Author's Note:

I do not own the rights to the game League of Legends or its characters. They are all owned by Riot Games. All instances of coincidence with people living or past, is purely coincidental. (I've always wanted to write that :P)

Please bear with me, this is my first time writing something worth publishing for the public. This may or may not continue, it's just something I had stuck in my head and decided to put down on paper (or digitized ink). It still needs a lot of work & cleaning up (grammar and punctuation, I'm sure).


A soft, clean, wind wastes up from below, carrying with it the sweet scent of lavender and freshly baked bread.

The great city-state of Damacia sprawls out in all directions. Its white-washed walls topped with sentry towers at varying distances encircle the entirety of the city. The clean streets, lined with vibrant flower bushes and healthy trees crisscross the urban setting.

Superior to the surrounding structures, at the center, like an unwavering sentinel ceaseless in its defense, stands a palace. Atop the superstructure, spires of amazing height appear to reach into the heavens above. The bright sun glints off the gold plated roofs and gives the effect of being godly touched.

The breeze conveys a small hint of salt as it dashes above the surface of the sea below. The soothing sound of waves crashing into the cliffs add a peacefulness to the order that emanates from the city.

A sudden gust off the ocean travels inland over fields where tireless farmers harvest another bountiful year of crops. As the wind traverses the central plains of the nomadic tribes, it picks up speed.

Through battle torn valleys, over quiet villages, the journey continues. Shortly, a new entity looms on the horizon.

Unlike the previous domain, which radiates justice and peace, this land seems to emit an aura of malice: A metropolis of dark twisting spires appears. The eastern city of Noxus, lawless to its core, presents itself. The air carries the taint of the dead and decaying. The roads, more like alleys, dark and uninviting. The scent of sewage spews from each sewer grate along the streets.

A permanent haze of darkness covers the city, while arcane chanting and maniacal laughter can be heard drifting out from the occasional window.

Unexpectedly, the wind shifts and begins to speed towards one of the tallest structures. As if being controlled, the very essence of the breeze hastens into an opened window. Within the shadows of the darkened room, a hand gestures to an empty bowl sitting upon a table. Beside it, a single candle flickers almost revealing the obscured figure.

The summoner lifts his hand above the bowl and speaks softly to the the wind that has coalesced in front of him.

"Show me all you have seen..."

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