The end. d'awe.

Dumbledore was pleasant about the entire situation, even chuckling a bit about Harry being the only one standing. James, Sirius, and Peter were off with Professor McGonagall, but Harry and Draco were awaiting Dumbledore in his office. Draco kept sighing loudly.

"What?" Harry snapped.

"It's just- even as partners you manage to do better than me."

"How do you figure?" Harry asked with a small laugh. "I was done without you."

Draco shrugged.

"Seriously Malfoy, it was brave of you!"

He snorted.

Just then the door opened and Albus strode in, smiling kindly at them both.

"Mr Black, Pettigrew, and Potter have had their memories modified," he started out. Harry looked up in horror.

"Why? I did this to warn them!" He was on his feet now, panic coursing through him.

"Harry, please sit and I will explain."

He glared instead. There was no way he'd be talked out of this, his father needed to know, he opened his mouth to argue but felt a hand on his arm. He stopped and looked around, it was Malfoy.

"Potter, let's hear him out before you start yelling."

"Fine," he snarled and tossed himself backwards into the seat, crossing his legs and arms in anger.

"Thank you Mr Malfoy. As I was saying, their memories have been modified. They have no recollection of what transpired. They do not know that you exist or that you came back in time to communicate with them."

Harry finally met Dumbledore's eyes. His aura was radiating sadness.

"Harry, your parents died that night. No matter how many times you come back to warn them, nothing will change that."

"But Buckbeak-" he began but Dumbledore held up a hand to stall him.

"Buckbeak never died. It was possible to save him because you already had done so. Your parents were never saved, so they can't be now."

"What if we go back to that night and stop Voldemort then?" Harry demanded. He noticed Draco flinch at the name and rolled his eyes.

"It would change nothing, besides put you into unnecessary risk. Time is a difficult thing Harry. You are lucky no damages were done. No spell can bring people back from the dead. Death is...very final Harry."

Harry released a long breath and collapsed backward onto his seat. He closed his eyes tight, trying to fight back the prickle of tears.

"I think a dreamless sleep is in order. I've made the necessary adjustments to get you boys back, we can make arrangements-"

"No, I want to go back now," Harry said weakly. "Please?"

Dumbledore nodded.

"Certainly. If you will stand here please," he gestured to the stand that Fawkes was on, he was an adult at this point. Large, crimson, his black eyes peering at him.

"Hello Fawkes," Harry said with a small smile. The bird did as it always had, nudging his hand and giving a cry that dug itself into Harry. He sighed shakily and stood next to Draco. Dumbledore placed the necklace around the both of them and began flipping it.

"Till we meet again gentlemen," Dumbledore said with a smile, bowing slightly and then they were whipped away.

When Harry opened his eyes, they were back on the grounds by the lake. It was dark. His head throbbed. How did Dumbledore seem to know exactly when they left? The man was infuriating.

Instead of going to the castle though, Harry dropped to the ground and pulled his knees to his chest.


He jumped. He had forgotten about Malfoy.


"You're not broken, are you?"

He laughed.

"No, I'm not broken."

"Oh, that's good," Draco said with a huff and sat down next to him. "I would be bloody livid if you were. That's my job."

"It is?" Harry mumbled. "I thought Voldemort had that."

Draco flinched again but plowed on as if he hadn't, managing a smirk.

"As if."

They sat in silence for a while and then Harry felt Draco's hand on his own and he pulled Harry so he was leaning into Draco. He froze and looked up in confusion. Draco was looking out to the lake.

"Just...Don't make a big deal out it," he growled. Harry smiled and got comfortable, cuddling closer.

"Of course not."