Quite the Quiet Pair

What's Dark Magic?

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"So…" Masaru started. He and Doremi sat on a bench eating Pocky sticks and explaining situations. Situations that involved two missing girls.

Who weren't in America. But in…

"Witch Kingdom? So you guys' are witches…" The younger boy stated. Doremi cringed at that, suddenly grateful that she wasn't a full grown witch yet. She'd be a toad if she was.

"Witchlings…" Doremi corrected with no heart in her answer. Instead, she sighed. "I'm not supposed to tell you these things, bad stuff are going to happen." Doremi stopped that thought. 'But no one has come to yell at me yet.' She turned to Masaru who was watching the sunset before them, ignoring the kids playing at the park. "What are you?" Doremi asked, interested. Masaru didn't spare her a glance when he answered.

"A human."

"Then…you must be one of those Eccezione that Majo Rika was telling me about." Doremi retorted, interested in this new discovery.

"What does that mean?" Asked the dark haired boy. He took a bite out of his strawberry Pocky and nibbled on it. Honestly, he didn't care about being an Eccezione, whatever that was.

"It means Exception. You must have a sixth sense." Replied the red-head odango. She looked back at the sunset. "I heard that were some, didn't think you'd be one of them." Doremi marveled in this fact as it stayed quiet. "You know, usually, someone from Witches Kingdom would punish me for telling anyone this. That's why we all kept it a secret."

"Hn." Masaru closed his eyes and imagined long, brown hair, a cute face and soft laughter. 'She's…missing…' Masaru had a hard time accepting that. When Doremi told him, it was like having cold water splashed onto your body until you felt numb. Masaru was numb to the fact that his closest friends was missing…in a crazy kind of Wonderland. Witches? Magic? He felt lost at everything.

But he knew to take Doremi's word. Whatever she was saying, he knew deep down that it was real. Her tone and attitude was nothing less but honest. It even kind of made sense to him, he always felt odd about their group when they were little. 'To think that witches and magic exist.'

"She talks about you." Doremi confessed and curled her knees to her chest, wrapping her arms around them. Masaru glanced at Doremi as she gave a light smile. She breathed in before continuing. "She talks a lot about you. When we were little and you went to sneak into the warehouse to play your trumpet, she was the only one who believed that you didn't do anything wrong." Doremi giggled to herself at the memory. "I'm not used to seeing her being so bold and stubborn."

"Hn." Masaru felt a smile coming onto his lips. He remembered that time well in third grade. Hazuki was the only person who believed that he wasn't a delinquent. Masaru had spent so much time taking crap from other people, being blamed for things that he didn't do, he started not to care.

"Yada-kun?" Doremi interrupted his thoughts and he looked down at her. She looked sad and small. Smaller than how she usually was. A cold breeze swept past them. "I promise…when I go back, we'll find her. I'll find her and Onpu, I swear it. So…" Doremi looked up at the boy, a determined spark set in her red eyes. "You don't have to worry. I'll bring them back." Masaru nodded his head slowly, positive that the usual clumsy girl would bring them back. Bring her back.

Back to him.

Masaru lightly smiled Doremi's way and ruffled her hair a bit. That earned a scowl from her end but for a moment, Masaru felt light. He believed in Doremi's words. Even if she couldn't do anything now, she'd go back with a vengeance.

"Thanks." Another breeze past by them, and Masaru wasn't sure if Doremi felt its chill. He narrowed his green eyes as another bad feeling had settled inside him.

Light brown eyes flickered open and the vision of hers' was blurry. Hazuki rubbed her eyes and immediately noticed that her contacts were gone. She slowly got up and looked around her. It was a small room, no more than just a circular window, a drawer with food resting on top of it and a chair next to comfy bed she lay on. The floor, walls and ceiling looked like it was made from the best of oak, polished to a shine. A light orange scent lingered in the small room, giving off a comfortable feeling.

'Where am I?' Hazuki threw the covers off and let her legs touch the floor as the brunette examined herself. She was dressed in a thin, cotton dress that ended just below her bottom. Hazuki blushed at the indecent length. 'Oh my.' She patted her abdomen and everything felt intact. There was no pain anywhere and the young girl smiled happily, twirling around. 'It's like I was never hurt. I wonder if Onpu—' The girl stopped the thought there and froze, her heart clenching tightly in her chest. Hazuki looked around the small room again and glanced at the bed. "O-Onpu?" Hazuki called out.

"HAZUKI! M-Magi—. … …NO! H-Hazuki!"


The teenager began to feel faint. Images of the dark filled her head. She squat to the floor, hands rushing to hold the side of her head. There was something ugly in her memories, Hazuki knew this.

'Wh-what…' The brunette squeezed her eyes shut tight. Red mixed in with black. There was a tall image, bulky. Hideous and dripping. Then there was something fast with barred teeth facing her. Onpu's face… Hazuki furrowed her brows closely together. 'Onpu…' Violet hair was messy and there were dirt marks on Onpu's face. Hazuki could clearly see tear-stained marks along her cheeks and then Hazuki's memories went blank. Her body began to shake, as if it remembered all the pain she had gone through. Before the brown-haired girl noticed, she was sobbing.

"Excuse me? Are you awake now missus?" The door creaked open and Hazuki looked up with red eyes. She was greeted with a short, old fellow. Stubby, he was no more than a foot and a half off of the polished ground. The old man was cladded in red robes, black Velcro pants and tied brown boots. There was a tall, green pointed hat on his head. Hazuki could tell he was old because all you could see on his face was his thick, white eye brows, mustache and beard stopping in the middle of his chest. He looked like a kitten. Ignoring the sadness she was enveloped in earlier, Hazuki slowly brought her hands away from her head.

'A gnome…?' She thought to herself.

"Missus?" He asked again with a soft tone. "Are you okay?" Immediately, Hazuki could tell that this ma—gnome, was sincere. There was something about him in his aura that was soft and caring. The gnome walked closer to Hazuki and gestured for her to sit on the bed. She obeyed. "Missus?"

"I-I'm fine." Hazuki answered quietly. She looked to the gnome who was no more taller than the bed and began to feel awkward. "I-I'm sorry for intruding in your home." The gnome smiled (from what Hazuki could tell) and waved her comment off like air.

"Nonsense!" He cheered. "You were a mess when Boo found you. Allow me to introduce myself." The gnome brought his small hand out to greet Hazuki. "Nicholas." A small, black blur popped out from behind and twisted in the air, catching Hazuki off guard. It spun to a stop and Hazuki stiffened. It was a black ghost that slowly faded into light blue. There was a dip in its head and yellow piercing eye sockets formed into a glare. Its smile was that of a zigzag and was the size of Majo Rika when she was a toad.

"Boo." Even its voice echoed itself. Hazuki trembled at the sight. Nicholas scoffed.

"That's Boo, he found you missus. He's a very kind ghost." Nicholas added, sensing her discomfort. "No need to be afraid of Boo missus." Boo slowly traveled to Hazuki's face and gave an eerie smile.

"Hellooooooo." It greeted. Goosebumps shot up Hazuki's arm and she moved deeper into the bed. Boo lightly frowned and floated next to Nicholas' side. "She doesn't like meeeee." Nicholas patted the ghost's head.

"In time Boo, in time." The old gnome turned his attention from a sulking ghost back to Hazuki. "If I wasn't mistaken missus, you were shaking when I opened the door? What happened? You alright missus?" Nicholas asked. Hazuki racked her memory.

"I don't think I am… I can't really remember well." Hazuki replied. She put a hand on her forehead. "I…" She started. "I lost a friend in the dark." Nicholas and Boo nodded their heads, listening intently. "W-we were… Going to help another friend but, we got lost. Something scary attacked us a-and…then I woke up."

"What attacked youuuuu?" Boo questioned. Hazuki shuddered at Boo's forever glaring face before answering.

"I think…a goblin? We were in a dark forest." Nicholas coughed.

"Are you from here?" The gnome asked. Hazuki shook her head.

"No, but I've been here before plenty. I know the landscape."

"Then you should also know to stay out of this forest at night missus. Only me and Boo know our way 'round here. It's dark and dangerous, especially with times like now. Even Queen Hana is losing power." Hazuki perked at that.

"C-can you take me to Hana-chan?!" It almost sounded like a demand, but Hazuki felt the urge to suddenly be at the castle filled with familiar scenes and faces. With her friends. The feeling diminished the instant Boo laughed loudly. Nicholas just sighed.

"Missus, we'd like to help you. You've been our first guest in years. But we can't leave outside the forest. We don't know the outside world like that. Beside missus, whatever attacked you and your friend is probably out there with other wicked monsters." Nicholas explained. Hazuki's spirit decreased with every word.

"A-am I…stuck here?" Questioned the young girl. Tears swelled in her eyes again when neither being answered back. "I-I can't be stuck here! Hana-chan! Onpu, everyone needs me!" Hazuki was now standing, towering over the smaller two.

"Why would Queen Hana want youuuuu?" Boo titled his head in confusion. "A mere girl?"

"I'm a witchling. I can't stay here for long." Hazuki replied. 'My magic will slowly get sucked into the Witches Kingdom since I'm not a full witch yet.' She closed her fingers together in the air and brought them down. 'What the?' She repeated the action, concentrating on imagining her wand. "M-my wand…" By now, Hazuki noticed faintly, markings going down her arms in circles and squares that looked like symbols. The young witch turned her attention to Boo and Nicholas. The gnome seemed to have paled but seemed slightly amused with her situation. Boo looked down in shame and muttered an apology. "My wand won't appear." Hazuki stated. That was the worst possible thing yet.

"So sorry…" Boo muttered a little louder. Nicholas patted the ghost head which confused Hazuki. Wasn't Boo just air?

"You didn't know." Nicholas comforted.

"Wh-what's going on?" Hazuki chewed on her lower lip nervously. A bad feeling formed in her gut and whatever the ghost and gnome had to say, it wasn't going to be good for her. Nicholas gave a sigh which seemed tired for his old age.

"Missus. When Boo found you, you were in really bad shape. I couldn't bring you back in time. It was nearing dawn." Nicholas looked as if he frowned, but she couldn't tell because of his thick mustache and beard. "We didn't know you were a witchling. A mere human girl from another world. If you were born in Witches Kingdom, things might've been different for you." Hazuki grew even more confused. Boo took control of the conversation, feeling terrible.

"I'm sorry missusssss." Boo floated closer to Hazuki once more who was too confused to grow scared. She was nervous and the gut feeling she had grew deeper looking at Boo's glaring face. "But…when I found you, you were already dead."

"What?" Hazuki gasped and covered her mouth in shock. 'DEAD? Me?' Just the thought made Hazuki feel…lonely and sad. She had died. She was dead.

"That's probably why you can't remember well. I brought you back to life, but…" Boo didn't finish and just stayed afloat in front of Hazuki's face. Nicholas finished for Boo's stead, pitying his naive friend.

"It came with a price missus. Boo saw you and exchanged something you thought precious into another chance for life." Nicholas explained in a heavy tone. Hazuki saw where this was going and unbelief rocked through her body. She trembled and softly sat on the bed again, her eyes going blank. Slowly and swiftly, Hazuki felt around her neck for her necklace and found nothing there. Her Witches Stone was gone.

"M-my… M-magic?" Her tone broke and Hazuki felt a weight on her shoulders. And image of her stone shattering into millions of pieces broke Hazuki's heart. 'It's really gone?'

"I'm sorry." Boo floated back to Nicholas. The warm room seemed to have gone chilled because Hazuki couldn't feel its former warmth anymore. "I didn't know you were from a different world. I used Dark Magic, I'm sorry missssssss."

"What's Dark Magic?" Hazuki croaked, feeling heartbroken the more faces she thought of appeared. All of the people she will miss…

"Evil Magic. Those markings on your arm missus…" Nicholas pointed to her arms and Hazuki nodded her head slowly, aware of them even more now. There was a slight distaste in her buds. "Those are proof that you are of Dark Magic belonging, breaking every Law in this World. You can't do your magic now." By now, Hazuki had swallowed a deep knot in her throat to keep from crying.

'If I can't use magic… I can't go home? But… Doremi, Masaru and my parents… School. Hana-chan needs me, I have to find Onpu.' All possibilities of trying to go home or to the castle faltered in that small room. Finding Onpu seemed useless now too. Sucking in a breath, Hazuki spoke. "So…I'm going to die here soon?" At this, Boo shook his head immediately and quickly.

"No, you're part of this World nowwwww!" Boo reassured. If his expression could change, Hazuki could almost see eagerness in his expressions. "Those marks are letting you live here." Boo pointed to her arms.

"Can I go home then?" Hazuki asked, almost hopefully. The atmosphere was light, but at her question, everything sunk into darkness. Hazuki saw it in their body gestures. Nicholas slumped and Boo went back to looking at the floor. 'N-no?' The girl's hands started to tremble.

"I'm sorry…" Boo apologized for the umpteenth time. "You can't."

"Why not?"

"If you leave this World filled with Dark Magic…" Nicholas started. Hazuki heard Boo suck in a breath, almost anticipating Hazuki's reaction. "The moment you step out of Witches Kingdom, you'll die."

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