Annie Walker, never pictured, Joan Campbell, to be the motherly type, the woman in front of her was a master spy, but also her biological mother.

She wanted to scream...

Her face red with confusion. She never saw that coming.

'Antoinette May Campbell'



'Annie Catherine Walker'

She read the page; Joan had given her over and over.

She reached over the bed, to the nightstand grabbed her phone and dialled the one person she could truly trust, Auggie.

'Auggie, are you still at the office?'

'Yeah, why?'

'I... I need some advice,' Annie's breath was now quickened.

'Annie... I'm always here for you.' Auggie exclaimed.

'Thanks, bye' with that the phone call was terminated.

Thirty minutes later, Annie walks into the DPD- Domestic Protection Division, straight to tech-ops, straight to Auggie.


'Annie, don't do that you scared me half to death otherwise! So what is so important that you need my advice?'

'Hypothetically, if my parents weren't who i though they were, would you investigate?'

'That would depend on the situation, but you have to give me more than that.'

'If I just found out that they are not my biological parents'

'Are we still speaking hypothetically?'

'No, not really'

'Annie, what happened?'

'I don't know it happened so fast, Joan is nice, but I never pictured her as the motherly type, I mean what do I do?'

'Wait, what about Joan?'

'Never mind' as Annie irritably leaves the room.