'Annie… Wait'

' Wait for what...'

Annie walked exceptionally fast towards the carpark, Joan followed.

'Annie…wait or slow down at least!' I chose the wrong day for stillettos, joan thought.


'So we can discuss this like normal people'

'How can we , Arthur made it perfectly clear that he doesn't want me to know, so you can't tell me anything.'

'Annie please… we had your best intersets at heart'

'By leaving me at someone's doorstep?'

'We didn't leave you on a doorstep,the Walkers are nice people, they were retired agents, minimal threats.' Joan pleaded.

'Didn't you want me'

'We watched you grow up, when you were little, we used to take days off from work to come and visit, but when you turned five we decided that it was best if we had no-contact with you.'

'You still didn't answer my question, did you want me, or was I a mistake?'

'Annie, does it matter...'

'Too me'

' You were a suprise too us, Annie, but with Gina we had to keep you secret.'


'Arthur's ex-wife she made the divorce messy, when she found out about the affair.'

'My parents went through every dance recital, every broken bone, my first day of kindergarten. That should have been you and Arthur, but that doesn't change anything now.'


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