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Harry stole the time turner from Hermione.

It wasn't something he really though

t about doing, but when they had saved Sirius and Buckbeak, there was a moment where it was dangling from her neck and she was busy with a door. He casted a "relashio" and it dropped to the ground where he was able to walk by, bend down and grab it.

It had not occurred to him that the whole purpose he had in mind was saving his parents. If they could save Sirius and Buckbeak, why not them too? He had thought about going to Hermione but he was sure she would not approve, which is why he had to take it in the first place. What kind of son would he be if he did not at least try?

Talking Ron into it was out as well, he was sure this was not something Ron would approve of. He would understand of course, sympathize but when it came down to it he would not approve of it. Sighing, Harry packed a few items into his rucksack. He figured, he could be back before anyone noticed. He just had to go back, warn Sirius or Dumbledore...or someone about Peter being the traitor. That should save his parents, he did not see why it wouldn't. Then he could come back to a life with his mum and dad and not the Dursley's...

He had walked out to the lake wearing his invisibility cloak and waited until he was sure everyone was back in the castle before he became visible again. He took the little hour glass into his hand, studying it. It was very pretty. He wasn't sure how many turns it would take, hadn't Dumbledore said 3 would work earlier? He tried calculating how many that would be to go back 12 years...

After doing the rough math in his head he sighed shakily and hitched his bag on his shoulder.

"Okay Harry, you got this," he whispered as he began turning the hour glass. He did not hear the person approaching him. Did not know he was no longer alone until a hand grabbed his shoulder.

"Potter what are you-"

But the words were cut off as the scene before him started to shift and change. It made him feel sick and he quickly closed his eyes to avoid watching it. Vaguely he still felt the hand on his shoulder. He felt a thrill of fear. Hopefully it was not a teacher, especially not Snape.

Please do not let it be Snape!

Harry finally felt himself slowing down and opened his eyes. They were by the lake still. It was dark like it was from their time. Had it even worked? The hand was still there. Harry turned and jumped away with a yelp.

"You!" He howled. "Why did you grab me Malfoy?"

"Potter what-what just happened?" He demanded.

"We went back in time you wanker! If you ruin this, I swear I will kill you!" Harry snarled. "Just stay here, I have one thing to do and I will be back."

He grabbed Draco's green and silver tie and tugged his face closer.

" . ," he growled. "Got that? You must not be seen Draco!"

Draco grabbed his tie and pushed Harry away. He was sneering.

"As if I would ever listen to you Potter," he looked around. "Besides, it doesn't seem like we went back in time."

"You're such a git! Petrificus Totalus!" Harry snapped, pointing his wand at Draco. He seized up and tipped right over. "I am NOT sorry. I do hope you don't get stepped on. Be a good boy Malfoy, I'm going to cover you up and I will be back for you."

And with that he tossed his invisibility cloak over Draco. He was fully covered up. But Harry frowned. How was he going to find Draco when he returned? Spotting a rather large rock, he levitated it over and set it down near them, careful not to drop it on Malfoy.

No matter how tempting it was.

Without his cloak he felt oddly exposed. He was not sure he had even gone back in time far enough. They were still at Hogwarts though and Harry made his way slowly back up. The do ors were open allowing him easy access. He almost forgot about the Maurader's map and quickly pulled it out.

"Damn!" He cursed under his breath. He had gone back far enough, that much was clear. James, Sirius, and Peter were walking this way! With a jolt he realized that must mean it's a full moon- which meant- no. No that was stupid, Lupin was in the Shrieking Shack, he wouldn't be out on the grounds. Draco was safe until he returned.

Unfortunately, that left him no time to find a hiding spot and all too soon a large black dog came running around the corner, sliding a bit on the smooth floors and came to a dead stop in front of him. Padfoot was clearly confused. His dad came around the corner much slower, hooves did not have any traction. The stag stopped as well and the rat, Peter- was poking his head around Prong's ear.

And then suddenly, three teenagers were in front of Harry. Sirius had a hand on him and James was looking at him with a frown on his face.

"Prongs, he-"

"If you say he looks like me, I'll kill you. It's obvious Padfoot!" James said, shoving his friend away. But when they looked into each others eyes James gave a small gasp.

"I must be dreaming," he said weakly. "Or...or else, this is some kind of joke."

"What is it?" Peter asked anxiously.

Harry rolled his eyes and put his hands on his hips.

"All right, James- I need a word," he stated bluntly.

"You can say it in front of us," Sirius snarled.

"Not him," Harry said disdainfully. "I don't mind if you hear it Sirius, but not Pettigrew."

He was not sure if it was the use of his first name or agreeing to speak in front of him, but Sirius seemed placated.

James sighed and suddenly had his wand out, pointed at Harry.

"Fine, you can have your word with us but I want to know who you are," and he shrugged. "You can leave Peter out of it if you want, we'll tell him what you said anyway."

"Somehow I doubt that," Harry muttered darkly but turned and stalked outside anyway. Being that close to Peter and not being allowed to do anything- but getting a younger version of Pettigrew would do nothing, it wouldn't prove Sirius innocent.

Harry turned to face the two marauders and found words escaped him. James and Sirius were very intimidating and much older than Harry sill. He ran a hand through his hair.

"This is going to sound ridiculous, but my name is Harry Potter," he glanced at his dad. "Your son."

James made a weird choking noise but didn't move.

"You made Sirius my godfather," he said slowly.

"I don't have a son," James said suddenly.

"Not-not yet," Harry stammered. "In the future we have these," he pulled out a time turner. "I used this to come back...because," he said shakily. "because in the future you're dead."


"Dad-I -" Harry stopped at the look on James' face.

"How can we believe this?" Sirius asked. "You have to give us more than that."

"Well, Voldemort wants to kill-" Harry started but again was stopped.

"You say his name?" Sirius growled, his eyes narrowed.

"Fear of a name only increase fear of the thing itself," Harry repeated monotone.

"Dumbledore," James and Sirius chimed in at once.

"Right, so Voldemort wants me dead. You and mum-"

"Who's your mum?" James asked, but Harry could tell he already knew. He smiled.

"Lily Evans."

"YOU GET EVANS," Sirius yelped, punching James in the shoulder.

"If what he's saying is true," James pointed out.

"So you and mum go into hiding," Harry presses on, annoyed at this point. "But you hide your location with Peter and he...The Order suspected there was a spy-a-a-traitor...Peter betrays you. He tells Voldemort and he kills you both."

"Ah, well," Sirius patted James on the back. "Tough luck mate," and he drew his wand as well.

"So do we hex him first or just take him to the headmaster?" James asked lightly, his eyes narrowed.

"What!" Harry yelped. "I'm warning you! Are you really so thick?"

"Who are you? Really?" James demanded. Red sparks shot of his wand. Harry ground his teeth together.

"I've told you and if you don't believe me I'm going to be stuck growing with the Dursleys, you will be dead, and Sirius in Azkaban!"

"Why am I in Azkaban?" Sirius asked, look bemused.

"You get labeled a Death Eater and as the traitor that had been passing information to Voldemort."

"At least mum will be proud," he said, flashing James a smile. James rolled his eyes.

"i wish I knew how to get you to believe me, "Harry whined. "I didn't see this as a problem."

"Isn't there something you could tell us?" James pushed. But Harry shook his head.

"I just met him in my time," he said, pointing to Sirius. "I don't know much about him and my aunt and uncle- they raised me after you were killed- they're Muggles and they hate magic. I'm not allowed to ask questions about you."

"Fine," James said, running a hand through his hair causing it to stick up even more. "Tell me about your aunt and uncle, if the info matches what Evans says..."

"Well, she won't know my uncle yet. But her sister is Petunia," and Harry gave as much information on Lily and Petunia that he had, which really wasn't much. James was pleased.

"So if this is true, I won't make Peter my secret keeper," he said, grinning.

"Great! So I should get back and," Harry smiled brightly. "I'll see you there."

"We're going to follow you though," Sirius said. "I want to see you leave."

"Fine but I er-he's not a friend, but someone tagged along with me. I have to go get him," Harry explained a bit sheepishly.

"You look exactly like James does when he's hiding something," Sirius said with a laugh.

"Well...I um...I put a full body bind on him and covered him with my cloak," Harry said in a rush.

"My invisibility cloak?" James yelped as they had walked out to where Harry had left Malfoy and tugged it off.

"Yep!" He said cheerfully. He pointed his wand at Draco.


"Potter!" Draco snapped, getting to his feet. "You wanker! You git! How dare you, you just wait until my father hears!"

Harry had his arms crossed and rolled his eyes.

"You are full of hot air," he responded and pulled the time turner out of his shirt. "Well? are you coming? I'm sure daddy would love to see you but unfortunately if you stay here, he'll only be a couple years older than you."

Draco wasn't listening, instead he was staring at James.

"Fuck, they made a copy of you!" He roared. Harry hit him.

"Stop being so stupid! That's my dad," he growled.

"Your dad is dead Potter."

"Yeah well not at this time, I keep telling you," Harry sighed. He grabbed a hold of Malfoy.

"Bye!" He said as he began turning the time turner the opposite way.

But nothing happened. They stayed in the same spot.


"Yeah Malfoy?"

"Did you just get us stuck in the past?"


"I'm going to kill you."