groaned, "So, he finally showed up...The real Shichibukai...There are three of them who look the same...What's going on?!"

"Th... The real Shichibukai..." shocked Brook nervously.

The large Shichibukai walked toward Usopp while long-nose man pulled the bow from Kabuto, and warned, "Don't come any closer! Damn it... Stop!" but he saw Kuma didn't listen to him and still insisted to walk toward anyways. "Don't come any closer! Stop it! I've got 8000 subordinates, you know!" lied Usopp while in trembled. "Hey! Can't you hear me?! Don't come any closer!"

Sanji saw the glowing golden which caused him to widen his eyes, and warned, "Look out, Usopp! Behind you!"

As Usopp was about to look behind him, "Behi...?" and he saw the beam coming from one of cyborg's mouth.

Brook shocked, "Usopp-san!"

All of the suddenly, Kuma appeared in front of cyborg Kuma and slapped the hand on cyborg's stomach. "Stay out of this." ordered Kuma in which the slapped made the cyborg vanished just like he did to Zoro that caused Straw Hats Pirate shocked.

Sanji confused, "He even got rid of his own comrade?!"

Sentomaru rested his ax on his left shoulder and growled, "Even PX-1?!" then he glared at Kuma. "What're you doing with your allies, Bear?!"

"Run, the three of you!" demanded the captain of Straw Hats Pirate.

Usopp looked at Luffy, and shocked, "Luffy!"

"Just run away, everyone!" ordered Luffy, "We'll think things over once we're safe!" as he yelled on top of his lungs. "GO!" which caused every Straw Hats Pirate, except Luffy who was in trembled, widened their eyes.

Franky nodded and looked on his left at Nami, "Hey, let's go!"

"But...Zoro..." trembled Nami.

"Like he said, we'll think about that later!" said Franky, as he ran past Nami. "Let's go!" so did Nami.

Usopp nodded, "Let's go! The beam only grazed me!" and he lifted Sanji on his shoulder, "I'll carry you on my shoulder, so let's hurry!"

Brook noticed that Kuma approached them so he defended Sanji and Usopp. "Be careful, you two!"

"Brook!" cried Usopp. "BROOK!"

"I shall protect you! Even if it costs me my life!" cried Brook. He saw Kuma who was about to thrust the palm of his hand at Brook. "...Though I am already d..." and vanished.

"BROOK!" cried Usopp.

"He did it again!" growled Sentomaru.

Sanji felt that he was so very in trembled, "Damn it... What am I doing?!" and he rubbed his blonde hair. "Two of my nakama just vanished before my eyes!" then he saw Kuma approached them again. He had to push Usopp out of the way. "Dammit!"

"Sanji!" cried Usopp.

"Get going, Usopp!" demanded Sanji.

"Don't be ridiculous! We're leaving together, Sanji!" refused Usopp.

Sanji glared at Kuma, and panted, "Why, you...!" as he charged and jumped at Kuma trying to kick him.

"Stop it, Sanji!" cried Luffy.

"Damn pad-bastard!" growled Sanji as he was closing into Kuma. He tried to kick Kuma, but Kuma parried Sanji's kick with his left palm which caused Sanji knocked away from Kuma to the ground.
"SANJI!" cried Luffy.

All of the sudden, Usopp looked up at Kuma who was staring down at him. He was very scared when Kuma was very closing to him. "D-Don't come any closer!" as he pulled the bow on his Kabuto. "Don't come any closer!" and threw something at Kuma's face then run away from Kuma in fear. But he tripped on the ground while Kuma approached him. He got up and stared at Kuma in trembled. "Don't come any closer...KAENBOSHI" as he threw two more shot at Kuma.

But there were no flinched at Kuma. "Damn!" growled Usopp. "KAENBOSHI!" and he kept throwing more shot at Kuma, but there's no flinched again.

Sanji was laying on the ground while looking up at Usopp. "Usopp!"

Luffy saw that Kuma thrusted his left hand at Usopp. "Run! RUN!" trembled Luffy in which caused Usopp vanished again. "Usopp!" Luffy saw that Sanji finally got on his feet, and ran to Kuma. Luffy got on his feet. "Sanji?"

Sanji growled, "Damn it to hell!"

"STOP IT, SANJI!" warned Luffy, yet Sanji vanished again by Kuma. "Even Sanji...What's going on...?" as he got on his knees shocked. "What are we gonna do?"

"No way..." shocked Nami. "Everyone's..."

Robin saw that Luffy walked toward to something. "Luffy?" asked Robin.

"You bastard!" cried Luffy. The pink glowed coming from his his body as he kneeled. "Gear... Second!"

"Luffy!" cried Nami. She tried to run to Luffy, but her arm was grabbed by Franky's hand.

"Let's go!" demanded Franky as he ran and pulled Nami away from Kuma, but the large man disappeared out of Luffy's sight in which caused Luffy's eyes widened. Kuma got in front of Franky and Nami.

"Get out of our way!" growled Franky. He removed the skin of his right hand, and his right hand looked like a robot's hand. "Strong Right!" as he shot at Kuma's face from his fist which caused the shock wave His fist didn't flinch Kuma at all. "What?!"

Luffy ran past Robin at high speed. Robin lifted his left hand and tried to reach Luffy. "Wait! You can't, Luffy!"

"Gomu Gomu no..." cried Luffy as he was about to threw his right fist, "Jet Pistol!" and he stretched his right arm further from Luffy and aimed at Kuma to punch his face, but got deflected by Kuma. But Luffy was flying to Kuma, and tried to punch him with his left fist, but was blocked by Kuma once again which caused large shock wave.

"Luffy!" cried Franky in which Kuma appeared on the right of Franky and bloated Franky to vanish again.

"NOOO!" cried Luffy.

Nami was in trembled as she saw Kuma threw his left palm to slap Nami again. Nami stared at Luffy, and cried, "Luffy! Help!"

"NAMI!" cried Luffy in which Nami vanished. He got on his knees and tried to calm down and breathed. In an angry of seeing Nami vanished, he ran toward Kuma trying to punch Kuma but missed because Kuma vanished caused him to fell.

"Luffy!" cried Robin, but she felt the ground shook and she turned her back and saw large monster Chopper. "Chopper..." while Chopper roared and got out of control.

Chopper stared at Kuma, and he was about to crush Kuma with his large hand.

"CHOPPER!" cried Luffy, yet Kuma bloated large monster to vanish. His eyes were in shocked that other of his nakama vanished. "Chopper..."

Kuma approached Robin as she tried to back away from Kuma, and run away from him. Luffy trembled, "Stop it...Stop it...Stop it...Stop it! Stop it!" and he clenched his left fist, and roared, "PLEASE, STOP THIS!" as the tear shredded coming from his eyes. He ran straight at Kuma and Robin.

The moment Luffy ran, Kuma reappeared in front of Robin and about to slap her. Robin fell backward and she tried to reach her hand on Luffy's hand. "Luffy!"

Luffy tried to reach his hand on Robin as well and cried, "ROBIN!"

"Luffy!" cried Robin as she shredded the tear from her eyes and...vanished!

Luffy's eyes widened, and got on his knees. He was very trembled, his legs were trembled, his arms were on ground, his head was on the ground as the tears fell on the ground from his eyes. He keep thumped on the ground with his hand and head while Kuma stared at him. Luffy shook his head while crying, and sniffed "What...What's...wrong with me?!"

Luffy was having flashback with all of nakama who were happy and smiled while drinking. He remembed that he asked Brook to join the crew, he remembered he fought with Franky and later asked him to join the crew, he remembered that he rescued Robin from Enies Lobby, he remembered that he helped Chopper to defeated Wapol and asked him to join, he remembered that he saved Nami's village to defeat Arlong, he also remembered that Sanji admitted to join Luffy's crew, he also remembered that he fought Usopp then later Usopp asked him to join back in his crew again, and... he even remembered that Zoro fought with Mihawk. They were all happy ... together... Zoro... Usopp... Sanji... Nami... Chopper... Robin... Franky...and ... Brook.

"Everyone...I couldn't even..." cried Luffy, "...save a single one of my friends!" while his head was on the ground crying for his crew mates.

"So, you're gonna send him off and be done with it?" asked Kizaru. He looked up at Kuma, and said, "I hope you have a good explanation for this. This is a huge problem, you know?"

Luffy could tell that Kuma was behind him, and Kuma said, "You could never...see them again." then Luffy looked up at Kuma with the angry looks on his face while was in trembled. Kuma lifted his left hand and stared at Luffy, "Farewell." At last, He slapped Luffy to make him vanish as well.

(At the sky)

The bubble around Luffy while he stared at the sky and mumbled while he was flying, "Dammit! Zoro! Nami! Usopp! Sanji! Chopper! Robin! Franky! Brook! Where'd he send my crew off to?! Where'd all of you go?! I'll never forgive that bear-like Shichibukai!" then he wondered, "Anyway, how far am I gonna fly?!"

Staring at the sky, Luffy now remembered what Sentomaru mentioned something about Kuma's devil fruit powers. He went through the cloud. "Oh, that's right...That means... maybe everyone didn't vanish, but instead were sent flying like I was? Maybe what that broadaxe-guy said was true. In that case, I'll be flying around like this for three days? I'd die if I fell into the sea...I'm hungry, too...but I feel really sleepy for some reason..." then he closed the eyes.

The portal opened above the sky, and pulled Luffy into. Luffy didn't know that he went into the portal. While he was inside between the dimension, he got in thought, 'Zoro...Nami... Usopp... Sanji...Chopper...Robin...Brook...Everyone...' and finally fall asleep while flying through between the dimension.

(Three Nights Later- Bleach Universe- Kurosaki Clinic)

Ever since last night was really weird for Kurosaki Ichigo to meet Kuchiki Rukia, the Shinigami who transferred the power to him when hollows threatened his family and today, Kuchiki Rukia went to Ichigo's school was really awkward She even made Ichigo do the job to kill hollows. Right now, she lives with him in her closet. He was laying on his own bed while hanging his arms behind his head staring at the ceiling. "Kuchiki Rukia..."

15- years old Ichigo was just a normal teenage boy, his hair was spiky orange, he was fairy tall, lean-built young man with peach skin and brown eyes. He wore tight clothes top and bottom, he wore shirts patterned with the number 15.

Sighing, he decided to get off the bed, and opened the window so he could see dark sky in the night. He saw something was on way to his house. "Huh? Something's coming..." wondered Ichigo. Ichigo saw the guy with black spiky in a orange gi were knocked flying away to his house. "WHAT THE HELL?!" startled Ichigo. He had to get out of the way so the guy could knocked against the wall next to the closet. He ran to the guy who got knocked, and asked, "Hey, hey! Are you okay?"

The spiky black hair teenager groaned, "Yeah...I'm okay..." then he looked up at the spiky orange hair teeanger who looked worry, "Umm... Who are you?" asked the strange guy.

"That's what I was asking!" scowled Ichigo.

The closet door opened, and someone came out of it. The raven-haired girl asked, "What's going on? I heard something!" and she stared at the strange guy sitting by the wall.

She was a short and petite, she has light skin, violet-colored eyes and black hair, with several strands of hair always hanging between her eyes. She wore full pink PJs. That was Rukia.

All of the sudden, Ichigo heard the footstep was on way to his room. He pushed the strange guy while Rukia went inside the closet. "Go in the closet now!" demanded Ichigo. Finally, the strange guy went inside the closet, and close the closet.

The door opened, and the light brown hair girl went in the room. "Hey..." as she stared at Ichigo who was sweat-dropped.

"Hey..." greeted Ichigo, "Yuzu. Could you, at least, knock the door next time?"

Kurosaki Yuzu had short light brown hair with short bangs hanging over the right side of her forehead. She also wore a red hairclip on the left side of her head. Her eyes were a dark brown color. She wore a green hoded sweatshirt. She was Ichigo's sister and only eleven years old.

"Sorry," sighed Yuzu, "I thought I heard something."

"Oh," hesitated Ichigo, "I fell."

"Oh, no! Are you okay, Ichigo?!" worried Yuzu.

"Yeah, I am fine. Stop worry about me." sighed Ichigo.

Yuzu sighed, "I do worry! Anyways, be careful next time, okay?" then she went out of his room as the door closed.

Ichigo sighed and rubbed his forehead. "That was close..." and he stared at the closet. "Guys, you can come out."

Rukia, and the strange guy went out of the closet. Ichigo sighed and stared at the black spiky hair guy. "Ok, my name is Kurosaki Ichigo, and I'm 15 years old." and he stared at the raven-haired girl. "Her name is Kuchiki Rukia. Who are you? How did you survived the impact? Where did you come from?" Okay, that was a lot of question from Ichgio which caused Goku blinked several time.

"Son Goku..." replied the black spiky guy. He extended his hand to Ichigo to shake and grinned, "Nice to meet you, Ichigo." as Ichigo extended the hand to shake, too. "I survived the impact because I am stronger. I come from Mt. Paozu." and he stared at the window outside. "Now where am I?"

'Son Goku? What kind of that name is? Who would name him like that?' thought Ichigo. "We are in Karakura Town, Japan. Did you hit your head or something?" sighed Ichigo. Then he got confused something what Goku say where he came from. "By the way, what the hell is Mt. Paozu? Where the hell is that?"

"You don't know where it is?" puzzled Goku. "And what is Japan?"

Ichigo twitched his eyebrows, 'He must be really stupid. Obviously, he hit his head hard.'

"Oh, that's right! I have no time to talk about. I need to see Chichi again!" shocked Goku. He leaped on the window, and cried, "Kinto-Un!" He expected Kinto-Un to come to him, but it never came. "Kinto-Un!" Still nothing happened, "Why didn't it come?!"

Ichigo whispered to Rukia, and asked, "Hey...what is he doing?"

"I don't know." whispered back Rukia while staring at Goku who kept cried for Kinto-Un.

"Dammit... Why didn't it come?" wondered Goku. Suddenly, he remembered what happened back that time. "Oh, yeah! There were portal..."

(Flashback began)

Goku went inside the cave, and saw something strange blue portal. "What is that?" confused Goku like he talked to himself. He reached a hand on the portal, but all of the sudden, the portal pulled Goku in. He tried to pulled himself, "It pulled me!" but the portal was too strong so he went into the portal.

(Flashback ended)

"...pulled me in" finished Goku. He levitated himself and hovered above the clinic. He saw many light, and the cars went past other car. He saw a lot of houses. "What?" shocked Goku, "This is completely different!" while he scanned through the city.

"What?! He can fly!" shocked Ichigo while he poked his head out of window and looked up at Goku who was hovering the sky.

'That guy...he can fly. It's almost like Shinigami do, especially they walk on the air. He has very potentially high Reiatsu just like Ichigo has.' thought Rukia.

Goku went back on the window which startled Ichigo. "Hey, you! How did you fly?!" asked Ichigo.

Goku started at Ichigo, and thought to himself, 'This guy... he is not normal human. He has a lot of ki inside him.' then he finally said, "Yeah, I can fly, even though bukujutsu required a lot of Ki to use."

Rukia confused and asked, "Ki? What is Ki?"

Goku jumped on the floor, and grinned, "Let's see..." and he extended the hand. Suddenly, the glowing orb came from his hand. "This Ki is also known as chi which means life force. This force is a tangible enrgy inside every living person, with its major focus being in the center of the body. By drawing it out, an individual is able to manipulate it and use it for performances outside the body. Ki can be used for many different techniques. The more concentrated the masses are, the more time the user requires to draw it out. When fighers gather ki, they are able to gain enhanced strength, speed, endurance, and can increase the power of their atacks to inflict grater damage to opponents.

"In other words, ki is made up of three components: Genki, Yuki, and Shoki. It can also be 'positive' or 'negative', depending on the user." explained Goku. The glowing orbs faded from Goku's hand.

'In some way, this 'Ki' power is almost similiar to Reiryoku.' thought Rukia.

"Ok, I have a question, Goku." said Ichigo.

"What is it?" replied Goku.

"Why were you knocked flying here?" asked Ichigo.

"And since you use Ki, have you ever fight before?" asked Rukia.

Goku chuckled at their question, and nodded, "Ok, alright... I will tell you."

(Urahara Shoten)

Urahara Kisuke was sleeping on his bed and snored. Until then, he felt the ground shook almost like it was earthquake. He startled and woke up. "What is that?!" and he got up. He had to dress up before going outside. "Hey, Tessai! Jinta! Ururu! Come out!" then he went outside. He saw the blonde hair with the forehead protector laying on the ground unconscious.

Kisuke was a tall, and lean-built man with light skin and gray eyes. His hair was messy and light-blond with strands framing the side of the face and hanging between his eyes, and he also had chin stubble. He wore a dark green shirt and pants, topped with a black coat with a white diamond pattern along its bottom half. He also carried a fan. He also usually wore traditional Japanese wooden sandals and a stripped-dark green and white bucket hat that shadows his eyes.

"Is everything okay?" asked Tessai.

Tsukabishi Tessai was a tall, muscular, lightly tan-skinned man. His hair was cornrowed and he had a large handlebar mustache, which was connected to his long sideburns. He wore a pair of rectangular-shaped glasses. His attire consisted of a white muscle shirt with regular pants and a bule apron.
"Jinta and Ururu!" cried Kisuke. "Treat him right away!"

Hanakari Jinata was a small boy with red hair. He wore a white t-shirt with the Urahara Shoten logo printed on the front and blue three-quarter length trousers, the bottoms of which were noticeably turned up.

Tsumugiya Ururu was a young-looking girl with a perpetual blush on her cheeks who wore a white t-shirt with the Urahara Shoten logo on pink print and a knee-length, pink skirt with white dots. She had round purple eyes and long, black hair with a purple tint. It was parted down the middle, with two strands of her bangs in the middle of her face, oppsoing each other. The rest of her hair was in pigtails with pink ties.

Jinta and Uyruu nodded, then lift Naruto and brought him in the shop.

'What's going on?' thought Kisuke. 'This kid was unconscious here. He's still alive. There's no way he could took this much damage. He should have dead. Looks like I will have to research him.' as he looked at large crater outside the shop.

(Orihimie's Apartment)

Inoue Orihimie was sitting on the floor next to the table together with her best friend, Arisawa Tatsuki. "Tatsuki," smiled Orihime happily, "Time to eat my special cake I made!" as she looked at very unusually large cake.

Orihimie was a teenager of average height. She has brown eyes and long, waist-length burnt oragne hair. Her most noticeable physical trait was her slender yet curvaceous figure for a teenager, especially in terms of her large breasts. She wore her hair in bangs tucked behind her ears with hairpins.

"No, thanks." chuckled Tatsuki, "I am not hungry anyways."

Tatsuki was a teenager of average height with black hair and blue eyes. She had a contrasting appearance to her best friend Orihime Inoue. Tatsuki was boyish, and had a very lean frame compared to Orihime's curvier figure. Her hair was short and dark, kept spiked out at the sides in tune with her less than feminine appearance.

"Oh, come on! You gotta eat. It is very delicious!" smiled Orihime. Orihime looked at window, decided to change the subject. "What do you think of Rukia?"

Tatsuki looked at her, and replied, "Transferred Student? Well, we just met her today. We don't know her." then she looked at Orihime with the confused look. "Why do you ask?"

Orihime smiled while looking at outside of window. "I think she is very sweet. I don't know why Ichigo was really acting weird after meeting her for a first time." then she looked at Tatsuki again. "I think I want to be friend with her."

Tatsuki chuckled, "Yeah..." but before she could say anything more. Orihime and she felt ground shook caused them to fell. "What the hell?!"

Then they went outside and caused them to widened their eyes. There was Straw hat guy was laying on the street unconscious. "W-What the hell?" shocked Tatsuki.

Orihime ran to the straw hat guy and checked to see if he was still alive. "Tatsuki! Call 911!"

"No," replied Tatsuki.

"Why not?!"

"Because-" explained Tatsuki, "Do you think it is possible for him to survive that crash? Besides, how can we explain large paw thing outside your apartment?"

"I suppose you're right." sighed Orihime, "I guess he will have to rest in my apartment right?"

Tatsuki nodded, "Yeah..." They stared at the large paw on the street outside Orihime apartment. It's like they never seen before. Hence they shocked to see the large paws more than to the straw hat guy unconscious.

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