"Mother, I have a surprise for you," Tamaki's voice beamed off the walls of the music room, Kyoya looked up from his laptop at him, he was caring a large box and placed it on the ground in front me with a thud.

On the top of the box, it had the words 'Adventure time' written in bold gold writing. Kyoya looked from the box to Tamaki, who had a large smile on his face.

"Tamaki, do you plan on explaining anytime soon?" I asked looking at him expectantly.

"It's a board game," he told me excitedly. "Haruhi told me about it, I want to try."

"I'm busy Tamaki, go play with twins," he dismissed, turning back to his laptop.

"It's a two player game," he whined and closed Kyoyas' laptop. "I can't play with them both."

Kyoya rolled his eyes, but sat on the ground anyway, Tamaki smiled proudly as he sat on the other side of the box.

"How do we play?" Kyoya asked taking the lid off and staring down at a blue, white and yellow orb in the middle of the box.

"The instructions are on the inside of the lid," he said in a thinking tone, holding the box up in front of his friends face.

They took half an hour to read the instructions, before they began to play.

"Do you want to be the person or the dog?" Tamaki asked and Kyoya in return shrugged. "I want to be the dog!" He chucked the human to the other boy.

They took turns back and forth and Kyoya was instantly bored, though Tamaki on the other hand was staring intently at it.

On Tamaki's fourth turn of throwing the dice, music began to play.

When the music ended, Kyoya and Tamaki had disappeared into the multi coloured orb.

They landed on grass, up in the sky the sun shone brightly, though they were shaded from most the suns harmful rays by leaves.

Kyoya stood taking in the new surroundings; as far as he could gather they were on the outskirts of a forest, standing in front of a house fashioned like a tree.

"Mother, where are we?" I looked down at Tamaki's bewildered face.

"I don't know."

"Well I suppose we should see if anyone is home," Tamaki said, as though he was taking charge of the situation, he knock on the door.

A few moments later, a boy in blue wearing a strange white hat answered the door with a yellow dog, walking on all fours, close behind.

"Hello," the boy said. "I'm Fin, and this is Jake, can we help you?"

"Well yes, you start by telling us where we are," Kyoya replied in a rather monotone voice.

"You're in the land of oooooh," the dog told them, much to their surprise and shock.

"Are you lost or something?" Fin chirped in, always one to help someone in need.

"Mother did the dog just speak?" Tamaki asked Kyoya in a low voice.

"It would seem so," he replied to his dim-witted friend. "It would also seem that we are a long way from the academy."

"Academy…?" Jake asked together. "What academy?"

"Yeah, and did he just call you 'mother'?" Fin added.

"The academy where we attend high school," Kyoya said. "As for Tamaki; he is just a retard."

"Mother; why must you be so cruel to Daddy?!" Tamaki wailed his arms flailing as he ran around like a headless chicken.

"We would help you get home," Fin mumbled. "But we're having some problems of our own right now."

"What kind of problems?" Tamaki asked, kneeling in front of them.

"Well see, the ice king has stolen Jakes' mojo, so now we need to go on an adventure to get it back," Fin explained.

"Mother we must help them," Tamaki gasped, turning to his friend and standing in one solid movement.

"Oh no," Kyoya groaned turning his head towards the ground.

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