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Chapter 6: Back-to-Back, Side-to- Side Fight!

(With Goku, Ichigo, Luffy, and Naruto)

Ichigo stared at Uryuu and grinned, "I finally found you, Ishida! I won't be satisfied until I beat you down."

"You bastard, Ishida!" growled Naruto.

Luffy confused, "Huh? What did he do, Goku?"

Goku sighed, "I will fill you in a detail once we finished all of hollows."

However, Uryuu noticed the hollow behind Ichigo so he raised his energy spirit arrows in preparing to dispose of hollow, and released the arrow towards hollow. But Ichigo got in its way and deflected it with his large sword, and then he went to slice down the hollow.

Ichigo turned around at Uryuu and chuckled, "That's right. You do understand. This fight is between you and me." He pointed his thumb at himself and said, "So… quit talking about who took down more Hollows! Let's settle it between the two of us! Say something, Ishida!"

"Hey, Ichigo!" shocked Kon.

Ichigo looked at Kon (in Ichigo's body) and sighed, "What? I'm bus-"

Kon looked up and shocked, "The sky…"

So Ichigo, Goku, Naruto, and Luffy looked up and noticed a crack in the sky. They also noticed that there were a many hollows gathering together. "What is that?" shocked Luffy.

"The Hollows…" Uryuu hesitated, "…are gathering." Everyone was in shocked. He ran to the stair.

Ichigo shocked, "Wait! You saw how many there are."

Uryuu glanced over his shoulder and asked, "Are you scared, Kurosaki?" Uryuu sighed, "If you're scared, then observe from there. Victory will be mine!" Then he fired several arrows to exterminate some of hollows. "Down here, Hollows! The last Quincy, Ishida Uryuu will stand and face you!" then he ran off to fight the gathering Hollows.

Ichigo confused, "The last Quincy?"

"What does that mean?" asked Goku.

"What's he talking about?" confused Luffy.

Naruto sighed, "They went extinct 200 years ago…" which got Ichigo, Luffy and Goku to him, "…the Quincys."

Rukia frowned, "Actually, to be exact… they were exterminated by the Shinigami," which shocked them. "Even for the Shinigami, it was a bitterly hard decision. The Shinigami had to exterminate the Quincys…in order to prevent the collapse of this world. In Soul Society, there's a lay habit of referring to Shinigami as 'Balancers', or, in other words, regulators."

"Regulators?" confused Ichigo.

"The two flows filling Soul Society and the human world are constantly exchanging." Rukia continued, "And the two worlds have a soul balance. Maintaining that is the work of us Shinigami. But…then the Quincys appeared. The Quincys completely destroy Hollows. In other words, that means the souls sent to the human world don't come back to Soul Society. If left alone, the balance of the two worlds will crumble." Then she looked at Ichigo and sighed, "It'd be the end of the world.

"Talks between the Shinigami and the Quincys were held innumerable times. The Quincys stubbornly refused to address the complaints. And so, the decision to annihilate the Quincys was handed down. Do you consider that to be the Shinigami's arrogance?" finished Rukia. Then Ichigo decided to run off to Ishida Uryuu.

"Wait!" cried Goku as he ran on way to help Ichigo.

"I'm going too!" shouted Luffy as he went to help Ichigo and Goku too.

Naruto sighed, "Damn it… those three idiots!"

"No, you're an idiot, too. Why not you go helping them?" asked Rukia.

Naruto yelled back, "I'm not an idiot! Obviously, I'm going to help those idiots!" as he ran off to help them to fight the hollows.'

Uryuu kept firing one after one arrow at the hollow and grunted, "Damn, their numbers aren't diminishing." Then he frowned, "Sensei…"

"Ishida!" cried Ichigo. Uryuu looked around at Ichigo who pushed the Hollows into the sky.

Uryuu twitched his eyebrows and thought, 'How reckless…' However, he just realized that was not only Ichigo, but Goku, Luffy, and Naruto went to attack the Hollows. 'What a reckless guys!'

They piled up the Hollows on the ground as Ichigo stepped on the top of pile of Hollows and chuckled, "Booyah! I heard your reason for fighting! Whether the Shinigami are right, or the Quincys are right…I dunno about all that and I don't mean to say I'm one way or another." Then he pointed at Uryuu, and continued, "But…there is one thing I know…your way is-"

Suddenly, Naruto kicked Ichigo in the back of his head, knocking him down from the pile of Hollows. He folded his arms and sighed, "Quit your blabbering! Let's hurry killing all of Hollows!"

Ichigo glared up at Naruto and snarled, "What?! I am trying to confirm Ishida about between Quincys and Shinigami, so shu-"

"That's ancient history," interrupted Uryuu. He pushed his glass back in and sighed, "I have no interest in the extermination 200 years ago. I'd only heard about that from Sensei's stories. In fact, as far as that extermination story goes…I even felt the Shinigami's side was more just…until Sensei died right before my eyes."

Goku, Ichigo, Naruto, and Luffy were starting to interest in him so they would listen to his story. 'Sounds like Sasuke to me…' thought Naruto.

"Rather…" Uryuu sighed, "I think the Quincys were wrong for turning a deaf ear to the Shinigami's words."

(Flashback Began- When Ishida Uryuu was a young kid)

"Why?" asked Uryuu while sat on the rooftop floor next to the old man.

"It was the Quincys who were annihilated. That's right. A lot of people died." The old man replied, "Once a person is dead…thinking about who was right and who was wrong is meaningless. What we must think about is how we can make sure that situation never happens again. Only that. Be it human or Shinigami…seeing a sad face is unbearable to me."

(Flashback Ended)

Uryuu raised his spirit energy arrow, and said, "He was a kind person who didn't hate or despise anyone." Then he fired an arrow towards one of hollow, obliterating it. "As the last Quincy, Sensei was under the strict observation of Shinigami. And still, he kept appealing to Shinigami… to combine our strength and fight together. But the answer was always the same. 'Don't interfere with our work'." He fired another arrow and continued, "Then…on that day, five huge Hollows appeared. It was obvious he couldn't fight them without help from Shinigami. When the Shinigami showed up, it was two whole hours after Sensei had begun fighting." Then he turned around at Ichigo. "If they had recognized his power, his ideas…they would have come to help sooner."

He clenched his fist and growled, "Sensei wouldn't have had to die! Can you understand, Kurosaki Ichigo? I must prove the power of the Quincys before the eyes of the Shinigami no matter what!" Then he turned his back on Ichigo and sighed, "I know our ideas are totally opposite. If you think I'm mistaken, then stand there and watch. With my own power, I'll-"

Suddenly, Ichigo kicked him in the head, completely bowling him over. He shouted, "WHEN ARE YOU GONNA SHUT UP?!"

Naruto face palmed and sighed, "What an idiot!"

Goku sweat-dropped and chuckled, 'It's just like him…'

Luffy confused, "Why did he kick him?"

Uryuu quickly got on his knee and shouted back, "What are you doing?!"

"It makes no sense! Basically, your Sensei's hope wasn't to make Shinigami recognize the Quincys' power…but to combine our powers and fight together, right?!" Then he grabbed Uryuu's shirt and continued, "In that case…if you don't do that now, when the hell are you going to?!" He released him and walked behind him. He chuckled, "To hell with totally opposite. But not just you and me. Not just Quincy and Shinigami. We have our friends that are not even Quincy or Shinigami."

Naruto appeared on the right side of Uryuu and Ichigo, and said, "I'm ninja!"

Goku appeared on the left side of Uryuu and Ichigo, and said, "I'm martial arts!"

Luffy appeared next to Goku and said, "I'm pirate!"

Ichigo chuckled, "In a fight against a ton of enemies…back-to-back or side-to-side gets the job done better."

Ichigo sliced down several hollows. Uryuu fired arrows one after one, exterminating them. Goku fired every single blast towards their mask, eliminating them. Naruto threw huge Rasenshuriken towards them, blowing them up. Luffy gave them a barrage of punches to dispose of them.

They were back together again. Ichigo smirked, "That's it!"

Uryuu turned his back on Ichigo and sighed, "Don't get the wrong idea. If I didn't shoot, I would've been killed."

Ichigo chuckled, "That's just fine. Kill or be killed. But alone, it'd be hard. So we've got no choice. That's more than good enough…for a reason to combine our strength." Then he frowned,
"Only…I want to defeat Hollows."

"Why?" asked Uryuu.

"My mom…" Ichigo began, "…was killed by a Hollow," which made Goku, Naruto, Luffy and Uryuu widened their eyes. "Is that the reason I want to defeat Hollows? If someone asked me that… of course my answer would be yes, but…how should I say it…I don't want to create others like me. After my mom was killed…my pop and sisters all suffered a lot. I feel like there's no need for any more of that." Then two Hollows charged at him, only to get sliced down. "I don't want to see any more of that. That's what I feel. I can't talk big about protecting everyone in the world or nothin' like that…but… I'm not so conservative to say it's good enough to protect only those I can hold in my arms either. I want to protect a mountain of people! This duel you thought up is the way to put that mountain of people in the crossfire. Gimme a freakin' break! But…now isn't the time for saying that. We've got no choice but to team up!"

Naruto smiled, "Yeah, we will need to team up so we can be done with those Hollows! But… not only that you lost important people that you're closer to." He clenched his fist and growled, "I lost Ero-sennen! He died trying to save us! He died trying to stop Atasuki who were after me! When I found out that he died… I was… I was at loss of words! I don't know what to say. I cried a lot. I was upset. That's why I understand how you feel. That's why I am going to fight alongside you, Uryuu. I will fight alongside you despite you're the one who brought all of Hollow here."

Goku nodded and smiled sadly, "I understand how you feel. I lost my Grandpa. He was killed by Great Ape by stomping him to death. When I woke up the next day, I saw Grandpa lying on the ground. I was not sure what's going on, so I had to see very closer." Then he frowned, "He died… I didn't know what to do. I was very sad. He was great. He's great mentor I ever had next to Old-Timer."

Luffy sighed, "Me, too… I had a brother. I had a brother to hang out with before. He always wanted to be pirate when he was a young. His name was Sabo. My other brother named Ace and I always hang out with him. He was going to be pirate, but his parent thought we gave him a bad influence. His parents were rich. They wanted him to be good boy. They didn't want him to be pirate. One day… the thugs trapped me in fire. We were stuck, but Ace found a way how to free ourselves. We ran away. But… next day…" he began to frown, "we found out that he died. The World Noble killed him. The note landed next to us, and we picked it up. He said he was going to have his first pirate adventure, but he died that day."

Ichigo smiled, "Looks like all of us lost an important people that are very close to us." Then he glanced over his shoulder at Uryuu and asked, "What do you have to say?"

"Man, oh man." Uryuu raised his arrow and sighed, "I was wondering when you guys were going to shut up." Then he drew his bow out. "But I understand completely. If we don't all survive this, we won't have each other to beat up."

Ichigo grinned, "Hell yeah!" as he charged past and cut down the Hollow to its shoulder. Uryuu then fired each of his arrows towards the Hollows.

Naruto grinned, "Alright!" as he crossed his index and middle fingers, and shouted, "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" The two clones appeared next to him as they formed wind and transformation on his palm hand. Finally, they created a huge ball with the wind shuriken on the ball. He raised his right hand and shouted, "Futon…"

Goku cupped his hands and shouted, "Ka…me…" as he drew his cupped hand to his side. "Ha…Me…" His cupped hand began to focus into Ki that he created the blue sphere around his cupped hand at one point.

Luffy stretched his fist, and shouted, "Gomu Gomu no…"

Naruto shouted, "…Rasenshuriken!" as he threw it towards Hollows. It expanded and obliterated the Hollows that caught within the Rasenshuriken.

"HA!" shouted Goku, as he brought his cupped hands forward and fired an emanating, powerful blast towards them, obliterating them.

Luffy shouted, "…Gatling!" as he brought his fists forward repeatedly in a blurry, rapid barrage of strong punches that created the illusion of him having multiple arms connected to their face, destroying their mask. Once their mask was destroyed, they disappeared.

There were a lot of Hollows still remaining surrounded them. But when Uryuu looked up, he widened his eyes and cried, "Guys! The sky…"

Ichigo looked up and confused, "The sky?"

"What… is that?" wondered Goku.

Then a giant Hollow came out of the sky. "W- what the fuck?!" shocked Naruto.

"I- it's a huuuuuuuge!" said Luffy.

Watching from the stair, Rukia widened her eyes and shocked, "That's…"

Kon confused, "What the fuck's that?"

"You're right, Luffy. It's huge," said Ichigo.

"That bait…" Uryuu shocked, "…couldn't have caused this…"

Ichigo sighed, "Why're you still denying it?"

The smaller Hollows around them began to charge while Ichigo, Naruto, Goku, Luffy, and Uryuu were distracted by the giant Hollow in the sky. Suddenly, something fired at them, killing them. They looked around and it was Ururu who wielded large rocket launcher.

"H- Hello," greeted Ururu.

The red haired kid knocked the small Hollows away with the large bat and shouted, "JINTA, HOMERUN!"

Tessai slammed the Hollow's mask down the ground, destroying it. Then, finally, the wind gusted up. Urahara waved at them and smiled, "Kurosaki-san, we came to save you."

Ichigo shocked, "Sandal-hat?!"

Jinta still swung his bat to destroy more hollows while Ururu fired more at Hollows around them.

Naruto sighed, "Hey, look, Sandal-hat, we don't need your help. We can take care of them."

Goku widened his eyes and pointed at Urahara. "I remember you! You're that guy who helped Ichigo to go into Shinigami during the Don show?"

Urahara cooled himself with his own fan and smiled, "We'll take the small fry. So, Kurosaki-san, you can concentrate on fighting him." Then he pointed up at the large hollow. "Go on. There's no time for flapping your gums. Go help Ichigo, Naruto-san."

From the stair, Rukia shocked, "It's a Menos."

"Menos?" asked Kon.

"It's a gigantic Hollow said to be born when hundreds of Hollows pile atop each other and intermingle." Rukia said, "But… I've never seen one except in a textbook illustration. Menos Grande… It's impossible… for such a thing to come out. This is the Royal Special Affairs department's jurisdiction. That's not something a single Shinigami can fight."

"How insanely huge," said Uryuu.

Ichigo chuckled, "There's no point in tryin' to think how to fight a monster like that."

"Yeah, you're right. It's unthinkable!" agreed Naruto.

Uryuu stared at them and confused, "What?"

Ichigo snickered, "Things like that…" He raised his huge sword up and said, "… you just slice and dice and cut it down the best you can! There's nothing else to do! Here we go, guys!" Suddenly, he charged towards the huge Hollows along with Luffy, Naruto, and Goku.

Uryuu shocked, "Wait, guys!" then he followed them.

Rukia and Kon ran up and saw that Ichigo and others were running towards the huge Hollow. "Ichigo! Goku! Luffy! Naruto! Stop!" cried Rukia. "It's too powerful for you!" Suddenly, Urahara appeared in front of them. "Urahara…are you trying to get them killed?!"

Urahara suddenly pointed up his index and middle fingertip, and smiled, "Hardly. But still, please just watch quietly." Ruka fell to her knees while Urahara continued, "This fight is a necessary one…"

Rukia shocked, 'This is… a biding spell…'

"For you… and for them," said Urahara.

Just then, Ichigo jumped above the huge Hollow's foot, and attempted to slice and dice and cut it down, but he got knocked away from his foot.

"Kurosaki!" cried Uryuu.

Goku flew up towards the Hollow's mask and tried to deliver a powerful punch to his mask, but the Hollow slapped him, knocking him down the ground.

Luffy shouted, "Gear Second!" He speeded up the blood flow in all body parts, in order to provide them with more oxygen and nutrients thus making him much faster and stronger. Then he grabbed the lightning pole with stretched out arms. He shouted, "Gomu Gomu no…" He instantly propelled himself forward with blinding speed towards the Hollow. "Jet Rocket!"

However, when he punched right on the Hollow's body, he got knocked away from him for no reason. It was almost as if the Hollow's body was made of steel or something or because he did not hit him harder enough.

'I see… Normal attacks or physical attacks won't work on him. Let's see if my Rasengan works on him,' thought Naruto. Suddenly, he formed Rasengan hovering above his hand, and shouted, "Here I go!" as he charged towards the Hollow, and then jumped up towards his chest. He slammed the Rasengan on its chest, but it did not flinch it at all. He shocked, "What?!" He jumped back down to the ground and looked up at the huge Hollow. 'Damn it! Then it won't work on him?!'

Uryuu sighed, " I told you so." Then he fired the energy arrow at the hollow's mask, but it got deflected out. "Damn!" Then he stared down at Ichigo. "Kurosaki, can you stand?"

"Sure…" replied Ichigo. Then he stared up at Uryuu and chuckled, "I'm actually okay." But his forehead began to leak blood streaming down to his nose.

Uryuu scowled, "What the hell were you thinking? How did you intend to beat it with that attack?"

"Well, I thought if I cut it away piece by piece from the feet up, the head would come down," said Ichigo. "That's like some kids' game!"

"That's good idea! That might work, Ichigo!" agreed Goku.

"Let's do it! You give it a shot, Ichigo!" cheered Luffy.

Uryuu sighed, "For god's sake…Your brain must've been constructed unbelievably wrong."

"He's right, Ichigo. From what I've seen, any physical or normal attacks will not work against him. We need a strong one so that would enough to beat that huge Hollows!" said Naruto.

Uryuu squatted down and nodded while staring at Ichigo's huge sword. "Now stand…" Then he grabbed Ichigo's Zanpakuto to pull him back up. "…let's form a new plan and-" Suddenly, the Reiryoku Ichigo was releasing flowed through his sword and caused Uryuu's bow to grow bigger. He shocked, 'What's this…It's flowing into me…Is this… the effect of Kurosaki's power?'

Naruto widened his eyes and shocked, 'What?! This bow is growing bigger! That must mean Ichiog's reiatsu is an incredible!"

"Hey, that's awesome!" said Luffy.

"Yeah! His Ki is getting bigger!" agreed Goku.

Ichigo was not sure what they're talking about, but he still went on the subject from what Uryuu talked about. Ichigo stared at the huge hollow and sighed, "But… I mean… a plan…"

"Kurosaki!" cried Uryuu.

When Kurosaki diverted his attention to Uryuu, he widened his eyes and shocked, "What's with that bow?! Why's it so huge?!"

"Just listen!" Uryuu said, "We might be able to beat that thing."

(On the Bridge- With Chad and Orihime)

Sado and Orihime were watching everything that was going on from a bridge somce distance away. Around them, the civilian people were walking like a normal because they could not see the Hollow since they cannot see the ghost. "Can you see Ishida, Goku, Luffy, and Naruto with Ichigo next to him?" asked Chad.

Orihime nodded, "Yeah. 'Please watch from here', huh?" They saw the large Hollows walked towards Ichigo and others. 'Watch… and then choose, is that what he means? … the path we'll walk. The truth is… The truth is, I'd never forgotten one bit of it. There was just nothing I could do but doubt my memory.' Then she sighed, "Sado-kun… What do you think we should do?"

(At Park- Naruto, Goku, Luffy, Ichigo, and Uryuu Vs Hollows)

"Okay, now we can fight!" said Uryuu. He tied Ichigo's sword on his head to make his bow still bigger.

Naruto sweat-dropped and thought, 'What kind of that stupid plan is? But that might work…'

Goku blinked twice, and asked, "Is that what you're planning to do?"

"What're you going to do with that sword on your head?" asked Luffy.

Then Ichigo removed his hands off his sword and confused, "You're… stupid, aren't you?" Suddenly, Uryuu's bow shrunk back to normal size.

The tic-mark appeared on Uryuu's head and shocked, "What?! Quit complaining! If you release your spirit power at full blast in this pose…I should be able to shoot an absurdly powerful arrow. Don't let your incredible spirit power ooze uselessly!"

Ichigo deadpanned, "Dude… don't, like, say 'ooze'."

"Come on," Uryuu begged, "control your spirit power and increase it to maximum output!"

"How?" asked dumbfounded Ichigo.

"What?!" Uryuu yelped, "You can't?! Then how have you fought Hollows up 'til now?"

Ichigo chuckled nervously, "Spur of the moment?"

"Spur of the moment…" Uryuu confused, "Of all the nonsensical…"

Ichigo sighed, "I don't really know about that stuff! If my spirit power is really so badass, maybe it's always on full blast!"

Naruto sighed, "Enough! Stop arguing! Here it comes!" The Hollow finally stepped next to them which drew their attention to him.

Meanwhile, the Menos Grande prepared to fire a red ball of energy. Goku widened his eyes and shocked, "A Ki…?!"

Rukia widened his eyes and shocked, "A Cero… That beast… It intends to fire a Cero here?! Run! Quickly! That's not Ki blast you usually fire, Goku-kun! If that hits you, there won't be an atom left!"

Luffy stared up at Menos Grande who formed a Cero in its mouth and shocked, "It's just like the beam that guy who separated me from my crews!"

"Or it's just like Bijudama! (Tailed Beast Bomb)" shocked Naruto.

Uryuu gulped, "There really is no other choice." Then he stared at Ichigo. "Kurosaki, Kurosaki, grab the sword once mo-" Suddenly, Ichigo yanked his sword out of Uryuu's head and ran straight at Menos Grande. "Kurosaki! What are you doing?!"

"Shit! He does either have a death wish or he's just stupid!" said Naruto.

Ichigo charged the Menos as it fired the Cero at him. Ichigo blocked the attack with his Zanpakuto, causing a huge shockwave around Uryuu, Goku, Naruto, and Luffy.

Uryuu widened his eyes and shocked, "What?!" as Ichigo continued to block the Cero. 'What is this bizarre spirit force? Kurosaki's power is expanding?... maybe it's always on full blast! That's it! That couldn't be true. No matter how high one's spirit power… if they leave that tap on all the time, their spirit power should dry up right away. The fact he can't control his spirit power… means basically, he has too much of it. If you turn the tap and an unexpected amount of water comes out… most people would be startled and turn the water off. If he's like that too… If his usual abilities are in the off mode… And if… by some impetus… it was wrenched open…'

Ichigo still blocked the Cero that pushed his sword, Ichigo was preparing pushed the Cero up as he bared his teeth.

Naruto shocked, 'What?! Unbelievably powers! No doubt about it! His reiatsu has so much potential just like my chakra! What an incredible!'

Goku shocked, "H- He blocked it with his huge swords! Awesome!"

Ruka and Kon were in shocked that Ichigo was able to block the Cero with his huge sword. Kisuke smiled, "Almost time I think."

In an epic display of force and determination, Ichigo reflected the Cero back at the Menos, hurting it, creating a huge shockwave towards Ichigo, and others. Rukia looked up and widened her eyes. Menos Grande began to retreat back through the tear in the sky.

Rukia shocked, "The Menos…"

"…is leaving…" shocked Uryuu.

Goku then cupped his hands and shouted, "Ka…Me-"

"NO! I will not let you go! Let me do it, Goku!" interrupted Naruto.

Goku shocked, "What?!"

Naruto crossed his index and middle fingers and shouted, "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" to split himself into two. They began to form big ball similar to Rasengan, but with two Narutos this time. He charged and jumped towards Menos Grande's face and shouted, "Odama Rasengan! (Giant Rasengan)" Then they slammed the giant Rasengan onto the Hollow's mask, shattering it. This obliterated the Hollow away. He landed on the ground and chuckled, "I did it!"

Ichigo, on the hand, raised his two fingers that formed 'V' and shouted, "Victory!"

Uryuu shocked, "They're incredible…"

Tessai smiled, "Superb. I understand now what the manager saw in them." The crack finally disappeared.

Ichigo smiled, "Hey…"

Uryuu sighed, "What?"

"You could thank me, you know," said Ichigo.

"Hey, thank me, too!" added Naruto.

Ichigo chuckled, "We cleaned up your mess for you. Don't you think that's worth a 'thank you'?" then he collapsed on the ground. "I can't sta-" Suddenly, Ichigo's Zanpakuto began to glow brightly, forcing Uryuu, Goku, Naruto, Luffy, and Rukia to block their eyes. Ichigo widened his eyes and shocked, "What?! What's happening?!"

Uryuu widened his eyes and said, "The Zanpakuto's shape is starting to deform."

"W- what's going on?! Why is his sword shrinking down?" confused Naruto.

"Yeah, never mind that, it's bad! I sense his Ki or reiatsu is shrinking too!" said Goku.

"W- What?! What are we going to do?!" worried Luffy.

"Because he suddenly released his power," answered Rukia. "At this rate, his body won't last!"

"I have to do something," said Uryuu. "That's it!" Then he stepped on Ichigo's sword, making his bows growing bigger. Then he fired the arrows one after next up into the sky and said, "This is all… I have to do. I'll just release the spirit power Kurosaki can't control."

Ichigo looked up and saw that Uryuu still fired the arrow into the sky. ""What are you doing?!" asked Ichigo.

Uryuu scowled, "Shut up!" as he continued to fire one after one into the sky.

"Your arm's all bloody!" shocked Ichigo.

"Shut up!" Uryuu fired more arrows and sighed, "I told you… If we don't both survive this, we won't have each other to beat up. Survive so I can beat on you, Kurosaki Ichigo! And try and beat me, too, Kurosaki Ichigo!" He narrowed his eyes and still firing arrows up into the sky. "I'm sorry, Sensei. I… wanted to avoid seeing the truth by hating Shinigami. I wanted to never see that it was I who couldn't save you. Today, I… will save a Shinigami. Can I be forgiven? I am a weak student who could not give up my life for you." Finally, he finished firing up the arrows and fell to his knees. "Can you ever forgive me… Grandfather?"

Ichigo stared up at the sky and sighed, "How could I beat someone… with that look on their face…"

Goku smiled, "Finally! The Hollows ended! Let's hope there won't be a lot of Hollows here again."

Luffy nodded, "Yeah… But I want to learn how to use energy arrows! It's awesome!"

Naruto deadpanned, "Yeah, you can't learn to use that, unless you are a Quincy, idiot!" Then he stared down at Ichigo and chuckled, "Looks like you're saved. Be grateful that Quincy saved Substitute Shinigami today." He reached his hand for Ichigo and smiled at him.

Ichigo smiled as he grabbed Naruto's hand to get up, and said, "Thank you, Naruto…"

Naruto stared each of his friends and smiled, "How about we form a group… We need a name for it…"

Ichigo sighed, "I don't know…"

"I am not interesting in come up with the name for our group," said Uryuu.

Goku got an idea and smiled, "How about Z- Fighters!"

"No," Naruto sighed, "that sounds crap."

"How about Straw Hats Pirate?!" suggested Luffy.

"No! We are not naming after you, Luffy!" scowled Naruto. "Any ideas for name?" Everyone shook their head. He sighed, "We have ninja, pirate, martial arts fighter, Shinigami, and Quincy. How about we call it…" then he smiled, "The Strong Bond!"

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