Quite the Quiet Pair


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"Ah, really?"


"…I see." Masaru replied and went back to his book. His head rested on top of Hazuki's back as she laid on her stomach, reading a book.

To Kill A Mockingbird.

It was one of those American classics that Momoko had given to Hazuki. And by the way she breathing, Masaru knew that Hazuki really liked the book. She liked it a little too much.


"Yes Masaru?" she replied, her nose still stuck in the book.

"When will you be back?" By then, Masaru let the book rest on top of his chest and looked at the back of the head of his friend. He felt her breathing slow down just slightly and frowned.

"Hmm, three weeks? Maybe a month." Hazuki replied, sighing contently. "Around that time." Masaru felt his heart drop.

She was going to be gone that long? And in America?

"What about school?" Masaru felt his cheeks turn red when Hazuki laughed.

"I'll have the teachers send me work, I can do it then." she replied. Hazuki turned a page.

"Is…Harukaze going too?" This time, all Masaru got as a reply was a nod of the head. A bad feeling swept through the quiet teenager's heart with the thought of Hazuki going to America for that long to visit her American friend. She'd be gone from him too long and he didn't want to think of what would happen to her over there. Especially when he couldn't keep an eye on her. It was hard enough that she went to a prestigious all-girls school. Masaru's emerald eyes looked outside Hazuki's large window to the large, old oak tree that had always been there. His gaze focused on one of the very few leaves still intact with the tree and watched it fall slowly, gently to the browning ground.

It split in half before landing in a puddle.

The ripples from the effect were too rough.

Masaru narrowed his eyes. 'A bad premonition?' The bad feeling in him only intensified at the sight of the ripples slowing down.

"—aru… Masaru?" Hazuki shifted under him and the boy shot up quickly.

"Sorry." he apologized with his face heating up just a little. Masaru grabbed his book and jumped off of Hazuki's bed. Hazuki gathered the book into her arms and slid off the mattress to the boy next to her. Masaru took in her small figure in a crème blouse and orange skirt. Her porcelain skin shimmered in the sunlight-lit room and her wide, hazel doe-eyes looked up at him. Hazuki's brown hair had reached all the way down to her waist as it was held by a silky, curly white ribbon. It made her more petite than she really was. Masaru shook his head, aware of his own staring and blushed.

"Can I see you off?" asked the 17-year old girl, unaware of Masaru's earlier embarrassment. The younger boy thought back to the leaf.

"No, it's alright." Masaru grabbed his black sweater off of Hazuki's chair. "…so, tomorrow then?" Hazuki shook her head, a sad smile adorning her facial features and the boy's heart dropped a little bit more.

"I'm packing tomorrow."

"…I see. Bye." Without another word, Masaru left Hazuki's room.

"I thought he'd never leave." Hazuki smiled at the voice sounding much like her own and turned around. A tiny-being flew to Hazuki's side, dressed in thin, almost see-through material, covering but exposing everything. Her brown hair was much like Hazuki's, except extended down to her ankles and was sported with a large, pointy, orange witch hat. Her thin slippers looked like that almost of silk and she looked exactly like Hazuki, even though she was the size of said girl's pointed finger. There was a quiet and serene-like air about the tiny-being.

"Good evening Rere." Hazuki held out her palm for the small fairy to land.

"Is that the boy?" The fairy asked as she adjusted her large, circular glasses. Hazuki nodded her head and brought out a thin, clean, pale orange glass wand out of air. Its handle was brown and its hilt was that of a heart. Throughout the thin piece of glass, it was detailed with engraved leaves that could almost blow through the wind if you looked hard enough. Hazuki smiled at the very sight of it. Rere looked up at her master. "Are you ready?"

Hazuki nodded and swept the wand over her head.

"Magi magia Hazuki." In the form a smoky and airy thin light, Hazuki's clothes slowly disappeared from toe to head. The light traveled from overhead, touching the floor and Hazuki was sucked into its warmth. Her feet was covered in tanned leather boots, reaching all the way up to her mid-calf and was tied by a black string. The light covered her waist almost gently, gathering itself and forming a flowing, dirty orange colored skirt ending right above her knees. It attacked her upper body more viciously, a sleeveless white blouse tucked by a velvet belt and tied to the top by brown yarn appeared and slowly, the light touched the brunette's shoulders sporting an orange cape tied around her neck, nearing Hazuki's ankles with a hood attached to it. It faded in Hazuki's long hair, tying her long hair into a simple pony-tail with an edgy, sharp orange ribbon.

Rere smiled. "It's wonderful. You haven't lost your touch." Commented the fairy as she over-looked her master once more. "Shall we be going?" Hazuki nodded and aimed at her wand at the large vanity mirror placed in the center of the wall.

"Magia della musica diffondi la bonta." Hazuki whispered."Portale a Witch Regno." Soon enough, a strong wind whipped past the witch and fairy. Hazuki quickly covered herself and Rere with her long cloak sleeve. The wind, just as abrupt, settled down quickly and a pair of hazel eyes looked into the circular moving portal, taking place where reflection used to be. Hazuki looked at her small companion. "Shall we?"

"You take too long." A tanned girl's face shot out of the portal, hiding the rest of her body. Hazuki and Rere gasped and jumped back, taking a long look at the girl. A small tanned face that most people would die over and familiar lavender eyes greeted them along with a warm smile crossing her full, shiny lips. Her short, dark purple hair stopped at the edge of her face.

"Onpu? Is that really you?" Hazuki asked, eyes glassy.

"Ditched the glasses at last?" Onpu raised a brow. With a hand reaching out, it pulled Hazuki into the portal and Rere followed after quickly. Onpu took one last look at Hazuki's room and disappeared inside the portal itself.

This is a love story between a quiet witch and a perceiving human boy.

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