Well everyone, here is my new story. This is my first attempt at something that isn't NaruIno so hopefully you all like it. If not, I am sure that you will let me know. My original idea was too have Naruto leave Konohagakure but after reading some NaruTayu last night I saw that was the general story line, so I am trying something different.

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The New Kunoichi

Chapter 1: Unexpected Encounter

Naruto walked too the gate of Konohagakure, the body of a very angry Sasuke Uchiha on his shoulder. Sasuke had his hands tied behind his back too restrain him from hitting Naruto.. again that is. Naruto stumbled through the gates, the battle he had endured had exhausted him. His stumbling body was steadied by the hands of Tsunade, the current Hokage and someone he was growing close too quickly.

Tsunade smiled at the blond teen, "You did a good job Naruto."

Kakashi and Sakura came over too see Naruto with Sasuke on his shoulder. Naruto instantly smiled at his sensei and pink haired teammate. Sakura smiled, but it wasn't at him, it was at the still irritated Uchiha. Sakura let out a high pitch yell, "SASUKE-KUN!"

Kakashi lifted Sasuke off of Narutos shoulder and went to stand him up but stopped, noticing the broken knee caps he currently had. Kakashis eye quickly fell on Naruto, "Naruto, did you break his knee caps on purpose?"

Naruto scratched the back of his head, "Um.. well.. yeah. It wasn't my fault though! He wouldn't cooperate, so I made him incapable of running away. I had his arms free at one time and he punched me then tried to choke me so I tied him up too.."


Naruto looked at her with a growl coming from his throat, "Hey.. he is the one who tried too kill me here! He is the asshole who put a fucking chidori through my chest!"

Sakura looked at Naruto in surprise, he had risen his voice at her before but it was always out of happiness. This was possibly the first time the blond boy ever rose his voice at her in anger and irritation.

Naruto looked at his shocked pink haired teammate and sighed, "Sorry.. long day."

Kakashi was looking at Naruto, he saw that though Naruto said he was sorry that he honestly didn't mean it. Kakashi stared at his blond haired student, "Is he finally getting over his crush for Sakura.. has he finally realized its a dream he won't achieve?"

Naruto looked at Tsunade as she went to start healing Sasukes knee caps, "I wouldn't do that if I were you, not until you have him locked up somewhere. You do that here he will just make another break for it."

Tsunade looked at Naruto, the chakra fading from her hand, taking his advice. Sakura watched as the chakra faded from Tsunades hand then glared at Naruto, "IDIOT! SHE WAS GOING TO HELP SASUKE-KUN!"

Naruto glared at her, "I didn't say she couldn't help him, I said not here!"

Naruto was tired of dealing with this all the time, the perfect Sasuke who ran away still the saint in her eyes. It irritated him beyond belief by this time, Naruto walked past them all muttering loud enough for them all to her. Whether he did intentionally or not, only he knew, ".. annoying ass fan girl bullshit is getting so fucking irritating."

Sakuras eyes went wide, she never expected to hear that from Naruto of all people. Kakashi took it as a sign that his previous assumption too be correct while Tsunade smiled that the boy that was like a son to her was growing up it seemed.

Naruto went home, waiting for news from Tsunade too report too the Hokage Tower with the rest of his team. He had run into Shikamaru on the way home and learned everyone was okay, though some were seriously injured. Eventually, those who could still move, were summoned too her for a report. Only Naruto, Kiba and Shikamaru were there though for the report. Choji and Neji were both still in intensive care while they recovered from their injuries they sustained in battle.

Naruto was still irritated from Sakura a couple of hours prior and it showed on his face. He had asked Kiba how he felt, after hearing that he was fine. Kiba boasted that he was far too powerful for that sound nin too hurt him. Naruto turned his attention to why they were really there. Tsunade looked at all three of them, "Well we need reports from you all, we will just do them verbally."

The two Genin and Chunin nodded as they all went one by one through their reports. Kiba went first, then Shikamaru followed by Naruto. When Naruto went through his story, the accounts were being recorded by a third party, getting all the details just like they did with the other twos stories. Naruto told them how Sasuke refused too come back, attacking Naruto first with the intent to kill.

Naruto told them how Sasuke had put a chidori through his chest, moving his shirt too show a spiral scar from where the Kyuubi had healed him. Then he told them how Sasuke activated his curse mark on both levels and Naruto fought back by accessing some of the Kyuubi Chakra. The reports were finished then delivered too the council so they could accurately judge what too do with the traitorous Uchiha.

When dismissed Naruto walked through the forest recounting everything that had happened on their trip. He first stopped where Choji had fought that guy who tried to steal their chakra from them. He continued too where Neji fought that guy that used chakra infused webs too capture and restrain his enemies. Then he got to the destroyed trees where their trap had failed, resulting in the separation from Kiba and Akumaru who fought the two people they thought was one.

Naruto sighed, it was unfortunate that so many of his friends had been hurt during this A Ranked Mission. Though that was the risk of an A Ranked Mission, you had to face the risk you may die. Naruto knew that well already from their mission in Wave. Naruto continued too where Shikamaru had fought that red haired teen. Shikamarus details of the fight were interesting, Naruto had also made a mental note too not piss of Temari.

Naruto leapt up onto a tree as he walked on it, then looked around the destroyed clearing. As he walked along the log her heard a shuffling sound. His ninja reflexes instantly kicked in and he quickly pulled out a kunai. Naruto moved silently towards where the sound came from and found that girl that Shikamaru had fought, "Guess she isn't dead.. she is tough after hearing what Temaris attack did."

Naruto sat on a tree next to the girl and looked at her, debating on what too do. He knew that he should kill the girl or take her back too Konohagakure too try and extract information from her. Naruto sighed, he knew what that would entail for the red headed girl, torture then death. The torture would be extremely painful, they would want the information that she could give them about Orochimaru.

Naruto sighed, he wouldn't feel right killing her like this or leaving her too die. Her breathing was shallow, the tree looked too have crushed her legs. Naruto just stared at her for a moment then put the kunai away putting his hands under the log and started too lift it off of her. The feeling of the log being lifted woke her as her brown eyes shot open and looked at the blond haired boy, "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!?"

Her sudden outburst startled the young ninja who was trying to help her, making him almost lose his grip on the log. Naruto looked at her as he held the log above her a little, though she wasn't entirely free yet, "I am trying too help you, what does it look like?"

Tayuya examined him more closely then realized who he was, "Aren't you that shithead that kept yelling about giving Sasuke back? So did he get away, I bet he did, you seemed like a failure."

Naruto just looked at her, "No he didn't get away, I brought him back.. though I didn't expect the reactions I got for it."

Tayuya rolled her eyes, "Aw is the little fucker not okay with being a hero?"

Narutos gaze hardened a little, "I will never be a hero in my village.. do you want help or not? I can simply leave you hear for the ANBU, they shouldn't be too far behind me."

Tayuya looked at the blond haired boy, groaning from the irritation that he was being. She really didn't have much choices, got out and somehow get back to Oto and die. Go to Konohagakure and be tortured then die. Somehow escape with legs she can't fix and he curse seal taking its sweet ass time to heal them that way. Tayuya looked at Naruto, "What are you planning to do fucker?"

Naruto looked at her, "I will take you too Konohagakure, try and talk to Baa-chan about giving you a lighter sentence if you give up the information willingly. Your choice, either way you'll give up the information on Orochimaru. One way is less painful without dying.. hopefully. The other side is that you get put in an ANBU Prison, tortured for information and then executed. Maybe it will be public since you helped the precious Uchiha escape."

Tayuya picked up on the venom that laced his words as he said 'precious Uchiha.' Tayuya smirked at this, "Stupid little fucker, if you hate the Uchiha so much why did you try so hard to save him?"

Naruto continued too look at her, "That was before he tried too kill me by putting a A Ranked jutsu through my chest. Now, you want my help or not? I can smell the ANBU coming this way, only got about 3 minutes til they are here. Time is running out."

Tayuya looked at him then weighed her options again, the blond teen was probably correct in his assumptions. She would give up the information if she wanted too or not, though he might be able too make it so she lives. Probably be forced too work at some crappy ass brothel.. was that really a life worth having though?

Naruto looked at her, "1 Minute left, I have to have time to react here as well."

Tayuya looked at him then nodded her head and he tossed the log aside, "Can you stand?"

Tayuya just gave him an irritated look, "Fucker are you stupider then you look in that shitty jumpsuit? My legs are fucking destroyed!"

Naruto sighed as he picked her up bridal style making her blush, "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING FUCKER!"

Naruto flashed over into the cover of the trees, finding her broken flute as well. Naruto put it in his pouch as he jumped from branch to branch back towards Konohagakure. Tayuya hit him, she had issues with being ignored it seemed, "Fucker are you going to answer me!"

Naruto sighed as he looked at her, "You can't walk right? I don't really trust letting you rest on my back.. something about how you keep insulting me makes me feel you just might try and kill me. So I have too carry you like this."

Tayuya groaned as she saw the Hokage Monument in the distance, "Don't get any funny ideas fucker, I may not have legs but I will still beat the fuck out of you."

Naruto rolled his eyes, "I have enough girl issues without you adding onto them alright, I'm not going to try and cop a feel on you or anything."

Tayuya stared at the blond haired boy, his thoughts seemed distant. He seemed depressed and irritated, something similar to her. Naruto looked at her, "Oh.. so you know.. people are going to be glaring in your direction.. they aren't glaring at you so try too keep quiet until I can talk to Baa-chan. They are looking at me. That are your.. colorful vocabulary.. really won't serve you any good."

Tayuya looked a the blond haired boy in confusion as they landed in front of the Konohagakure gate. His comment about her 'colorful vocabulary' didn't go unnoticed, she growled mumbling under her breath about it.

As he walked with her in his arms towards the Hokage Tower she saw he was right, people were staring in their direction. She saw how the blond haired teen was just ignoring it as if it wasn't happening. Tayuya watched as he was hit in the cheek by a rock, she figured him to do what any sensible person to do, blow.

Naruto just moved his jaw around and kept walking ignoring the people. Tayuya looked back at the man who threw the rock seeing what he looked like. He was obviously a civilian, heavy set and looked to be in his thirties. The man looked at them then yelled at them, "Hurt someone else did you demon? Why won't you just leave!"

She looked back at the teen who just kept the same monotone expression, "Hey fucker, why don't you kick his pussy ass? You moved a tree without much problem, you stopped the Uchiha, how much of a fucking problem could he be? Don't you fucking got anything between your legs?"

Naruto just kept walking, "Last time I fought back they tried too burn down my apartment. Its easier too just take the abuse.. and I have plenty between my legs, pervert."

Tayuya blushed a little, "THAT ISN'T WHAT I MEANT AND YOU KNOW IT FUCKER!"

Naruto smirked a little as he looked at her, "I just meet you, for all I know your trying to get me into bed. Maybe I am the one who should have worried about you copping a feel huh?"

Tayuya let out a small growl then turned away from him. Naruto just smiled at the reaction, it was the first time he really smiled in awhile, it was kind of nice. Narutos expression returned to the monotone look as the Hokage Tower was now within sight.

They arrived at the Hokage Tower and he pushed all the doors open with his back as he entered Tsunades office. Tsunade saw the back of Narutos head and smiled, she was a little worried about him lately with his current attitude towards.. everything. As he turned she saw who he was carrying and she quickly hardened her gaze, "Naruto what idiotic thing did you do this time?"