First Meeting

As we all know, the children of District 2 aged 12-18 train to become Career Tributes in the brutal Hunger Games. To certain districts, being a tribute in these games was a curse worse than death. But to District 2, to have your name reaped from those crystal balls was a great honor, often five or more people fought to volunteer as tribute.

Young 12 year old Clove Fuhrman dreamt all her life to be a victor in the games. Now she was taking the first step: Training. Not that she needed it badly; her father had taught her how to throw a knife perfectly the moment she could walk, along with some agility training. Despite her height she was still a tribute to look out for, should she ever make it to the arena.

'Make a good first impression Clove.' Her father told her the morning before her first training. 'I promise.' Clove assured her father. And of course she kept her promise, though it was a bit hard to keep it.

Her size was a clear disadvantage, the moment she stepped into the training center. The other 12 year olds, clearly larger than her, taller too, burst out laughing when they saw her, she pretended to ignore them despite the fact that she really wanted to reach inside her jacket and send her sharpest knife towards them.

She knew she wouldn't miss; years of training could never go to waste. But she controlled herself and watched the other older children to occupy herself. One caught her attention, a boy, quite handsome, with dirty blonde hair and about 6 feet height. Using his sword he swerved a dummy's head off and cut through a dummy's center, right where the heart should be.

Then a whistle sounded, '12 year olds, you may begin training.' Came the voice of Ace, the head trainer and victor of the 67th Hunger Games. Clove ran straight to the knife throwing section. The knives they had there were just amazing she thought to herself. Clove picked a knife and sent it straight through the dummy's heart. 'Bull's eye.' She said and smiled. The trainer that was in charge of the knife throwing section was stunned, and then she ran off to get Ace.

The trainer wasn't the only one that saw Clove. The boy did too, he walked towards her. 'Hey, I'm Cato Ludwig. And you are?' He said and held out a hand for Clove to shake. Clove took it, seeing him as an equal in skill. 'Clove Fuhrman'. She said. 'I saw your knife skills.' Cato said smiling. 'I saw your sword ones.' Clove said in return. 'Though I never really excelled in the sword.' She continued. Cato almost laughed at this. 'I'll teach you someday.' He offered. 'Sureā€¦'Clove said and shrugged.

Just then, Cato's friends walked up to them. 'Her over the whole lot of them Cato?' one of them said, pointing at Clove. 'She's quite a talent Jaymes.' Cato said scowling. 'With that height? You're kidding me right?' Jaymes said laughing, the rest of them laughed along. This triggered Clove's anger. She reached into her jacket, took a knife and sent it flying at Jaymes's head. Jaymes managed to dodge it just in time, and Clove's knife made a crack at the wall behind him. 'Take that as a warning.' Clove said and walked past the stunned looks to retrieve her knife.

When she turned around, Cato caught her eye and smiled at her, not many had such courage to take on Jaymes. She nodded and went back to training, glaring at those who were staring at her. They quickly turned their heads away.

Jaymes swore he would get his revenge on Clove somehow, being publicly humiliated wasn't something he would put up with. 'I see her talent Cato.' Jaymes said pointing his spear at him. Cato knew he was stronger than him and daren't fight back. Instead he waited for him to walk off before going back to the sword training section. 'I don't even know why I'm friends with him.' He said under his breath. Then, he took his anger out on the dummies. With every stroke of the sword he started striking the dummies in the most fatal spots, should they be real human beings.

Clove did the same, throwing the knives at the dummies, treating them like they were Jaymes and his friends, impressing Ace at the same time. 'You are?' He finally asked her. 'Clove Fuhrman.' Clove

said, pleased by the attention she got from the head trainer. 'You'll make a perfect victor, might even want to volunteer at fifteen maybe?' Ace complimented. 'I will. Promise.' Clove said. Ace smiled at her. 'I've never met a girl with such enthusiasm to join the games. You'll be a perfect victor.' Ace said again, smiling.

A/N: My second fanfic, my first one is not completed yet, but I think I'll be able to handle two :)